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  • New brochures from Wallbarn

    New brochures from Wallbarn

    With building owners realising how a living wall can be a real design feature, Wallbarn has issued a new brochure detailing its VertiFlora Living Wall system. The downloadable brochure explains how VertiFlora enhances a façade while using water sparingly. The system enables vegetation to be grown in soil pockets fixed to the structure of the wall, so providing a wildlife habitat, reducing thermal loss and absorbing dust and pollution.

    VertiFlora is also featured in a new Wallbarn Urban Greening leaflet, along with Wallbarn’s modular green roofs.

    Wallbarn also has an updated Support Pads brochure giving comprehensive information about its plastic and rubber support pads for paving and decking.

  • New colour in Forticrete Anstone Walling Stone range

    New colour in Forticrete Anstone Walling Stone range

    Forticrete has extended its popular Anstone® Premier walling stone range, with a new Olde Steel Grey colour designed to replicate a number of natural Scottish stones, as well as those commonly found in East and West Yorkshire.

    Forticrete’s Anstone® products are available in Standard colour ranges and in an enhanced Premier range, which provides yet further colour options combined with an appearance and weathering qualities that are almost indistinguishable from natural stone.

    All of the products are through-coloured and manufactured from a carefully controlled mixture of graded limestone and other natural aggregates, cement and pigments, in accordance with national product standards for reconstructed stone masonry units.

    All Forticrete walling products comply with an ECO-WALL standard which demonstrates that they are made within factories conforming to quality standard ISO 9001, environmental management standard ISO 14001 and responsible sourcing standard BES 6001.

    For further information on Forticrete’s Anstone range and product cards, contact 01909 775000.

  • Section 12 registered products brochure from Ronacrete

    Section 12 registered products brochure from Ronacrete

    Ronacrete has produced a new brochure to promote its range of Section 12 registered products for underground railway stations.

    Following the Kings Cross fire in 1987 and the Fennell Enquiry into that event, new legislation was enacted in Section 12 of the Fire Precaution Act 1971, namely The Fire Precautions (Sub-Surface Railway Stations) Regulations 1989. Subsequently, the legislation was developed further to become The Fire Precautions (Sub-surface Railway Stations) (England) Regulations 2009. One of the ways London Underground complies with this legislation is to control the use of materials entering below ground stations and locations. This is done by ensuring that materials comply with LU Standard 1-085 ‘Fire Safety Performance of Materials’.

    Ronacrete currently holds 23 London Underground Product Registration Certificates for screed, render, concrete repair, bedding mortar and floor sealing products that comply with LU Standard 1-085 “Fire Safety Performance of Materials'’.

    A pdf version of the brochure can be downloaded from here

  • 2013 VMZINC standing seam specification guide

    2013 VMZINC standing seam specification guide

    VMZINC’s 2013 standing seam roofing brochure contains detailed guidelines on the design and specification of cold and warm roof installations using six pre-weathered colours. These include the BBA certified VMZINC PLUS non-ventilated, Compact Roof on cellular glass and Structural Roof on rigid insulation. Factors examined include zinc’s sustainability, its BRE Environmental Profile and relative performance compared to copper and aluminium. Suitable for pitches from 3 degrees to 90 degrees, VMZINC systems have a design life of 80 years, are ideal for complex detailing and can be laid in lengths of up to 13 metres without expansion steps.

    The brochure can be downloaded from here

  • New Geosynthetics Brochure from Maccaferri

    New Geosynthetics Brochure from Maccaferri

    Maccaferri, with 30 years experience in the manufacture and supply of geosynthetics, has a new geosynthetics brochure available to download from here

    Maccaferri’s range covers numerous functions including Reinforcement, Stabilisation & Asphalt Reinforcement, Drainage, Separation / Filtration / Protection, Barrier Systems, Erosion Control.

    Products include MacGrid® AR, a specific composite geogrid used to reduce reflective cracking within asphalt pavements and overlays; MacDrain®, a geo-composite for drainage and Paralink®, a geogrid reinforcement for demanding applications such as embankments over piles.

    For a hard copy of the brochure, please email

  • Updated Dulux Decorator Centres catalogue

    Updated Dulux Decorator Centres catalogue

    Dulux Decorator Centres has launched its new catalogue which squeezes a whole store into one easy to use resource. The updated 164-page, A5 sized catalogue aims to make the lives of painters and decorators simpler.

    The complimentary catalogue, which can be picked up in all centres, features over 2,000 products and includes details on Nectar, the online store finder tool and suppliers that Dulux Decorator Centres works with. It also contains a selection of useful features on wall coverings, colour and sustainability. The 2013 edition features a brand new Working at Height section and an easy to read symbol guide in the paints section, among other things.

    The catalogue is a way to reach those who don’t usually shop in store and along with other means such as the website and iPhone app, all of the products are now at the shopper’s fingertips 24 seven.

    The catalogue can be collected from any of the 191 Dulux Decorator Centres across the UK and is also available to order online.