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  • Housing Application
  • Eco Brite in Walls
  • Log Cabin with Eco Brite
  • Underfloor application
  • Thermo-Foil (Warehouse)
  • Thermo-Foil
  • Prefabricated School
  • EncaClad
  • EncaSeal Pipe insulation
  • EncaSeal AC application
  • Chicken farm complete
  • AgriLiner
  • EncaSeal Duct

Apollo Insulation Company Profile

Apollo Insulation Ltd specialise in heat reflecting membrane systems which are distributed throughout the world to builders, manufacturers and self-build projects. The company has made significant investment into the research and development of energy saving products.

It is essential that insulation has a good thermal performance in summer and winter. When using Apollo's Heat Reflecting Membranes (HRMs) other qualities such increased living space, durability, and ease of installation are also achieved.

Manufactured in the UK in an ISO 9002 factory, Apollo's range of foil membranes have undergone substantial testing and have achieved certification by the British Board of Agrément.

Apollo products

  • Block over 95% of radiant heat.
  • Have fire Certificates to BS476: Parts 6 & 7
  • Dramatically reduce a buildings energy requirement
  • Enhancing comfort levels for occupants
  • Stabilise interior temperatures
  • Simultaneously reducing carbon emissions.

Heat reflecting membrane systems are simple to install in buildings and can be used in applications such as homes, supermarkets, schools, agricultural buildings, prefabricated buildings, hotels, desert pavilions, and tents.


Thermo-Foil® ES is a two sided single foil for use as a heat reflective liner in domestic, commercial and industrial buildings. This tough product has been specifically engineered to withstand the rigors of site work. It has BBA Approval and has been designed and tested to last the lifetime of a house.

Thermo-Foil® ES will reflect 96.7% of infrared energy striking the surface. Used by its self or in conjunction with soft insulation, it will substantially minimise energy needs and improve comfort for occupants. The membrane eliminates excessive heat gain caused by incoming solar radiation yet can keep the room warm during cold weather.


Eco Brite has been used successfully in many designs of buildings from timber frame homes and log cabins to pre fabricated buildings. It holds BBA certification.

It will reflect 96.1% of infrared energy, insuring that minimal energy is lost when heating or cooling a building. Its inclusion can reduce the thickness of the soft insulation required, substantially minimising energy needs and improve comfort for occupants. The membrane eliminates excessive heat gain caused by incoming solar radiation yet can keep the room warm during cold weather.

Both liners will save 12.33kg of CO2 per square meter per year, that equates to 1400kg of carbon dioxide emissions per annum.

Radflek is a radiator reflector that is made from Eco-Brite® and is designed to be used in both the consumer and the professional markets. Radflek can be installed by “Anybody” without requiring any DIY skills. The product has been tested by the British Board of Agrement (BBA) a body authorised by Government to issue European technical approvals and the Building Research Establishment (BRE). Every square metre of Radflek saves up to 23Kg of CO2 per annum on an un-insulated wall and 12.33 Kg of CO2 per annum on an insulated wall.

Radflek is approved for use in the Government’s Carbon Emission Reduction Target (CERT) scheme administered by Ofgem.


InsuFlect is a specifically designed foil membrane, with one side bonded to kraft paper, enabling it to be adhered to a variety of foam insulation. It comprises of a 12.5 micron aluminium foil having a unique non-tarnish finish that is guaranteed to stay-bright for the life-time of the building. This is bonded to a Valéron® core which in turn is bonded to a stout kraft paper. The paper acts as an interface allowing the foam to adhere to the InsuFlect™.

Outperforming other material’s currently in use, the reflectivity of the bright aluminium foil on InsuFlect™ is certified at over 96% (energy emission 0.05) so most of the infrared energy striking its surface is effectively blocked.


Is developed for sub-surface Terrestrial applications, is a multi-layered membrane made from polyethylene, aluminium foil and high tensile woven substrates that is marketed specifically by Apollo to block the migration of vapour, moisture, water and various environmentally harmful gases.

Terrethene™ is a tough 460+ micron five layer process membranes designed for use as a:

  • 100% water-proof barrier under buildings.
  • Radon gas barrier under buildings.
  • Liner for commercial fish farm ponds.
  • Gas barrier for landfill sites to prevent the migration of methane and carbon dioxide gases.
  • Liner for SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage System) trenches.
  • Water trap layer under golf greens and sports pitches to control water seepage into the sub-soil.
  • Water-proof stratum for roof gardens.
  • Liner for reed beds.
  • Meets BS Standards for DPC.
  • NHBC approved.

Thermo-Foil® P

Is a two sided single foil for use as a heat reflecting membrane. It holds the same reflectivity and tensile properties as Thermo-Foil® ES, but has micro perforations for breathability.

HVAC and Pipe work Solutions


This is a heavy duty cladding HRM which is UV resistant, tarnish free and completely waterproof. Applications include encasement of external pipework, ducting, storage tanks and un-insulated structures. EncaClad is ideal for the marine and transport sectors.


Designed specifically for air conditioning ducts, storage tanks and ducts with a 130 micron membrane. The system has all the properties of EncaClad with addition of fire ratings and a high density polyethylene core. EncaSeal is ideal for long term solutions and is highly durable.



AgriLiner is a two sided single foil for use as a heat reflective lining in agricultural buildings. It reflects 96% of radiant energy and is ideal for use in refurbished or new poultry buildings. AgriLiner has been developed for all aspects of the international food and agricultural industry. It is designed to allow continuous pressure cleaning when necessary and compliments Bio Security to the maximum level. AgriLiner is ideal for controlling your need for heating or cooling in poultry and livestock buildings. The AgriLiner reduces heat or cold extremes, gas build up, contamination and infection.

The British Board of Agrément designated by the Government to issue European Technical Approvals has approved the following products: Thermo-Foil®ES, Eco-Brite® and Tape. Apollo heat reflecting products, substantially cut carbon dioxide emissions by reducing energy consumption and therefore reduce the impact on the environment.

For more information and technical specifications on all products please visit the website or contact Apollo Insulation using the buttons above.