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  • New Addagrip website and new floor finish

    New Addagrip website and new floor finish

    Addagrip is delighted to report that its new website has been launched. The company responded to feedback from customers and contractors in the redesign and believes the website is now easier to use and to navigate. For example, in addition to a design update, all the individual product information has been put together – aiming to make the whole user experience more efficient.

    At the same time, Addagrip has unveiled PU Addaflake, a new polyurethane decorative floor finish.

    PU Addaflake is designed to hold a blend of coloured paint flakes overcoated with the company’s UV stable matt or gloss top coats to provide a surface with excellent wear and scratch resistance. The coloured flakes are available in a standard range of colours or bespoke finishes and can be developed to create a unique floor.

  • Vulcathene Sight Glass

    Vulcathene Sight Glass

    Durapipe UK has added a sight glass to its Vulcathene specialist chemical drainage range. The product aids continuous monitoring and inspection of a pipework system.

    The new Vulcathene sight glass is manufactured from borosilicate glass and is supplied with Vulcathene mechanical couplings for connection to Vulcathene pipe in sizes 38mm & 51mm. Borosilicate glass was traditionally used for full system chemical drainage applications due to its excellent chemical and heat resistance, but its relative expense has seen its use significantly reduce, with more cost-effective systems, such as Vulcathene, now more widely used.

    Incorporating the new sight glass into the Vulcathene system combines the benefits of both materials to offer customers an enhanced product. The transparency of the sight glass allows continuous monitoring of the system to ensure any build up or potential blockages can be quickly and easily identified and cleared. Early identification of potential blockages will lessen the risk of damage and significantly reduce repair and maintenance requirements.

  • Premdor Releases Stunning A5 Guide to Inspire Developers

    Premdor Releases Stunning A5 Guide to Inspire Developers

    Joinery manufacturer Premdor has released an inspiring 52-page brochure with Development Teams in mind.

    Showcasing the entire Premdor interior door range in A5 format, this ‘coffee table’ style brochure is a must-have for anyone sourcing interior doors. With minimal wording, the book features a selection of lifestyle shots, displaying Premdor doors in-situ.

    To request a hard-copy brochure or a digital download, please contact Premdor Marketing Services on 0844 209 0008 or alternatively, email at

  • 1510 Ball Race Brass Butt Hinge

    1510 Ball Race Brass Butt Hinge

    The latest product from the SIMONSWERK range of brass hinges is the new 76mm x 50mm 1510 which has button tips as standard and a weight carrying capacity of 40kg per door when three hinges are fitted. Ideal for internal doors, windows and cabinets, the 1510 has a slim knuckle design with options of urn or ball finials and enhances the 1500 range providing a uniform appearance on the door. The hinge has a 10-year performance guarantee and finishes include the new corrosion resistant PVD.

    All SIMONSWERK hinges are designed to meet demanding specifications and are backed by the company’s GAI award-winning customer service.

  • New Mailbox brochure

    New Mailbox brochure

    The 2013 Safety Letterbox Company mailbox brochure is now available to download, view online or you can even request a hard copy to be sent out to you free of charge. The choices are available by following this link

    For further details on any of The Safety Letterbox Company’s mailing solutions call the company on 01639 633525.

  • New Twin Fans and Acoustic Box Fans from Vortice

    New Twin Fans and Acoustic Box Fans from Vortice

    Ventilation systems market leader Vortice has launched a new range of twin fans and acoustic box fans designed to run so quietly that they are ideal for use in applications like museums and libraries.

    The Twin fans can either run on a duty share basis, or as one fan running normally and the other as a standby should there be a failure on the first. Requiring virtually no maintenance, these fans involve long runs of ductwork and have PIR sensors and Class O lining in the boxes for ultra quiet running.

    The acoustic fans have the same application as the twin fans, but with a single fan rather than including a back-up. The twin fans will be available from January 2014 and the acoustic fans will follow shortly afterwards.

    General Manager Kevin Hippey said: “These void mounted products offer a new opportunity for specifiers working in environments where combating noise is particularly important. As always we’re using energy efficient technology but we’ve also worked hard to achieve the quietest possible product.”