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Aquobex Company Profile

Aquobex is a leading company specialising in the provision of flood protection systems and flood management solutions for domestic properties, whole communities, businesses and infrastructure. The company has 50 years of experience within the flood risk management and flood control industry and offers solutions for dry-proofing and wet-proofing requirements.

Aquobex offers an independent, accredited and insurable service utilising integrated resources and products which are British certified. Each flood protection system and flood management solution is designed for each individual flood defence requirement. The dedicated team at Aquobex comprises flood control specialists, chartered surveyors, engineers, business continuity planners, experts in insurance and project managers. The company has provided effective solutions for clients such as government bodies, utility companies, defence organisations, housing organisations, multi-national corporations and insurance and financial groups.


As a leading provider of flood defence solutions, Aquobex has the knowledge and understanding to create a package which is unique to specific circumstances and market sectors. The solutions implemented provide protection against a wide range of flood risk issues. Services include consultancy, flood risk management and screening reports, flood survey reports, flood maps, installation and maintenance, CCTV and radar drainage surveys, intelligent trench CCTV, surface penetrating radar, insurance, flood and fire restoration, cofferdams, flood emergency response planning and property portfolio analysis.


The extensive product portfolio from Aquobex comprises resistant products and resilient solutions which have all undergone extensive in-house testing at BRE Garston and are independently accredited. Q-Mark is Aquobex’s product certification process and ensures that all flood protection products are submitted to the highest levels of in-house testing. The flood door ranges are categorised into on-building or off-building with the option for above or below ground installation. A full specification service includes consultancy to assist with product selection, tailoring a completely individual solution for each specific flood risk. Advice and support is offered throughout the installation and maintenance of the flood protection plan. The skilled team at Aquobex can offer solutions from whole community flood barriers and business protection systems to simple domestic door and garage door barriers. Once a flood protection scheme is delivered, a completion pack, maintenance guide and maintenance contract will be provided to support members of a community.

The product range includes:

  • Flood Safety Door: Flood Safety Door is BSI Kitemarked and incorporates an innovative and patented design featuring ISIS Technology. This nanotechnology enables the door to act as a flood barrier up to a predetermined height, which then allows floodwater to enter a building to maintain structural integrity. The door features integrated safety mechanisms which ensure the door cannot be opened during flood conditions.
  • FloodBreak: FloodBreak is a passive flood barrier which provides fast and effective protection for building entrances, driveway ramps, vent gratings and vulnerable paths. This defensive barrier uses the strength of rising flood water against itself to automatically assemble. FloodBreak does not require power or human intervention to operate and is highly suitable for flash flooding situations.
  • Rapidam: Rapidam is a flexible, single-component membrane flood barrier which utilises flood water to create friction and sealing pressure with the ground. Being of a modular design, Rapidam enables an unlimited number of lengths to be joined together in any configuration to create a large barrier. Rapidam can also be used on any surface such as watercourses, reservoir banks, property enclosures and access locations and can be assembled in one hour. Made from a "rip-stop" material, Rapidam will maintain stability in the event of a puncture.
  • Glass Barriers: The high strength structural glass and engineered frames feature a structural anchoring system which is designed to be watertight with impact-resisting, sealing technology. These permanent and attractive flood defence solutions are ideal for most environments where visual amenity cannot be compromised, such as river banks, building perimeters, viewing platforms and sea walls.
  • Eco-Dam: Eco-Dam is a temporary flood defence solution which protects a group of buildings which are at risk of flooding. Eco-Dam is made from high tensile PVC-coated polyester, with an anti-rolling design and is easy to use. Eco-Dam is assembled through laying out dams into the correct position and pumping the floodwater into inlet points. Once the Eco-Dam is full it can be capped off and emptied out safely. Eco-Dam is ideal for water authorities, councils, civil engineering contractors and protecting properties, communities and businesses.
  • SUDS: Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems can be supplied in a wide variety of options which are designed to cope with storm surges and floodwaters. The solutions available include multi-million pound storage and attenuation pools, storm drains and channels, through to basic and affordable rainwater harvesting systems and permeable surfaces such as resin-bonded stone.
  • Resilient Interiors: Dragonboard is a natural and waterproof panel which is ideal for providing floodproof kitchens, homes and interiors. This eco-friendly panelling offers protection to interior walls, floors, ceilings and doors. Dragonboard is also strong, stable, breathable, fire-proof and chemically inert and can be moulded into any shape, in any colour and is available with a wide range of coverings.
  • Roller Shutter Flood Doors: Roller shutter flood doors offer a flood defences for doors and entrances. The shutters feature patented autosensing and automatic operation to offer superior flood protection with 99% water resistance. The shutters can be used to provide protection for various types of building, infrastructure and areas of the community. The automatic features of the shutters also create an anti-theft solution and are impact-certified with a safety guarantee of IR sensors and UPS systems.
  • Flip-Up Barrier: The Flip-Up flood barrier offers protection against flooding in pedestrian and vehicle entrances. The barrier can be deployed manually or automatically into pavements or roadways and is available in various skid-resistant epoxy coatings or cladding to suit the surrounding environment when not in use. The barrier can be linked to alarm systems and upon alert, the barrier will be raised by hydraulic arms which lock into place, creating a watertight seal. Flip-Up is an ideal community flood barrier.
  • Floodgate: Floodgate is a quick and easy flood defence system used to create a garage door barrier or doorway barrier. Floodgate does not require any permanent fixings to a property and is available in heights up to 680mm in widths of 660mm to 1700mm. Wider widths can be accommodated by installing mid-section stanchions that allow up to three panels to be used.
  • Floodtite: Floodtite is a U-shaped back-frame design which is installed around a door or window opening. Floodgate is fully removable when not in use and is easily fitted to a back-frame and screwed into place using six handles. The barrier is designed for 600mm water heights with single panels in widths from 840mm-1500mm. Up to three panels can be used in a single system. Airbrick covers are also available in single and double sizes.
  • Spring Dam: Spring Dam is a permanent flood defence system which is deployed by manual rotation. The system retracts back into the ground when not in use to form part of a path or road. Designed to last for 50 years, Spring Dam offers a fast and effective solution for flooding emergencies. The units are available in various lengths, with grouped units available in limited numbers.

