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  • Acoustic Perimeter Seal
  • Acoustic Seal - AS Flipper
  • Smoke And Acoustic Seals
  • Acoustic Seal - Quad Flipper
  • Door Bottom Seals (Rebate Fit)
  • Quad Seal
  • Door Bottom Seals (Face Mount)
  • Fire Seals And Smoke Seals
  • Acoustic Vent Sleeve
  • Cable Basket Sleeve
  • Cable Tray Sleeve
  • Ceiling Air Valve
  • Downlight Cover (Fire Hood)
  • Duct Sleeve
  • Duct Wraps
  • Fire Pillows
  • Fire Trunking Sleeve
  • Loft Cone
  • Luminaire Canopy
  • Pipe Sleeve
  • Pipe Collars
  • Pipe Wraps

Astroflame (Fire Seals) Company Profile

Astroflame is a leading manufacturer and distributor of passive fire protection systems to the construction industry. The company offers a vast array of fire prevention products that can be used in walls, floors, ceilings, doors, ducts and other fire rated compartmentation structures. The product range can be supplied globally to over 50 countries and for UK deliveries an overnight service is standard.

Astroflame fire rated products are independently certified to the requirements specified by BS and EN standards of fire resistance. The company stocks and manufactures fireproofing and protection system products such as intumescent seals, fire-stop, fire seals, letterbox systems, smoke seals, pipe collars, pipe sleeves, pipe wraps, fire grilles, intumescent mastic, paints and coatings, downlighter covers, canopies and luminaire covers. In addition to these products, Astroflame also stocks a wide range of hinge guards/anti-finger trapping devices, acoustic door seals, low-profile threshold plates for improved disabled access and anti-graffiti products.

The product range includes:

Passive Fire Protection for Fire Doors

The passive fire protection products for fire doors are fully certified for installation on fire doors to prevent or slow down the spread of fire and/or smoke. Some of the products listed have certified acoustic sealing properties in addition to the fire protection properties. Products include:

  • Fire seals
  • Smoke seals
  • Fire rated intumescent and telescopic letterboxes
  • Intumescent fire grilles
  • Intumescent glazing tape
  • Acoustic door seals
  • Dorgard automatic fire door releasers
  • Raven perimeter, door bottom and threshold smoke seals
  • Steel air transfer plates
  • Glazing U channels
  • Door viewers
  • Ironmongery protection

Intumescent Passive Fire Protection – Fire Stop Products

Intumescent passive fire protection fire stop products are required by the UK Building Regulations, Approved Document B – Fire Compartmentation and are used to slow the spread of fire through various penetrations and voids that are often found in buildings and used for pipework, conduits, ducts, cables, socket boxes, ventilation and exterior cladding. The product range includes:

  • Pipe collars and wraps
  • Fire pillows
  • Duct wraps and sleeves
  • Pipe and trunk sleeves
  • Putty pads and fire putty
  • Fire clamps
  • Fire boards/batts
  • Fire rated mortar
  • Fire rated cladding seals
  • Cavity fire barriers
  • Intumescent expansion joint seals

Intumescent Paint

Intumescent paints and coatings provide a protective char which retards the spread of flames and the transfer of heat if a fire was to occur. Astroflame has various protective intumescent coatings for surfaces including steel, cast iron, timber, plaster and brick and a range of decorative finishes to protect and complete fire protection systems. Decorative finishes are also known as fire proof paints, fire retardant paints or fire varnishes (clear coat). Fireproof and fire retardant paints can be used on new and existing surfaces and assist in the control of fire hazards from materials such as wood by releasing a flame extinguishing gas when it is exposed to the high temperature of a fire. The Astro range includes topcoat, primer, varnish and undercoat. The intumescent paints have achieved BS 476 and finishes include plain, gloss, eggshell and metallic options.

Lighting Protection

The lighting protection range of products protects the voids in fire rated ceilings as required by Approved Document B. These products retard the spread of fire into roof spaces that are created by the installation of light fittings. Products include:

  • Intumescent downlight covers
  • Loft cones
  • Fire rated luminaire covers and canopies

Mastic and Foams

Intumescent mastics and fire rated foams replace standard construction foams and mastics that offer little or no fire resistance when fire stopping properties are needed. Mastic sealing is used around other fire rated products and the foam is for gap filling. Products include Intumescent acoustic mastic, fire rated acoustic foam and fire rated economy foam.

Finger Protection

The finger protection range of products has been developed to protect the users of a premises from injury and the owner from possible legal action should an accident occur. The finger guards prevent finger trapping accidents in the hinge side of the door and come in a wide range of sizes, finishes and prices. Products include:

  • Fingerkeeper Commercial, Fingerkeeper Rearguard and Finger Saver are budget versions with colour matched front and rear hinge guards
  • Fingerkeeper Industrial is a heavy duty guard and can be used on either butt or centre pivot hinged doors
  • Finger Guardian is as the industrial version but includes SteriTouch technology and comes in nine finish options
  • Finger Defender is a compact hinge guard in an aluminium housing and is suitable for automatic doors
  • Finger Protecta is similar to Finger Defender, but features finishes such as silver, bronze, white and many more for more prestigious buildings

Anti-Graffiti Products

Graffiti has become a big problem in many towns and cities in both residential and commercial areas. Astroflame has developed a range of products that tackle the issues caused by graffiti which include:

  • Graffiti remover
  • Anti-graffiti paint
  • Non darkening sealant
  • Poster magic
  • Shadow lifter
  • Mastersolve degreasing concentrate

Astroflame is committed to providing an extensive range of high quality and reliable fire protection products for domestic and commercial premises. Astroflame is part of the Astroflame Group which has an ISO 9001:2008 certificate of conformity and undergoes annual quality auditing. Another division of the company is Astrodraft which provides weatherseals, acoustic seals and disabled access friendly door seals. The friendly and knowledgeable team at Astroflame is available to provide comprehensive product advice and information.

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