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Bathgate Flooring Company Profile

Bathgate Flooring is one of the UK’s leading independent designers, manufacturers and installers of raised access flooring for commercial applications. The company operates a highly efficient state-of-the-art manufacturing facility which offers flexibility and is capable of fulfilling small production runs when required.

There is a national sales team and installer network which oversees projects throughout the UK and can draw on an extensive standard stock range and provide efficient and effective design services for bespoke sizes and finishes. Bathgate Flooring’s product range is specified for a wide range of applications including housing developments, clean rooms, data centres, commercial projects and the leisure industry.


Bathgate Flooring employs a skilled and dedicated team of quantity surveyors, designers and technicians who can provide information, assistance and support based upon their own experience and knowledge of the products, projects and requirements of PSA and BSEN. The services available include:

  • Supply only or supply and installation
  • OnePoint managed installations which incorporates full CAD design support, manufacture, installation, single point of contact, PSA and BSEN specifications and project management
  • In-house specification support
  • Standard and bespoke products
  • Flexible manufacturing solutions for specialised projects
  • Nationwide coverage.


Permaflor is a complete raised access flooring solution which is available in two standard profiles; the BG fully encapsulated range and the BE edge banded range. The products are compliant with PSA and BSEN specifications and a comprehensive range of bespoke sizes and finishes are also available. The system options include gravity-laid, screw-down and vinyl-faced panels and four pedestal options which enable heights of between 40mm and 2000mm. The bespoke panels offer additional design flexibility and are ideal for refurbishment projects or where a tailored solution is required.

The Permaflor panels can be delivered with a factory-bonded finish such as carpet, vinyl, solid wood, veneers, ceramics and even natural stone. Permaflor is a complete system which incorporates all the components required to accommodate different cabling and HVAC requirements in various void heights. The raised access flooring includes hardwood, acoustic, laminates, carpet tiles, sprung, and vinyl sports which are specified for offices, call centres, sports halls, gymnasiums, banks, retail outlets, hotels and leisure facilities, factories, light industrial applications, schools and colleges.

Permaflor BG Fully Encapsulated Range

The BG range is a fully steel encased panel which is strong, durable, easy to install and offers a reliable, low maintenance performance. This extremely rigid panel comes with the option of gravity-laid or screw-down fixing and both are an ideal substrate for the majority of floor coverings. The panel has a high-density particleboard core which is encased in a galvanised steel jacket which is roll-pressed into a completely unique profile and allows for easy installation or removal and protects the edge from damage.

Permaflor BE Edge Banded Range

The BE Permaflor panel features an encapsulated construction of galvanised steel bonded to both surfaces with a protective PVC edge-band. This panel is also available with a bonded vinyl surface finish. The BE design provides improved handling and manoeuvrability during installation and yet retains the strength and durability of a traditional steel encased panel. Full depth PVC banding with raked sides enables easier fitting and improved tightness of the fit between adjoining panels and provides a firm seating onto the pedestal without the use of gaskets. This option offers considerably reduced air-leakage which is important when the void is used as an air plenum. The BE range is available in non-standard and standard sizes and comes in a wide range of factory bonded surface finishes including carpet, timber and ceramics.

System Components and Accessories

There is a wide range of components and accessories available to assist in achieving the most flexible and efficient flooring designs. The product range includes pedestals, stringers, oversized and undersized panels, bridging beams, electrical outlets, ventilation panels, cavity barriers and ramps and steps for disabled access.

Bespoke Solutions

A comprehensive range of bespoke solutions can be provided to accommodate individual requirements and specifications. The bespoke solutions are suitable for both new-build and renovation projects and customers can be assured of a cost-effective design solution using Permaflor. Bespoke solutions include:

  • Bespoke surface finishes including carpet tiles, wooden floors, veneers, ceramics, stone and vinyl
  • Structural upgrades
  • Bespoke panels and pedestals can be produced to match any existing system
  • Grid retention which uses existing pedestals and new floor panels
  • Disaster recovery following fire or flood damage where the panels can be easily replaced and matched to existing panels with minimal disruption.

Bathgate Flooring prides itself on offering an innovative underfloor access product range which provides cost-effective and bespoke solutions for any application. The nationwide sales and technical teams are available to provide in-depth advice, information, product samples and quotations for supply only or supply and installation. Permaflor comes with a comprehensive single point manufacturer’s warranty for complete peace of mind. The company is committed to the environment and ensures that all materials used are from renewable and sustainable sources.


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