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Althon Company Profile

Althon Ltd operates from within the MAG Group and specialises in the design, treatment and management of surface water drainage on construction sites. The company offers the latest in the developing technology of sustainable urban drainage systems and ensures that where possible, the materials used are recycled or recyclable.


Althon Ltd offer a range of Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDs), including:

SEL Source Control System

This operates with a maximum of six stages to treat the water at its source, and with constructed layers to monitor the liquid’s flow. Often used in car parks, this system is ideal for new build and modified developments. The SEL Source Control System improves water quality and is resistant to frost, salts and hydrocarbons. The system treats water through gravity separation and biodegradation of oils and silts, reducing the requirement for chambers and pipes.

SEL Rainwater Harvesting Systems

These are manufactured from 95% polypropene to form a tough, flexible harvesting tank suitable for almost any location or for incorporation into an existing system. The rainwater collected can be stored in a standalone tank or the tank can be linked through to the SEL Source Control System. The system includes a Rainwater Diverter Chamber that favours the rainwater system over the surface water drainage system. Additionally, the SEL Harvesting System includes a downstream diverter to create an anti surcharge chamber.

SEL Sudstex Permafilter Geotextile

This system allows the water to self cleanse through the natural development of microorganisms and is ideally used for drainage, filtration and separation. The SEL Sudstex Permafilter Geotextile entraps hydrocarbons, which then biodegrade naturally, allowing the cleansed water to pass through. Designed for civil engineering, the system can retain oil contamination from daily car drip, to catastrophic spillages.

SEL Permafoam

Protected within a SEL Permvoid Unit, this system uses the two techniques of Permavoid structural void former and open cell foam. The SEL Permafoam is designed to be highly retentive and long-lasting. This foam structure can be integrated into planting schemes, can be added to a SEL Source Control System and is ideal for green roofing, vegetated slopes, irrigation and decking.

Althon Headwall

Designed to be an alternative to in-situ structures for connecting pipe work discharging to watercourses, this system can also include silt-trap inlets to a maximum of 1200mm diameter.

Althon High Capacity

Designed to reduce necessary secondary pipework in development, the Althon High Capacity can be up to 600mm wide, with a maximum channel capacity of up to 412 litres per metre. The system can be adapted to accommodate various situations, including: car parks, pedestrian walkways, estate roads and container terminals.

Althon Ltd offers the following range of pipe and ground equipment:

  • stoppers
  • pipe maintenance
  • laying shuttering and shoring
  • safety and lifting equipment

Althon is dedicated to offering durable and robust products for all construction sites to ensure the correct management and treatment of water. The company is committed to providing cost effective solutions which conform to all CDM (Construction Design Management) obligations.

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