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Barrisol Company Profile

World leader of stretch ceilings, Barrisol creates your custom-made ceilings to decorate, renovate or embellish your interior space. Ideal for new construction or renovation, Barrisol offers a comprehensive and exciting portfolio of solutions for a wide range of challenges. With Barrisol, create the ceiling of your dreams!

Products description

Barrisol® CreaDesign®

An innovative solution in terms of its finish, opening new perspectives in design due to the patterns in relief which bring a visible, tactile depth to the sheet. This process offers the possibility to apply more than seven patterns in brushed suede on the Barrisol® sheets. It is also possible to apply patterns or logos of your choice for a personalized effect. The design and the finish of the Barrisol CreaDesign® line offer a unique result for every interior space.

Barrisol® PerfoDesign®

Offers an innovative and original finish too. Indeed, it is possible to perforate patterns or logos of your choice in any dimensions for a personalised effect. On the same sheet, you can perforate many different kinds of patterns and\or patterns with different sizes. The perforated patterns can be applied to all Barrisol® lines of sheeting, which are enhanced with variation of colours and luminous intensity variation. Barrisol® PerfoDesign® allows you to create unique lighting atmospheres.

Printed Barrisol®

Offers the possibility to reproduce any types of patterns, photos or decors on the Barrisol® sheets. Every project can be personalized. In fact, thanks to Printed Barrisol® everything is conceivable, from the most classic to the most avant-garde creations.

The possibilities of decoration are infinite; the only limit is your imagination.

Barrisol Acoustics®

Barrisol Acoustics® is a line of micro perforated sheeting that helps to improve the acoustics in public or privative places. Barrisol® Acoustics® guarantees comfortable and better quality of life in noisy environments.

Barrisol Lumière®

Welcomes the light in your interior space to create unique atmospheres. Animated with variations of colors and lighting intensity, ceilings and walls in Barrisol® Lumière® decorates any types of spaces. Original and innovative solution of lighting, Barrisol® Lumiere® enhances any space.


ClipsIstem is composed of a high-technology sheet and is ideal to decorate and renovate walls. It allows for complete changes of atmospheres in public or private places. Printed up to 4, 80m without welds, in acoustic or lighting complex, ClIpsIstem® guarantees a perfect look and personalises your interior space with simplicity.

The King® lamp

The King® lamp was created by Pilot Design, a Swiss design agency. This lamp offers new solutions in interior decoration. It is completely customisable and more than 100 colours of Barrisol® sheet are available. For a unique King® lamp, you can print patterns, logos and images of your choice thanks to the unique Printed Barrisol® technique.

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To discover all Barrisol range of product, visit us on an exhibition!

Please, check our website to know on which exhibition Barrisol will present its unique and design solutions for walls and ceilings decoration.


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