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  • kitchen extraction systems
  • Stainless Steel Sinks
  • Dishwasher Tabling
  • Stainless Steel Shelf Units

CK Direct Company Profile

CK Direct Limited is a specialist supplier and installer of commercial kitchen extraction systems and other fabricated products. Well-maintained, efficient kitchen ventilation systems are vital to the safe running of the commercial kitchen, lessening the risks of fire and toxic gases and ensuring healthy working conditions for kitchen staff.

Careful planning of extract and fresh air flow is a key element to the effectiveness of a kitchen ventilation system and CK Direct offers an online design facility for bespoke systems.


The CK standard range of canopies provides high-performance grease extraction and ensures a hygienic, high-quality stainless steel finish providing that maintenance and cleaning advice is followed. To facilitate efficient cleaning, filters are supplied with two grips for easy removal and mesh and baffle-type filter cells are sized to fit commercial dishwasher systems. Canopies are supplied in a De Luxe or Premium range, manufactured in 1.2mm or 1.0mm thick type 304 stainless steel respectively. The top plenum is made from stainless steel housing aluminium baffle filters.

Gas Interlock Systems

CK Direct offer gas interlock systems which prevent gas being turned on until the kitchen ventilation system is operating correctly, ensuring the safety of staff. Such systems are a requirement of the Health & Safety Executive and CORGI operatives. The comprehensive range of gas interlock solutions for the commercial kitchen includes:

  • Standard Interlock System
  • V65 NHE Charging Interlock System
  • V75 Gas Safety Interlock System
  • V76 Automatic Interlock System
  • V80 Gas Proving System
  • V85 Interlock and Gas Proving System
  • V86 Automatic Interlock and Gas Proving
  • Gas Reset Isolation Valves
  • Flow Switches
  • Emergency Stop Button

Along with a wide range of kitchen fabrications including central benches, sinks, service spines, wall cladding, sinks, CK Direct offers noise reduction silencers from the Tecsound range of circular spigoted attenuators and a range of odour control carbon filters.

To find out more about advanced technology solutions for the commercial kitchen, offered by CK Direct, please visit the website or click on the buttons above to send an enquiry


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