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About Bradford

Originally one of the first cities to become fully industrialised, Bradford was renowned for its wool trade and textile manufacturing. Although this industry has now died away Bradford, retains many of the old warehouses and buildings which, constructed in the 19th Century, have wonderful architectural aspects and facades.

In particular the Cathedral which is the oldest building in Bradford and sits on the site of churches which sprang up in the 8th Century. The building today is made up of parts old and new but its structure is impressive and commanding. Likewise the Wool Exchange which was built in 1867 and was home to a vibrant trading economy. Now the building houses modern retail establishments but retains many original features.

St Georges Hall seats over 1500 people and offers one of the best acoustic concert halls in the UK and equally impressive is Cartwright Hall an art gallery opened in 1904 and still home to many notable works.

Today Bradford is still a thriving city with many diverse cultures, businesses and industries offering a broad range of services.