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Actel Coatings Company Profile

Actel Coatings is a leading manufacturer, supplier and applicator of environmentally friendly protective sealers and coatings for porous surfaces. The company is based in Melrose, Scotland and has established a highly respected reputation for innovation and environmental responsibility throughout product development.

Most Actel products are water-based, making them extremely safe to use and yet are effective and proven in the most hostile environments such as the North Sea and coastal loactions. Many structures have been successfully protected using Actel sealants and coatings since the early 1980s. Actel’s comprehensive range of products have been highly commended in the Scottish John Logie Baird awards for innovation and honoured by the Queen Mother’s Annual Birthday Award for Environmental Improvement.


Actel’s protective products are used to prevent staining, water ingress vandalism, weathering and atmospheric erosion of stone, concrete, brick and hardwood. The coatings are specified by private clients, architects, local authorities, businesses and developers for new-build and regeneration projects, educational facilities, sports venues, health centres, transport facilities, road bridges, shopping centres, public buildings, restaurants and much more.

The product range includes:


Enviroguard is an anti graffiti coatings which is invisible on porous stone, brick or concrete facades and graffiti can be easily cleaned with hot water without damaging soft substrates. Enviroguard is also used to protect buildings, monuments, public buildings, supermarkets and civic areas from chewing gum litter and unwanted posters.


Armaglaze is a long life anti-vandal, anti-graffiti architectural coating used for prestigious building projects, subways, road tunnels, food and drink processing industries, abattoirs, hygiene applications, dairy environments. Armaglaze provides a service life of 20+ years, is easily cleaned, mould resistant, resists fade and colour drift in sunlight, high lux levels are easily maintained in tunnels and it can be cleaned frequently without causing any damage. Armaglaze is available in a wide range of colour options.


Flyaway is an anti-poster coating which is specified to stop unwanted posters being attached to cable and control boxes, hoardings and walls. Flyaway is semi-transparent and posters will fall off naturally with weathering.

Enviroguard CGR

Enviroguard CGR is a water-based chewing gum release coating which is used to aid the removal of chewing gum from paved areas. The coating works by reducing the adhesion of gum to the treated surfaces.

Paving Clearway

Paving Clearway is a deep penetrating block paving sealants which provides protection to stone, slate and concrete block paving from food and drink staining. Paving Clearway is generally specified for civic areas, food courts and leisure facilities and is resistant to discolouration, food and wine stains, oils and abrasion and also provides a long term waterproofing solution.


Creta-Seal is a water-repellent coating for concrete structures and provides 10 years of protection against water and frost damage and carbonation whilst allowing surfaces to breathe.

Facaide 525

Facaide 525 offers 10 years of protection from carbonation to concrete by greatly reducing the ingress of water, allowing the building to breathe. Facaide is invisible and also offers excellent anti-graffiti properties on porous wall surfaces.

Navy Steel

Navy Steel is a rust converter and is widely regarded as the best rust converter for onshore and offshore equipment and vessels used by marine, oil and gas exploration sectors. Navy Steel is water-based and converts rust and primes in one operation, is compatible with most paint systems and can tolerate damp and humid conditions. Navy Steel is used for marine ship repairs, heavy engineering, maintenance of steel roofs, motor vehicles, DIY maintenance and yachting and leisure craft. Other rust treatments available from Actel include Envirosteel rust converter, Steel Proof rust preventative, Steel Proof TFH weld thru rust preventative, Blacktop topcoat for steelwork, Hydrawax dewatering agent and Steel Free extreme temperature anti-seize fluid.

Actel Coatings is committed to producing a wide and varied range of superior quality protective coatings for stone, concrete, brick, steel and hardwood. The experienced and professional team at Actel can provide in-depth information and advice across the whole product range and can assist clients in specifying the most appropriate solution for a particular application. The company is committed to preserving the environment and is continuously researching and developing the eco-friendly product range. Actel Coatings can provide an application service for all the products and can work throughout the UK and Europe.


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