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Important: From 1st October 2010 UK and Wales Building Regulations have changed to reflect a 25% cut in carbon emissions in relation to construction methods and the overall energy efficiency of the building. The new regulations affect Parts F, J and L approved documents and mirror Level Three of the Code for Sustainable Homes. Many aspects of the regulations have changed relating in particular to windows, doors, ventilation, lighting and heating.

This page has now been updated with the new approved 2010 Building Regulations documentation.

Part A

Part B

Part C

Part D

Part E

Resistance to Sound

Associated Documents

Part F

Part G

Part H

Part J

Part K

Part L

Conservation of Fuel and Power

Associated Documents

Certificates of Approval

Accredited Construction Details for Part L

Section 2 - Indicative detail drawings:

Part M

Part N

Part P

Regulation 7

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