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  • Headwalls
  • Headwalls with Penstocks
  • Precast Concrete Headwalls
  • Culvert Headwalls
  • Headwalls
  • Sewers for Adoption Headwalls
  • Headwall Accessories Thrash Screens
  • Headwall Accessories Thrash Screens
  • Channel Drainage
  • GRC Headwalls
  • Flap Valves
  • GRC Headwalls
  • PCC Silt Traps
  • PCC Silt Traps
  • Penstocks
  • High Capacity Channel Drainage System

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Althon Company Profile

Althon is the UK’s leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of Precast Concrete Headwalls and has the largest standard product range of any manufacturer. Althon’s headwalls can be specified with factory fitted accessories including penstocks, flap valves, handrails and trash screens.

Althon’s website also has a Headwall Specifier Tool, making it easy to identify the most appropriate standard headwall model and the associated compatible accessories. The Specifier Tool provides links directly to the specific product drawings and datasheets for the configuration required.

When a standard design is not appropriate, Althon has introduced an online tool to help customers specify their bespoke headwall requirements. This enables Althon to design, build and supply custom headwalls to specification, promptly and efficiently.

As well as precast concrete headwalls and associated products, Althon supplies drainage channels made from polymer concrete, concrete, stainless steel and GRP.

Headwall Product Overview

Althon Precast Headwalls cover the smallest outlet to largest culvert in terms of both size and capacity and are available in the following ranges:

  • Sewers for Adoption Headwalls
  • Angled Precast Headwalls
  • Splayed Wing Wall Headwalls
  • Standard Precast Concrete Headwalls
  • Extra Large Headwalls
  • Bespoke Precast Concrete Headwalls
  • Anglian Water Approved Precast Headwalls
  • Severn Trent Specification Headwalls
  • Sewers for Scotland Compliant Headwalls.

Each headwall can be specified with factory fitted accessories including:

  • Headwalls with Flap Valves
  • Headwalls with Penstocks
  • Headwalls with Trash Screens and Gratings
  • Headwalls with Kee Klamp Handrails
  • Headwalls with Integrated Steps
  • Headwalls with Multiple Pipe Openings
  • Headwalls with Cascade Panels
  • Headwalls with Dissipation Blocks & Stepped Baffles
  • Headwalls with Orifice Plates
  • Headwalls with Weirs

If you require any assistance or more information, visit the Althon website or contact Althon by phone on 01603 488700 or by email