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  • New Twin Fans and Acoustic Box Fans from Vortice

    New Twin Fans and Acoustic Box Fans from Vortice

    Ventilation systems market leader Vortice has launched a new range of twin fans and acoustic box fans designed to run so quietly that they are ideal for use in applications like museums and libraries.

    The Twin fans can either run on a duty share basis, or as one fan running normally and the other as a standby should there be a failure on the first. Requiring virtually no maintenance, these fans involve long runs of ductwork and have PIR sensors and Class O lining in the boxes for ultra quiet running.

    The acoustic fans have the same application as the twin fans, but with a single fan rather than including a back-up. The twin fans will be available from January 2014 and the acoustic fans will follow shortly afterwards.

    General Manager Kevin Hippey said: “These void mounted products offer a new opportunity for specifiers working in environments where combating noise is particularly important. As always we’re using energy efficient technology but we’ve also worked hard to achieve the quietest possible product.”

  • VMZINC publishes 40-page facades brochure

    VMZINC publishes 40-page facades brochure

    A comprehensive new VMZINC Facades brochure has been published, adding to the technical literature already published in 2013 on Standing Seam Zinc Roofing and Rainwater systems.

    The facades brochure contains information on fully supported and rainscreen facades and explains the underlying principles of standing seam, flat lock, interlocking panel, overlapping panel, sine wave and composite panel systems.

    Pre-weathered zinc can be used for almost any type of project, not just to provide a lasting appearance but to match the roof covering and rainwater goods.

  • GEC Anderson introduces Series A Sinks

    GEC Anderson introduces Series A Sinks

    Leading developer of stainless steel solutions, GEC Anderson, has launched ‘Series A’, a new and comprehensive range of sink bowls offering superb aesthetics, functionality and high quality manufacture, together with great design flexibility.

    The Series A bowls are designed for seamless integration (welding) into GEC Anderson purpose-made stainless steel worktops but are also available, individually, for inset, under-mount and flush-mount applications.

    Series A bowls are manufactured to the highest standards, with a superb brushed satin finish and a clean linear appearance. They are available in an impressive range of sizes: 170, 340, 400, 450, 500, 550 and 700mm, making for a truly comprehensive choice. With flexibility in mind, each bowl can be combined with any other(s), to form combinations, doubles and trebles.

    All Series A bowls feature the 12mm corner radius to maximise useable bowl volume and have a front-to-back dimension of 400mm. A 12mm corner radius also gives the sink bowls a clean and modern appearance.

    The A Series is competitively priced with the A50 (500x400x200mm), for example, retailing at £400, including VAT.

  • Fakro SKW in-roof solar panel system

    Fakro SKW in-roof solar panel system

    The introduction by FAKRO of its SKW in-roof solar thermal system enables a modular approach to be taken using FAKRO roof windows of the same size. Systems for 2, 3, 4 and 5 person homes provide up to 70% of a household’s hot water needs using low iron, toughened, optically efficient prismatic panes. Heat is transferred to a copper absorber sheet and a water / glycol solution which passes through a dual core cylinder with heat exchanger.

    Of four low profile panel sizes, the lightest weighs just 21kg and by using roof window flashings panels can even be installed with Duet high pivot windows. Suitable for pitches of 15° - 90° (with optimum efficiency between 35° and 55°) a patented fixing system allows site adjustment to suit rafter / batten spacing. Couplings are housed neatly in a specially designed upper cover plate.

  • Renson Invisivent Evo AK Ultra and Invisivent Evo HR Ultra

    Renson Invisivent Evo AK Ultra and Invisivent Evo HR Ultra

    Renson Fabrications has added two new versions to its popular Invisivent window ventilator family. The Invisivent® EVO is a discreet, self-regulating, thermally broken window ventilator that is installed on top of the aluminium, timber or PVC window frame. The HR range is ideal for wind-impacted applications such as high rise buildings and those on the coast.

    The Ultra versions of the Invisivent® EVO AK and Invisivent® EVO HR add an extra level of sound absorption in the open position.

    Full information can be downloaded from the website.

  • British Gypsum Launches Inspiring Ceiling App

    British Gypsum Launches Inspiring Ceiling App

    A new app, designed to inspire and inform architects and designers working on acoustic ceiling designs, has been launched by British Gypsum, part of the Saint-Gobain group.

    The ‘Gyptone Acoustic Ceilings and Walls’ app allows users to browse imagery and information about some of Europe’s most innovative acoustics installations as well as narrow down their search by selecting a specific sector, product type, design style or area of the building.

    The handy app, which is available on iPad and iPhone, also includes product information for British Gypsum’s entire Gyptone and Rigitone acoustic ceilings range and highlights which products were used to create the innovative ‘showcase’ spaces. A forwarding feature then allows users to share their favourite projects with ease.

    John Newbury, Senior Product Manager at British Gypsum, said: “This is the perfect resource for specifiers in search of an innovative acoustic ceiling solution. The ability to forward this information to co-workers will assist users in sharing their design vision.”

    The Gyptone app is available to download for iPad and iPhone from the App Store at:

    Desktop, laptop and other mobile users can access a web-based version of the app here: