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    Air Source Climate Control Company Profile

    Based in Kingston-upon-Thames, Air Source Climate Control provides domestic and commercial customers complete design, installation and service of air conditioning and renewable energy technology systems throughout London and the South East.

    With extensive experience of specialist services, the company offers individually designed systems including air conditioning, refrigeration systems, comfort cooling, cold rooms, chillers for wine cellars, air to water and ground source heat pumps, domestic heating and solar systems and commercial and domestic under floor heating. Air Source Climate Control offers a complimentary, no obligation site survey to ensure the correct installation.

    Air Conditioning Systems

    Air conditioning is the control of air temperature by circulating air through an air conditioning system, creating clean air and humidity control. These systems offer heating or cooling for a comfortable environment. Available in split and multi split systems which are wall, ceiling or floor mounted.

    • Wall units are suitable for small and medium sized rooms. These units are lightweight, compact and affordable.
    • Floor mounted units are neat and compact, positioned along perimeter walls in small and medium rooms.
    • Ceiling or cassette units are installed into ceiling voids with only the grill exposed.
    • Fan coil units are completely concealed and installed in ceiling voids, floor spaces, walls and attics and provide a balanced temperature control via grills and diffusers.
    • VRF systems (variable refrigerant flow system) can operate up to sixteen indoor units in various locations which are connected to a single outdoor condenser. This system offers flexible seasonal solutions for interior room temperatures and is energy efficient.
    • Refrigeration

    Air Source Climate Control supply Scandia cold and freezer rooms for all markets including domestic, food industry, retail, wholesale, hotels, restaurants, medical facilities and mortuaries. The cold rooms are individually designed to make the best use of space. A complete design and consultation service is available which includes on-site surveys. The product range includes:

    • Cold rooms
    • Cold stores
    • Blast chillers and freezers
    • Food preparation areas
    • Refrigeration systems
    • Bespoke cold room doors
    • Personnel Doors
    • Shelving, strip curtains and flashings

    Renewable Energy Sources

    Specialising in the design, supply and installation of air and ground source heat pumps and solar energy systems using natural energy resources from the sun or heat or under ground for electricity.

    Air Source Heat Pumps

    Air source heat pumps work by using thermal energy from the sun which is available even on cold winter days. The systems are widely used in Scandinavian countries which are exposed to extremely cold temperatures. Daikin Altherma Systems are highly efficient and reliable heat pumps designed for use with low temperature radiators, under floor heating systems and fan coil units as well as the supply of hot water. The Daikin system is also capable of cooling whilst producing hot water. A range of units are also available for heating indoor and outdoor swimming pools.

    Ground Source Heat Pumps

    This is an efficient way of heating a building using a mixture of water and anti-freeze which is pumped around a pipe which is buried underground. The liquid in the pipe absorbs low temperature heat from the ground and is then put through a process involving a series of heat exchangers and a compressor, which can generate temperatures of between 45 and 65 degrees. This then feeds an under floor heating system, radiators and domestic water tanks.

    Solar Power

    Solar powered systems use the sun's energy to heat domestic hot water. The environmentally friendly system works by circulating water around solar panels, which is then pumped to a heat exchanger. Solar panels installed by Air Source are specifically designed for use in the British climate and even work on cloudy days. The company offers a complete design, installation and maintenance service.

    Surveys and Maintenance

    Alongside comprehensive planned and preventative maintenance contracts and a 24 hour call-out service, Air Source Climate Control offers a range of surveys carried out by fully qualified and certified engineers. These include periodic inspection tests of electrical installations, plumbing inspections, heating inspections and energy performance certification.

    Air Source Climate Control prides itself on providing exceptional quality products and services at highly competitive prices. The company is a member of the Ground Source Heat Pump Association and REFCOM and is fully compliant with health and safety legislation.

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