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  • Ronacrete develops new re-profiling mortar

    Ronacrete develops new re-profiling mortar

    Ronacrete has developed RonaBond Re-profiling Mortar as part of its Concrete Repair and Coatings range.

    The polymer modified mortar is supplied pre-packed and requires only the addition of water to produce a smooth level finish for concrete and masonry surfaces. Ronacrete Standard Primer is used to prime the prepared substrate. RonaBond Re-profiling Mortar may be coated with a RonaBond anti-carbonation coating or masonry paint or it may be left uncoated.

    RonaBond Re-profiling Mortar can be used as a levelling mortar for re-profiling prepared vertical and overhead surfaces, it can be applied to vertical surfaces from a thickness of 3mm to 30mm or to overhead surfaces from 3mm to 20mm and may be applied across a wide temperature range, typically from +3°C to 25°C.

    When used as part of a RonaBond concrete repair system, the product carries a 10 year product warranty.

  • New brochure for primary school library design beginners

    New brochure for primary school library design beginners

    Demco Interiors has published an online brochure-guide specifically for anyone wanting to get started on designing and furnishing a small school library or classroom reading room space.

    Michaela Lancaster, Design Manager, Demco Interiors, said: “The brochure is targeted at anyone who may need some ideas for an up and coming project. We know that getting started is sometimes the hardest part, so we have produced this new brochure to give some first stage ideas on designs and costs. We are still on hand to give more advice and guidance, if required, but the brochure helps anyone get over that first hurdle of staring at a blank sheet of paper.”

    The flip book brochure is packed full of design and furnishings ideas plus some sample layouts to help with space planning in easy to follow colour coded, priced packages. The sample packages come in three prices and sizes and show exactly what can be achieved with each. View it at

  • Cast iron hanging basket bracket

    Cast iron hanging basket bracket

    The Door Knocker Company’s cast iron hanging basket brackets have an attractive daisy design and look good even after the floral basket has been taken down. They come with a pine rail and can also be used as a rail for a pot hanger. Traditionally made from cast iron, they are ready to be painted in a colour to suit any garden.

  • New fibre reinforced tile adhesive from Ultra Tile

    New fibre reinforced tile adhesive from Ultra Tile

    Ultra Tile, the premium adhesives, grouts and ancillaries brand from the Instarmac Group, is improving its expertly formulated range of powder adhesives with the introduction of FibreGrip FX. This adhesive is the result of pioneering research into product technology and advancement, conducted in-house at the Ultra Tile premises in conjunction with industry advisors.

    The company’s research project concluded that using fibres aided adhesive capabilities making it stronger. The inclusion of specially selected fibres means the adhesive is perfect for porcelain, natural stone and quartz tiles. The reinforced grab ensures a stronger bond – making it more than ideal for fixing large format, heavy tiles.

    FibreGrip FX also offers reinforced body creating thixotropic behaviour. This means that the product is workable but holds its density and will not slump, even under the weight of such large format tiles.

    Ultra Tile FibreGrip FX is suitable for wall and floor installations in both internal and external locations. It is classified under CE marking regulations as a C2 FT and is compatible with underfloor heating systems. Formulated for flexible working, it adheres to most common substrates including screwed and fixed over-boarded wooden floors and it excels where vibration is likely.

    FibreGrip FX can be laid at bed thicknesses from 3-12mm; it has a pot life of 40 minutes and sets within 2.5 hours. For more information please call 01827 871871 or email Visit the InstarmacGroup YouTube page to view this product in use.

  • New EMEX Central Power Supply Systems Catalogue

    New EMEX Central Power Supply Systems Catalogue

    A brand new Central Power Supply Systems (CPS) Catalogue is now available from Emergi-Lite Safety Systems.

    The catalogue covers the extensive EMEX range of CPS, including EMEX Power, EMEX Mini and EMEX Test, plus sub-circuit monitoring, conversion modules and full specifications. New features include emergency lighting luminaire spacing data plus BS Kitemark approval notifications.

    The catalogue is available as a free download at or to request printed copies please email

  • Durapipe PLX Blue for AdBlue fuel

    Durapipe PLX Blue for AdBlue fuel

    Durapipe has launched PLX Blue, a plastic pipework system specifically designed to transport AdBlue fuel in forecourts and other transport refuelling applications.

    As AdBlue is becoming more widely used within diesel fuelled vehicles, especially HGVs and tractors, PLX Blue enhances Durapipe’s existing offering, providing a solution to convey AdBlue around forecourts, from tank to pump. Designed to lower fuel costs and exhaust emissions, in order to meet European emissions standards, AdBlue is available in selected forecourts across Europe and internationally and is set to continue PLX’s legacy in the forecourt industry.

    Suitable for the variety of applications required in a forecourt, from pressure and suction systems, to offset fill and vent pipework and tank chamber connection, PLX Blue is adaptable in any project ensuring a reliable pipework system is fitted.

    Made from a specialised high grade polyethylene, a high quality material that is extremely robust, PLX Blue will safely carry the substance around forecourts, without fear of the fuel leaking into the environment. The product’s durable properties also provide a design life of more than 30 years, with little maintenance required during the lifetime of the product.

    PLX Blue is available in sizes from 32mm to 63mm, in both single wall and dual contained options. The pipework is lightweight in nature and allows for a simple installation process using an electrofusion jointing system.