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  • New range of Integral LED GLS 100 Bulbs from BLT Direct

    New range of Integral LED GLS 100 Bulbs from BLT Direct

    BLT Direct has launched a refreshed range of Integral GLS 100 alternative bulbs, making the switch to LED easy and cost effective.

    Starting at just £13.99 apiece, the new 100 watt equivalent LED GLS bulbs are significantly cheaper than their predecessors. Yet despite their lower price tag, all emit the same ultra-bright glow. All offer impressive life spans of up to 15,000 hours, as well as significant financial savings when used with standard 12p per kWh electricity.

    As classic shape bulbs, the range is ideal for use in a variety of different applications. From domestic homes to commercial retail stores, the high performance bulbs are an ideal replacement for conventional 100 watt incandescent lamps, reducing energy overheads and minimising carbon footprints. Customers can choose from cool white or very warm white colour temperatures.

  • Reduced hazard Durapipe RH PVC-U Solvent Cement

    Reduced hazard Durapipe RH PVC-U Solvent Cement

    Due to recent environmental and safety concerns surrounding Tetrahydrofuran (THF) and formulations containing THF being reclassified, Durapipe has developed a new reduced hazard formulation of its PVC-U solvent cement, which is completely THF Free.

    New Durapipe RH PVC-U Solvent Cement is suitable for all Durapipe FIP PVC-U pressure pipework systems. This fully WRAS approved product can offer high performance and hassle free solvent cement jointing, which can be applied in the same way as the existing Durapipe One-Step solvent cement option, while offering the same drying times.

    The new reduced hazard product will run alongside Durapipe’s current offering of both PVC-U one step solvent cement and HCR Chemically Resistant Cement, providing a variety of options for the end user.

    Durapipe RH PVC Solvent Cement is fully UK stocked and is available now on product code 03462397. The new product will benefit from a lower UK list price than the existing option.

  • Riven Indian Paving Project Packs

    Riven Indian Paving Project Packs

    CED Stone Group has introduced Riven Indian Paving Project Packs – the most cost effective alternative to other paving ranges.

    Now available and stocked across all depots, each pack provides a coverage of 15.18m2 (which includes a 10mm joint) and is made up from a mixture of four different sizes (all with a thickness of 22mm +/-2mm) – making them ideal for random laying patterns.

    Sourced from ethical suppliers, these packs have been put together to provide customers with a convenient natural stone solution. Stocked in all the popular coloured Sandstones including mint, beige, grey and black limestone, the packs are perfect for creating a traditional and rustic look, with complementary stone circles and setts also available.

    Ideal for those working with a tighter budget, not only are these Indian Riven Paving Project Packs a cheaper alternative, you will only be charged for 14.72m2.

  • Flakt Woods Recuterm plate heat exchangers for eQ

    Flakt Woods Recuterm plate heat exchangers for eQ

    Fläkt Woods is proud to introduce a new range of cross and counter flow plate heat exchangers for eQ Air Handling Units - Recuterm.

    Recuterm Crossflow is the plate heat exchanger range for medium temperature efficiency, ~73%. It is available for eQ Master up to size 072, for as large air flows as 7 m3/s.

    Recuterm Counterflow is the plate heat exchanger range for high temperature efficiency, ~85%. It is available for eQ Prime and eQ Master up to size 032, approximately 3 m3/s.

    Recuterm Crossflow and Counterflow are ideal for buildings where there is risk for odour transfer from extract air to the supply air.

    To learn more please contact your nearest Fläkt Woods representative on either 01206 222 555 or email

  • Stanton Bonna Aquaculvert

    Stanton Bonna Aquaculvert

    The Aquaculvert range of precast concrete culverts from Stanton Bonna provides efficient flow where there is a low gradient, due to the integrated dry weather flow channel.

    The Aquaculvert system has been developed as part of an effective water management system. The built-in dry weather flow channel optimises hydraulic flow and provides a self-cleaning, cost effective system which provides continuous flow even where there is a low gradient.

    Other benefits include factory fitted integrated gaskets; modular units for quick and easy installation and cast-in lifting anchors for safer offloading.

  • Premdor Banville styled to impress

    Premdor Banville styled to impress

    Premdor’s latest addition to its external door range is the elegant Banville. Sleek, real American White Oak veneered faces encapsulate a premium, solid construction, ensuring all weather protection and maximum durability.

    Recommended for replacement and refurbishment projects, the clean lines of Banville present the very essence of modernity, positioned to enhance a more exclusive style of property.

    The doors are available in solid, solid offset glazed and solid centre glazed, featuring obscure glass, toughened in accordance with European Standard BS EN 12150. The doors are supplied unfinished, ready for staining or painting. Banville doors may be hung as singles or pairs, when pairing a solid door with a glazed option the aesthetic effect can add a new dimension.

    The full slab construction of the door utilises high moisture resistant MDF, complete with hardwood lippings all round, providing maximum stability and excellent screw retention. Banville comes with FSC Chain of custody accreditation and for ultimate design flexibility, is complemented by a matching range of internal doors.

    For more information call 0844 209 0008 or visit the website.