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  • Spotlights
  • Coloured Light Bulbs
  • Christmas Lights
  • Butterfly Fluorecent Tubes
  • Control Gear
  • Electric Fly Killers
  • Energy Saving Bulbs
  • Fluorescent Tubes
  • Coloured LED Floodlights
  • Halogen Light Bulbs
  • Fan Heater
  • Incandescent Light Bulbs
  • Infrared Heater Lamps
  • LED Light Strips
  • Track Lighting
  • Mercury Lamps
  • Metal Halide Light Bulbs
  • Audio & Video Cables
  • Torches
  • Projector Lamps
  • Shatterproof Lamps
  • Sodium Lamps
  • Solar Lights
  • Solar Panels
  • Table Lamps
  • Vintage Light Bulbs

BLT Direct Company Profile

BLT Direct was a pioneer of online supply of light bulbs, lamps and tubes and over the years has earned an enviable reputation for its choice of products, excellent prices and first rate customer service. Today, the company’s website gives access to 10,000 products that can be rapidly despatched across the UK and worldwide. A knowledgeable team ensures that stock is constantly updated with the newest energy efficient bulbs to meet the latest regulations.

Lighting solutions offered by BLT Direct fulfil the requirements of commercial and domestic customers. The online supplier is a one stop shop for light bulb products and accessories from high quality manufacturers including the full range of energy saving light bulbs such as LED and halogen bulbs; standard and compact fluorescent tubes; sodium, mercury and metal halide lamps and security lights. Specialist fittings including sunbed tubes are also stocked. Replacements for unusual lighting items can often be located by the experienced staff.

The energy saving lighting products covering a number of categories from office lighting to floodlights and festive decorations can help clients to drastically reduce their energy bills. BLT Direct’s purely online business allows items to be offered at exceptional prices.

For much of the UK, standard delivery is free for orders over £45. Other rates, including for international shipments, are clearly stated on the website.

BLT Direct has earned impressive ratings on trusted independent review sites. Feedback from commercial and residential clients praises customer service, straightforward ordering, efficient packing and speedy delivery.


LED Light Bulbs

BLT Direct has a vast stock of long-lasting, eco friendly Light Emitting Diode bulbs in a huge range of wattages suitable for commercial and domestic use. Warranted products from leading name manufacturers are supplied in shapes, styles and colours suitable for every room and all kinds of applications. Categories include:

  • LED GU10 bulbs - A popular mercury-free replacement for old style spotlights, available in 35mm and 63mm diameter and a choice of wattages, colours and beam angles.
  • LED GLS bulbs - The familiar shape light bulb in an energy saving version, with equivalent wattages ranging from 15W to 100W and a choice of colour temperatures and finishes. There are dimmable or non-dimmable versions.
  • LED Candle Light bulbs - Attractively shaped screw base and bayonet bulbs for decorative lighting including chandeliers and wall sconces. Options include dimmable versions, flame tipped candle bulbs, low output LED and incandescent look-a-like LED candle bulbs.
  • LED Fluorescent Tubes - In lengths from 2ft to 8ft, these tubes feature instant start technology and flicker-free light in natural Daylight, Cool White or Warm White.
  • LED G4/G9 Capsule Light Bulbs - A robust replacement for halogen G9 & G4 lamps, in two cap sizes and seven wattages.
  • LED MR16 bulbs - A low voltage direct retrofit for halogen MR16 bulbs, popular for directional lighting in shops and galleries.
  • LED Golfball Light Bulbs - A choice of standard, dimmable, clear or pearl coloured and incandescent look-a-likes.
  • LED Globe Light bulbs - Available as bayonet or screw base in wattages from 4W to 15W (equivalent 40W to 120W).
  • LED Reflector Light Bulbs - In a choice of five diameters and 15 wattages.
  • LED MR 11 (GU4) bulbs - 35mm diameter replacements for similar halogen bulbs, including coloured lamps.
  • LED MLF GX53 - Cost effective long lasting replacements for the compact fluorescent GX53 lamp.
  • LED Pygmy Light Bulbs - Direct replacements for incandescent pygmy bulbs in fridges, sewing machines and light strings.
  • LED Dusk to Dawn Bulbs - Classic shaped bulbs that light up at nightfall and turn off at sunrise.