Other Products

Aquobex’s extensive product range also includes:

  • Slope Protection: A concrete canvas material which when sprayed with water turns into a 5-13mm thick waterproof and fire-proof concrete barrier.
  • Sewer Non-Return Valves: A range of NRVs in PVC, stainless steel, custom-made or as a DIY installation device. Various sizes are available from 1.25"/1.5" for domestic use or in 100-375mm versions for main sewers of domestic and commercial properties.
  • Flusher: Flusher is a push and fit installation available in plastic or stainless steel which keeps sewers clean and free from the build-up of fats, oils and greases. 4, 6, 9, 12 and 15" sizes available.
  • Caro: Caro is a bespoke flood defence system which is designed for Grade I and II listed properties. The mountable and demountable flood systems are fast and easy to fit on residential and commercial properties.
  • Cavity Wall Insulation: Technitherm cavity wall insulation is rigid polyurethane foam which is a closed-cell solution that prevents flood water from entering the cavity of a building.
  • Nanotechnology Wall Waterproofing: NanoShell Stone is a UV and high PH-resistant coating made from silicon nanoparticles which is colourless and water-repellent and ensures minimal water damage during flooding. NanoShell Stone can be applied to masonry, natural and composite stone and has a life expectancy of 25 years.
  • Pivot Barrier: Pivot Barrier is designed to provide protection against flash flooding and spillages. The barrier is permanently positioned (floor or wall-mounted) in areas where such events are likely and are a highly effective solution for low-level flooding. Typical installations have included hospitals, factories, hotels and commercial properties.
  • Swing Gate: Swing Gate is used in perimeter walls and can be installed permanently in preparation for flooding. The lightweight aluminium barrier just requires locking into position as required. A wide range of colours and sizes are available.

Aquobex is committed to providing customers with a comprehensive range of superior quality flood defence products. The experienced and dedicated team welcomes enquiries and can provide comprehensive advice, flood reports, assessments, design and specification services, installation, instruction, testing and embedding and maintenance services. Aquobex’s website offers in-depth information on all products and services provided.


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