Busting myths about timber windows

It’s a common misconception that timber products are a more expensive option than alternatives like u-PVC. In fact, research shows that because of their longer service life, timber windows actually offer better long-term value than u-PVC. In this article, Tony Pell of JELD-WEN sheds lights on popular misconceptions about timber and advises on making the most of premium timber products.

According to the latest research by Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh, window frames made to Wood Window Alliance standards are likely to last, on average, around 60 years with the proper maintenance. They can also be repaired simply and inexpensively – when a fitting on a plastic window breaks, often the whole window is replaced. The Whole Life Cost study also suggested that other timber window types could also be the best option for high-rise buildings, in addition to properties exposed to extreme weather conditions.Timber cottage window

Another popular myth is that timber windows are harder to maintain than other products on the market but the growing trend for factory finished products means that the latest designs come pre-painted. This means that they are finished to such a high standard that the initial maintenance cycle can be extended by a further eight years or more and regular maintenance will further extend their lifespan. These windows can also be easily maintained with a rub down and a single coat of paint. Not only will these products actively save money over their lifetime, but timber windows will need replacing far less frequently than their alternatives.

It is often thought that plastic windows are a more energy efficient choice but this is purely myth. Timber is an excellent insulator and leading window manufacturers can supply a wide range of glazing and energy saving options, incorporating double or triple glazing that can vastly improve a property’s carbon footprint. In addition to thermal performance advantages, there are many security and acoustic benefits to choosing timber windows.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that most homes in the UK were built using wooden windows, so renovating with plastic or metal windows can vastly change a property’s appearance. Property experts suggest that this modernising actively devalues a property, so by upgrading to double-glazed, factory finished timber windows you can actually improve the value of a property while also preserving its character.

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