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  • Pre Stressed Concrete Walling
  • Retaining Walls
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  • Bunker Walls
  • Warehouse Walls
  • Retaining Walls

ACP (Concrete) Walling Division) Company Profile

ACP Concrete is part of the Thomas Armstrong Group and is the UK’s premier manufacturer and supplier of pre-stressed and precast concrete wall panels for a wide range of applications. The company has developed reliable and durable products for various industry sectors including, agricultural, food storage and supply, warehousing, car parks and landscape schemes.

Product Specification:

ACP Concrete Walling Division design all products to BS8110 and 5502 part 22 1992. Pre-stressed and precast concrete walls are durable, resistant to damage have a 90 degree wall to floor joint and are smooth and flat which removes dame and insect infestation.

All products are made to measure and manufactured in the firm factory using Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) and 60N/mm pre-stressed engineering grade concrete. The smooth finish allows for easy cleaning and maintenance.

All walls have a modular system with interlocking tongue and groove, which means walls can be dismantled and relocated with relative ease. A polyurethane mastic compound is used to seal the concrete to ensure it is weather proof. Walls can be supported by steel columns for added support and strength.

Products available include:

  • Retaining walls for single or multi store bulk facilities in new or existing buildings.
  • Bunker walls which are ideal for the separation of food or products. The modular and steel support columns system allows for foundation free precast bunker walls
  • Warehouse walls often need erecting rapidly and this wall system is fast track solution. It is foundation free, smooth and hardwearing including a lightweight 95mm thick option.
  • Ground retaining walls span between king posts or building columns to produce a foundation free solution. The vertical wall panels can provide freestanding above or below ground retaining walls and ideal for car parks, goods yards and landscape schemes.
  • Recycling Bunkers are a fast and easy solution for the separation of recycling materials and composting waste products.
  • Concrete Tanks can be installed for attenuation tanks, water storage and sludge. Vertical panels can be made to measure and installed above or below ground level.
  • Waste transfer walls have a 90 degree wall to floor joint eliminating potential damage points between the loading shovel and the wall. The wall panel system can be installed quickly and is ideal for push walling to waste transfer stations.
  • Security Walls can be erected for warehouse, distribution centres and retail applications. The prestressed concrete panels span between the building columns or can be placed vertically to produce security compartments which are independent to the main structure.
  • Firewalls which are installed using precast concrete have a four hour fire rating and can be made to measure.
  • Agricultural walls available from ACP Concrete include livestock buildings, slurry and manure storage, grain and bulk storage and silage walls.

ACP Concrete is committed to providing high grade products which offer a simple solution to industrial storage or protection requirements. The average project can be completed by 2 or 3 men, which can significantly reduce site construction timescales. For more information please visit the website or send an enquiry or quote request using the buttons above.


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