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About Aberdeen

Despite of its northerly location Aberdeen has a relatively mild climate. The city is now home to over 210,000 inhabitants and has traditionally been an important centre for the fishing and ship building industries. These industries were largely replaced in the 20th century by the exploitation of North Sea Oil and the emergence of a world class port and even in these challenging times, the city maintains a stable and robust economy.

In terms of architecture, the most impressive feature of the city is the extensive use of grey granite in many of the buildings. This gives the city a clean and bright aura, the mica in the stone is even suggested to glisten in the sunlight after a shower of rain. The city’s historical buildings are well preserved as the granite does not readily weather and has been an ideal building material for such a location. Many of the finest buildings can be found along Union Street which is also the main shopping area. Nearby in Castlegate, predating the use of granite is Old Mercat Cross. This is an open arched building which was constructed from sandstone and historically used for public punishments and proclamations.

Aberdeen has a number of unique features including a large sandy beach which stretches from the harbour to the River Don. The architecture also changes quite dramatically at the mouth of the harbour at Footdee a separate little village where small cottages were built to house the fishermen and the harbour pilots. The cottages which were also constructed of grey granite, face inwards away from the ravages of the sea and together with a cluster of brightly coloured sheds and cabins form an attractive and charming addition to the city.