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Electrorad Company Profile

Specialists in Electric heating for home & office.

Offering Dynamic Storage radiators from Germany and slimline convector heaters from Scandanavia.


Dynamic Storage Radiators

Manufactured in Germany to exacting standards. These radiators have internal fire clay core heat plates with embedded elements, which offer a storage capacity and a smooth release of heat.

The radiator core is hot within 5 minutes of turning on giving an instant heat source. The heat is produced across the whole surface area giving a strong radiant heat. Either side of the core are hollow flutes, which allow air to pass over the core and create a natural convection.

All radiators are thermostatically controlled. This can be either a built in thermostat with a simple dial control, or by radio frequency control. With this option there is a digital control unit which is both a thermostat and timer. The control can operate radiators individually or as a zoned system.

Independent tests have shown that these radiators are up to 45% more energy efficient than traditional night storage heating.

Certified by VDE to both CE and GS standards.

Manufactured to ISO9001 quality controls.

Available in 300mm or 615mm height.

Slimline Convector Heaters

Advanced convector heaters from Scandinavia. Tungsten finned elements ensure powerful heating while microchip controls provide for very accurate thermostat and time control.

Also available with radio frequency zone control capable of Controlling up to 100 zones for optimal energy efficiency.

Available in 400mm height or 200mm height.


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