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  • AF Series Floodlight
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Ark Lighting Company Profile

Ark Lighting is one of the UK’s leading designers, manufacturers and suppliers of HID and LED luminaires for internal and external lighting applications. With over 50 years of industry experience, the company is committed to providing innovative and stylish energy efficient lighting solutions that produce low carbon emissions and are designed to withstand the rigours of modern environments.

The huge range of products is developed and manufactured using cutting edge technology to offer superior performance at all times. Choices include functional lighting, decorative contemporary and traditional luminaires, HID lighting, floodlighting, industrial lighting, bollards, architectural LED products, lighting columns, feeder pillars, LED lamps and LED signage.


Ark Lighting is committed to understanding specific customer requirements and coupled with close links to worldwide manufacturing partners, can offer an economical and cost effective solution to any application. The design team utilises CAD software to import a client’s project idea and by applying the advanced product range, can create the desired effect. Ark Lighting is renowned for its high levels of customer care and will keep the client updated with all developments throughout the design, manufacture and delivery processes. With a wealth of experience and knowledge, the design team can also produce bespoke solutions to satisfy individual requirements. Every product is manufactured to a superior standard and is compliant with all relevant EU standards.

The product range includes:

LED Lighting

LED lighting is a modern alternative to traditional light sources and exceeds the values of halogen and incandescent lamps, saving up to 80% in energy consumption. The output and efficiency of LED is fast approaching that of fluorescent lighting. Benefits of LED include long bulb life, durability, decorative colour options, instant light up and environmentally friendly. They produce less heat, making them safer, and produce no UV light that can damage paintings or artefacts. LED lighting is ideal for homes, offices, churches, sports arenas, architectural lighting, car parks, walkways, parks, signage and accent lighting. The range includes:

  • LED lamps, tubes and strip lighting
  • LED panels
  • LED spotlights, downlights, uplighters and cabinet lights
  • LED wall washer and underwater luminaires
  • Road and area LED lighting
  • Architectural LED lighting

eHID - Electronic Ballast

eHID electronic ballast for HID (high intensity discharge) lighting is used for street and commercial lighting applications. The ballast can be incorporated into any control/monitoring system via DALI, B-Comm or Daintree and is dimmable by the 1-10v interface. GreenTek Lighting provides the world’s leading eHID drivers and is available exclusively through Ark Lighting. Features of the GreenTek drivers include retrofit into existing fixtures, operates ceramic, pulse start and HPS lamps, remote mounting up to 85ft, miniaturisation allows for new designs and DALI communication. The driver offers protection against short circuit voltage and excellent reliability. The BrightHID drivers start the lamp with 1-2% of the energy compared to magnetic ballasts and operate at 110kHz. The high frequency and gentle start up helps keep the lamp at 70% maintained lumens at the end of its life. Using Model Lighting Ordinance and dimming outdoor lighting at midnight creates savings of around 80%. This range is compatible with GE Lighting, Venture, Philips Lighting, Osram SYLVANIA, EYE Lighting and Aura Long Life Bulbs.

Other Lighting Products

Ark Lighting offers a huge range of lighting equipment to satisfy a vast array of applications. The lighting products are all available to view on the company website and detailed information is available on every individual item. Options include:

  • Play Area Lighting: With decorative and bright features in Flower, Lady Bug and Dove styles
  • Road Area Lighting: Initial, R-Light and Sphere Lantern contemporary designs
  • Contemporary Lighting: Modern and sleek designs in over 30 styles
  • Traditional Lighting: Twelve traditional lighting styles designed to capture the heritage of an area
  • Floodlighting: Suitable for defining specific areas, security applications and sports and stadia lighting, designs include AF Series, Mini Flood, Litemaster 2000 and E-POD LED Flood
  • Wall Mounted Bulkhead Lights: three modern and sleek styles
  • Illuminated Bollards and Waymakers: Ideal for protecting the public and defining areas on walkways, pavements, gardens, parks, streets, building entrances and squares
  • Induction Lighting: Electrode-free lighting which uses a high frequency induction magnetic field, options include road lanterns and low bay lights
  • Industrial and Commercial Lighting: HID and LED light ranges which are designed to provide energy efficient lighting solutions for factories, offices and warehouses. Options include Low Bay, High Bay, HL, E-POD Low or high Bay
  • Internal Lighting: LED panel lighting and ZD bulkhead lamps
  • Lighting Columns, Brackets and Baskets: The lighting column range is suitable for security lighting, sports arenas, car parks, public areas, railways and much more. Options include standard, hinged, high mast, decorative and bespoke lighting columns. Accessories include embellishment kits, cut-outs and isolators, brackets, and passive safety disconnection kits
  • Solar Powered Lighting: An environmentally friendly lighting option for numerous applications including urban areas, paths, walkways, parks, temporary lighting and campsites. Options include Solarlight v3, Solis Pole and Sunny Park designs
  • Aura Long-Life Lamps: A wide range of long-lasting, energy-saving light bulbs.

Street Furniture

Ark Lighting also designs and manufactures a range of standard and bespoke high quality street furniture that will complement any public area. Products include:

  • Benches
  • Litter bins
  • Service bollards
  • Non-illuminated bollards
  • Stainless steel traffic bollards
  • Street ashtrays
  • Cycle shelters
  • Tree Grilles

Feeder Pillars and Service Pillars

Ark Lighting stocks a range of feeder and service pillars to suit individual requirements and applications. The pillars are available in various sizes and can be manufactured from cast, galvanised or stainless steel.

Ark Lighting is committed to providing a professional and efficient service to clients regardless of the size and complexity of the application. The expert design team will work closely with the client to ensure that every step of the design, manufacture and supply process is carried out effectively, on-time and within budget. The vast array of products can all be viewed on the company website and the sales team can provide in-depth product information and technical specifications.


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