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  • Vehicle Floodgate
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  • Blast Doors
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  • Fire Rated Blast Doors
  • Fire Rated Blast Doors
  • Flood Windows
  • Gas Tight Doors
  • Gas Tight Doors
  • Prison Doors
  • Stop Logs
  • Coastal Floodgate
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  • Blast Doors
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  • Bund Gates

Defence Doors Company Profile

Defence Doors Ltd is a steel fabrication company specialising in the design, manufacture and installation of flood defence products, blast doors, prison doors, bund gates, gas tight doors and bespoke steel products. Defence Doors has over twenty years of industry experience and offers a diverse and individual service throughout the UK and Worldwide. Projects have been completed within the construction, defence, petrochemical, custodial and environmental industries.

The product range includes:

Flood Gates

Defence Doors has developed a range of flood gates which are approved by the Environment Agency. Every flood gate is individually designed for every application and fully installed. A wide range of protective coatings are available to protect the gates from environmental damage. Inland flood gates have been developed to withstand a static head of water with an overtopping safety factor of 200mm. Strom gates for coastal defence can withstand high wave loading and impact debris thrown up by heavy seas and tidal surges.

Flood Windows

Defence Doors has worked closely with the Environment Agency to produce a flood defence window for domestic properties. Manufactured from non-ferrous materials and designed to look like UPVC, the windows are powder coated white to coordinate with existing windows. Featuring a standard side or top opening light which is locked with a heavy duty locking system, the window can withstand a static head of water and debris and flotsam impact loads of 1000kg at a speed of 4m per second.

Blast Doors

Blast doors are individually designed for the construction industry and private sector and can be made to exact specifications, required loadings and independent design calculations. Door mechanisms are dependent on the required loading range and include hydraulic multiple shoot bolt assemblies, through to Surelock McGill multi-point panic bar systems. Various sealing options are available, such as dust seals, gas tight seals and liquid viscous napalm seals. Every blast door is provided with a full epoxy paint system or primer finish for on-site painting. The blast door range includes:

  • High Loading Blast Doors

These products are made from a composite construction with up to a 400mm thick concrete door leaf, and a steel plate on each side. This door is designed for on seat loading against a structural wall for extreme blast conditions and has been installed in munitions storage facilities, hardened shelters and explosive manufacturing and testing facilities.

  • Medium Loading Blast Doors

This is a single skin plate door leaf which can be made up to 60mm thick with a manual rack and pinion shoot bolt assembly. This door is installed into a concrete wall and can be used as a single or double blast door assembly within munitions storage, explosive manufacturing facilities, government buildings and communications command centres.

  • Light Loading Blast Doors

This is a double skinned composite steel door leaf with an internal steel matrix and thermal acoustic core. The light loading blast door is an ideal security door, home security storm door, residential security door, underground bomb shelter or emergency exit and has been installed within communication and government buildings, on petrochemical sites and light munitions storage facilities.

  • Fire Rated Blast Doors

This composite blast door has been fully tested for the petrochemical industry to BS EN 1634:2000 and certified with a fire rating of four hours. The steel door sets are fitted with an external lever handle for key entry and an internal panic bar for emergency exits.

Bullet Proof Doors

Defence doors has developed a range of bullet proof doors, windows and steel screens that have been fully tested to EN1522:1998 classification FB4 to withstand handgun steel jacket, copper alloy jacket, coned and flat nosed bullets. The bullet proof walling systems incorporate a full height security screen which can be fully or partially glazed and can be constructed within existing rooms to form safe rooms.

Bund Gates

Commercial and industrial sites which house liquid stores utilise earth and concrete bunds to halt water and soil pollution. Areas at risk of flooding may also use bunds to protect properties and livestock. Many oil and fuel storage facilities must install bunds to comply with current legislation. Defence Doors has a range of bund gates that allow for easy access into areas for both vehicles and pedestrians. Steel bund gates are designed for the containment of oils, aviation fuels, weak acids, ferrous sulphate and slurries. More recently, the company has designed bunds for power stations and re-cycling facilities.

Stop Logs

Stop logs are demountable flood barriers and are used as an alternative to flood gates. Stop logs are lightweight, strong and easy and quick to deploy in flooding times. Impervious to salt water and pollutants, the water tight barriers can be stacked in multiples of 200mm allowing the user to increase or decrease the level of protection. Stop logs can be used to protect windows, doors, garage doors, patio doors and driveway entrances. A range of air brick covers is also available to fully protect a property.

Gas Tight Doors

There is a customised range of gas tight doors and hatches which are fabricated in painted steel, alloy or stainless steel for clean room applications, gas tight enclosures, water treatment facilities, laboratories, hospitals and military buildings. The range can also feature glazing, various locking and seal systems and some heavy duty steel door sets can be used as blast resistant door sets. The heavy duty blast and gas doors are suitable for the storage of flammable or explosive materials in military buildings and will prevent the ingress of chemical or nerve agents.

Prison Doors

Defence Doors offers a UK wide supply and installation of high security steel doors suitable for prisons, detention centres, courts and police stations. All products are manufactured to UK HM Prison standards and widely used within secure facilities throughout the UK and worldwide. The range includes:

  • Cell and prison doors
  • Control and restraint high security doors
  • Glazed security screens, partitions and secure rooms
  • Grille gates
  • Sliding security hatches

Sliding Security Gates

A range of sliding security gates are available for high security premises and are individually designed to exact requirements. The single leaf sliding gates are manufactured in galvanised steel, can feature timber cladding inserts and are operated via an electric motor. Safety features include push button control, visual and audio alarms, soft start and stop, safety edge to the door leaf and secure fencing to the rear of the door leaf.

Defence Doors prides itself on offering a wide range of products and services, including a bespoke design and build service creating virtually anything from steel or stainless steel. The dedicated and knowledgeable design teams can create products to exact specification. Installations are carried out by teams of skilled and qualified engineers, ensuring a professional and quality finish.

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