Among the huge selection of other LED bulbs supplied by BLT Direct are Crown Silver bulbs, Butterfly light bulbs, AR111 reflector lamps and Architectural lamps.

LED Light fittings

BLT Direct’s vast choice of LED light fittings covers internal and external applications such as warehouse security lighting; garden lighting; dance floor illumination; striplights for retail or domestic applications, or bulkhead fittings for porches, subways and amenity lighting

  • LED Floodlights - Shatter resistant energy saving floodlights for numerous applications, available in standard, slimline and portable versions. Solar powered, colour changing and PIR floodlights are among the ranges offered.
  • LED Strips and Kits - Waterproof strips for decorative lighting or signage, in 12V or 24V versions.
  • LED Fluorescent Tube Kits - Complete kits with single or twin LED tubes, in various lengths and styles.
  • LED Flat Panels - Easy clean panels in various sizes, ideal for the retail, education and health sectors.
  • Commercial LED Fittings - A comprehensive range of LED fittings for retail, hospitality, display and office lighting applications from top quality brand Aurora.
  • LED Track and Spot Lighting - Ceiling, wall and bar spotlights, including fittings suitable for bathroom use.
  • LED Ceiling Lights - Including downlights, pendant lights and square or round 2D replacements ceiling light fittings.
  • Spike Lights - Collingwood spike lights in marine grade stainless steel, individually IP rated.
  • Bollard Lights - IP65 rated Collingwood bollard lights in iroko wood or anodised metal.
  • Ground Lights - Walk over, drive over and coloured LED ground lights for outdoor spaces, dance floors and stages.
  • Wall Lights - LED wall lights in numerous styles and ratings for all sorts of applications.
  • Cabinet Lights and Undershelf Lights - Linkable LED striplights in various lengths and round or square cabinet lights.
  • LED Solar light fittings- Solar powered lights for commercial, domestic or retail environments, including security lights, post lights and shed lights.

Also available is a full range of power supplies transformers and lighting accessories.

Halogen Light Bulbs

BLT Direct’s vast selection of affordable halogen light bulbs provide bright filtered light and are ideal for creative and accent applications. Ranges come in a wide choice of shapes, wattages and colours and include:

  • Halogen GU10 light bulbs
  • Halogen Capsule light bulbs
  • Halogen MR16 light bulbs (50mm dia)
  • Halogen MR11 light bulbs (35mm dia)
  • Halogen Dichroic MR8 light bulbs (25mm dia)
  • Linear K type halogen light bulbs
  • Halogen Reflekto light bulbs and Aluminium reflector bulbs
  • Dichroic coloured, square and hexagonal halogen light bulbs
  • Tubular halogen light bulbs
  • Halogen Hi Spot lamps
  • Infra red halogen lamps.

Incandescent Bulbs

BLT Direct holds of stock of these traditional bulbs, including coloured bulbs, different shapes and ones for specific applications.

Fluorescent Tubes and Lamps

A huge range of replacement fluorescent tubes for existing fittings is offered in all sizes, including tubes for specialist applications such as aquarium and plant growing tubes. Fly killer tubes, BLB (disco) tubes, germicidal, U-shaped, circular and coloured tubes are among the vast selection. Compact fluorescent lamps are also available in numerous shapes and styles.

Metal Halide Light bulbs

Many public building, retail and industrial applications require the exceptional quality of light emitted by metal halide lamps. BLT Direct supplies capsule, double ended and reflector, elliptical and tubular metal halide lamps in a host of wattages, cap/base fittings and colours.

Other Products

BLT Direct’s product catalogue includes everything from festive lighting for Christmas or Halloween to specialist lamps such as mercury and sodium lamps, as well as car light bulbs, vintage light bulbs, control gear and torches. Visit the website to see the full details.

A FAQ section on the website answers many of the technical questions about suitability of the extensive light bulb choices, but helpful staff are also available on the phone to advise on the best solution. BLT Direct is proud of its track record for meeting customers’ individual lighting products needs with a trouble-free online shopping experience.

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