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  • A2B Ceiling Hoist
  • Active Bathing Compact
  • Syncra Standard
  • Rio Bath
  • Syncra Modular Bathing System
  • Vanna - Height Adjustable Bath
  • Phoenix Height Adjustable Bath
  • Height-adjustable Bath
  • Swing Bath
  • Height-adjustable Washbasin
  • Height-adjustable Shower and Changing Tables
  • Childs Shower and Changing Table
  • Mobile Hoist
  • Mobile Hoist
  • Mona Mobile Dress/Changing Table
  • Showering/Treatment Trolleys
  • Body Support Cushion
  • Computer Workstation
  • Multi-Purpose Frames
  • Biochair
  • Biobidet

Astor Bannerman (Medical) Company Profile

Astor-Bannerman is a leading manufacturer and supplier of disabled care equipment and aids which provide solutions for a wide range of disabilities. The company has established a highly respected reputation for high quality, exceptional products which are all backed up by a superior standard of customer service for over 20 years. Astor-Bannerman has been successfully working with organisations such as the NHS and Social Services for many years and employs a team with in-depth expertise of the healthcare industry.

The disabled care equipment range includes bathing systems, head, back and knee supports, hoists, shower and changing equipment, multi-purpose frames, lavatories, desks and tables, therapy pools and much more. Astor-Bannerman’s care equipment is designed to help the disabled with their daily routine and by choosing the correct equipment, homes can be fully adapted to suit individual needs, enabling independent living.


Astor-Bannerman offers clients a wide and varied range of design and manufacturing services to suit specific requirements. The high quality products can be customised to individual specification and will provide many years of reliability. The design team has the capability to respond efficiently to requests for product demonstrations and assessments throughout the UK without obligation. Site surveys can be carried out for certain situations, as extra work may be required prior to the installation of the product. Astor-Bannerman has a fully trained and qualified team of engineers who are fully supported by approved independent installers who can offer a quality service nationwide. There is a range of maintenance options available which provide regular servicing and the peace of mind that, should a problem arise, the team can respond quickly and effectively.

All products and specifications can be viewed on the website.

Washing and Bathing

The washing and bathing range enables disabled individuals to wash and bathe independently or with assistance in complete comfort and safety. Water is well-known for its healing and relaxation properties; soothing aching joints and calming the mind. Astor-Bannerman has developed a range of bathing and washing products including:

  • Height Adjustable Baths: The Rio, Avero, Isis, Interbath, Vanna, Kiva, Sanus, Kinet and Phoenix height adjustable baths in a range of sizes and options to suit specific requirements. Height adjustable baths enable the user to enter and exit the bath easily and safely and carers can benefit from reduced back strain risk and ease of operation. Special features include thermostatic taps, improved access and recess panels for carers, various water delivery valves including WRAS option with gantry, side opening panels, freestanding options, ergonomic designs, air spa systems, music systems, light therapy and much more
  • Syncra Standard and Plus Modular Bathing Systems: These modern and functional bathing systems enable individuals to bathe safely and securely. They have a seat which detaches from the bath and fits securely on to the transfer seat, enabling the person to be moved from the bathroom in one easy step.
  • Active Bathing Compact Bath Range: The Compact range of baths with integral powered seat consists of both height adjustable, fixed height, 1600mm length and 1700mm length models. With the use of the latest design technology, the Compact has a unique shape allowing for the largest possible internal dimensions while keeping the external measurements to a minimum meaning it is a superb bath where space is at a premium.
  • Other Bathing and Washing Products: The Senta multi-function hoist is a safe, flexible and cost-effective patient handling system for easy bathing, the new reclining swing bath offers comfortable and safe bathing, head, back and knee supports, manual and electric hoists, cushions, the patented Neatfold stretcher and height adjustable washbasins

Showering and Changing Equipment

For some disabled individuals it is easier for them to take a shower rather than a bath. Astor-Bannerman has developed a wide and varied range of showering and changing equipment which enables both individuals and carers to wash and change with ease, in complete safety and comfort. The products can be made to accommodate a range of weight capacities in standard and non-standard sizes. Products include:

  • Mona mobile dressing/changing table
  • Manual, battery and electrically operated height adjustable shower and changing tables
  • Heavy duty height adjustable changing tables
  • Overbath stretchers
  • Wall mounted stretchers
  • Multicare showering/treatment trolleys
  • General height adjustable couches
  • Height adjustable patient raising showering seats
  • Child's height adjustable shower and changing tables

Multi-Purpose Frames

Astor-Bannerman offers a range of free-standing height adjustable frames which can be used in various situations. The sturdy frames can be used in island or peninsular settings, next to walls or alongside furniture and are suitable for kitchens, laboratories, workshops, woodworking and general purpose requirements. Available with manual or electric height adjustment, the frames come in various standard sizes ready to take a worktop or other surface.

Desks and Tables

There is a comprehensive range of height adjustable desks and tables in a variety of sizes and configurations. These products are extensively used in offices, schools, libraries and domestic homes and offer a versatile and robust construction. Astor-Bannerman has produced a range of specials which have included triangular tables, woodworking benches and pool and table tennis tables. Other tables available include height adjustable computer workstations and portable treatment tables.


Astor-Bannerman has developed a range of toilets for disabled use. The toilets are safe and easy to use and include:

  • Biobidet BB1000: Biobidet provides the cleaning features of a shower toilet within a seat. The wash options include a powerful posterior wash, an anterior wash, turbo wash and a pulsating massage option. A stream of air provides a drying cycle. The BB1000 is WRAS approved. Also available is the BB800
  • Biochair: The Biochair is best used with the Biobidet BB1000AA and comes in a modular format with a large range of standard options in seats, backrests and arm rests which are all interchangeable. There are numerous options available within this range to satisfy every requirement

Therapy Pools

Astor-Bannerman has developed the Medicare therapy pool which is a hydrotherapy pool system which is perfect for movement and exercise. The system incorporates a completely self-supporting stainless steel construction and allows easy access from every side. There are see-through glass walls for observation and the design corresponds to the statuary regulations. Vertical streaming jets provide water inflow to all areas of the pool and there is a non-slip stainless steel floor. A pool lift is also available for transferring clients to and from the pools. Each pool lift is customised and installed to satisfy individual site specifications.

Astor-Bannerman is committed to providing private individuals, businesses and healthcare organisations with a comprehensive range of superior quality products and services. The dedicated customer service and design teams welcome enquiries and will endeavour to find a care equipment solution for any application. Extensive product information and downloadable CAD drawings are available on the website. Astor-Bannerman is renowned for providing cost-effective and practical solutions for independent and assisted living throughout the UK. Extensive warranties and maintenance programs are available across the range.


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