Which Kitchen Underfloor Heating?

Electric Underfloor Heating MatWhen it comes to your kitchen floor there is really only one option to go for and that is to install tiles. As an area which receives a lot of footfall, spillages and use, it is essential to have flooring which is hardwearing, easy to clean and stylish.

The variety and type of tiles which you can choose are now far reaching with options for ceramic, natural stone and man-made materials. Not only that but you will need to consider whether you want to invest in underfloor heating. Certainly from my own experience I now wish I had installed heating under my tiles, simply to offer a little warmth to the tiles underfoot. Kitchens tend to be warm places regardless of the heating supplied to the room and although I have a radiator, it is rarely switched on.

What I do miss is a little warmth under my feet and so I have considered pulling up my tiles to add in the underfloor heating. Depending on your surface area will also depend on whether wet or dry underfloor heating is appropriate. The latter is much easier to install but the former much more cost effective but with additional time needed for its installation.

Any ceramic tile will conduct heat from underfloor heating very well. From a cost perspective, if you are using the heating to actually provide warmth to the room, then it is best to opt for wet underfloor heating as it is more economical. However if you simply want a little heat underfoot then electric underfloor heating will definitely suffice.