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  • Addagrip PU Floor Green Line

    Addagrip PU Floor Green Line

    The new seamless floor collection from Addagrip and Flowresin combines traditional craftsmanship and modern technology to create a unique, durable flooring product that can be tailored to suit individual requirements. Available in a broad spectrum of colours, this durable interior flooring is easy to maintain and perfect for use with underfloor heating. For more information look up PU Floor Green Line on the Addagrip Terraco website.

    Addagrip is looking for a London-based showroom to showcase this fantastic new seamless flooring and is offering a discount off the normal installation price. Get in touch via the website.

  • Forticrete launches new range of radius blocks

    Forticrete launches new range of radius blocks

    Forticrete, the UK’s leading manufacturer of architectural masonry products, has extended its range of Dense Concrete Masonry with the addition of a new Radius Block, developed to create curved blockwork, softening the aesthetic of standard masonry block.

    As part of the company’s ECOBLOCK range of masonry, these machine manufactured decorative concrete facing blocks are manufactured using up to 45% recycled content. The new Radius Block is available in various finishes and in all standard Dense Concrete Masonry colours to ensure architects and specifiers have access to an array of attractive solutions for any building.

    The Radius Block boasts a 490mm outer radius, a 380mm outer face, 300mm inner face, 100mm thickness and is 215mm in height. The block is also available in a half block option which provides a 185mm outer face.

    Finishes featured in the Radial Block range include Shot-blasted, which provides a weathered appeal, Fairfaced, which provides a structural product and finish in one, the popular Burnished Venezia and Polished Florentine which is used to create expanses of reflective walls.

  • VM ZINC launches engraved facade

    VM ZINC launches engraved facade

    In response to feedback from over 400 international architects, VMZINC has once again pioneered a new development with AZENGAR®, the first rolled zinc façade and roofing material to be engraved. Its subtle yet distinctive surface has a matt appearance which is unaffected by fingerprints and therefore ideal for both exterior and interior use.

    AZENGAR is pigment-free and manufactured in 0.7mm, 0.8mm and 1.0mm thicknesses using an entirely new process. It is the lightest shade of zinc available and unlike uniform, pre-weathered shades such as QUARTZ-ZINC® and PIGMENTO, its engraving causes delicate variations in light refraction.

  • State of the art power transfer with TECTUS

    State of the art power transfer with TECTUS

    TECTUS® Energy from SIMONSWERK is one of the latest additions to the TECTUS® range of fully concealed hinges, providing permanent power transfer without losing the creative aspect of the flush interior design. TECTUS® Energy is specially designed for specific applications and combines design and function with state of the art technology and is available in a large variety of sizes to accommodate different door panel weights

    Thanks to new connection developments, TECTUS® Energy has become even more user-friendly and efficient. From the normal round cable in different lengths and a universal adapter right through to three differing connection possibilities TECTUS® Energy provides the right solution for every individual case. All three plug connections, which include FUHR motor locks, are torsion-proof and have a snap-fitting for locking into position and releasing.

  • Vortice launches QBK Fan

    Vortice launches QBK Fan

    European market leader Vortice has launched its heralded QBK range of ultra quiet ventilation fans suitable for both commercial and industrial applications to the UK market. Each of the range of six fans is compact, can be used in false ceilings, can be ducted and is designed for continuous running.

    Traditionally commercial fans can be noisy, so the development of QBK has taken particular note of the requirements for quiet running. This product is ideal for use in libraries, performance venues and retail applications; its construction allows for easy inspection and maintenance but most importantly has lots of noise insulation built in.

    General Manager Kevin Hippey said: “For architects and specifiers looking to combat noise from ventilation fans in commercial and industrial situations, the Vort QBK offers the answer. This new commercial product is super quiet.”

    The QBK can be operated with electronic controllers so that it can be easily controlled by the user. For more information visit the website.

  • New Heat Weldable Lightning Conductor Clips from Furse

    New Heat Weldable Lightning Conductor Clips from Furse

    A new range of heat weldable lightning conductor clips invented and developed by Furse provides a quick, easy and reliable method of securing flat tape or solid circular lightning conductor to single ply polypropylene, polyethylene and PVC roofing membranes, where solvent welding is not applicable.

    Features and benefits:

    • Manufactured from high grade synthetic polymers

    • UV stabilized against degradation by sunlight and non-brittle to prevent cold weather damage

    • Clips available in polyvinylchloride (PVC), flexible polyolefins (FPO), thermoplastic polyolefins (TPO) and polyethylene (PE)

    • Secured by hot air welding the clips are designed to enable single ply roofing manufacturers to move away from solvent welding in order to reduce volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions

    • Offers all the aesthetic benefits of the existing market leading Furse non-metallic clip range, with colour matched flexible bases, so the fixings blend in with commonly available roof membrane materials, reducing the visual impact of the system.

    For a free copy of the datasheet visit the website or for further information, please email or call on 0115 964 3700.