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  • Pro-Barriers - Flood Protection
  • Pro-Barriers - Flood Protection
  • Pro-Barriers - Flood Protection
  • Pro-Barriers - Flood Protection
  • Pro-Barriers - Flood Protection
  • Defence Barriers
  • Defence Barriers
  • Defence Barriers
  • Defence Barriers
  • Defence Barriers

Bridgeway Pro-Barriers Company Profile

Bridgeway Pro-Barriers was founded in 1998 and has established a highly respected reputation as a leading manufacturer of barriers for flood protection and personal protection. The company has become synonymous with dependable, durable and cutting-edge engineering and specialises in innovative product development, producing class-leading solutions for a range of environments.

The barrier systems are manufactured by Bridgeway Pro-Barriers in Shannonbridge, Co. Offaly, Ireland and sold through specialist agents and distributors. The Bridgeway Pro-Barrier is the premier barrier system for both flood and personal protection and is fully tried and tested.


Bridgeway Pro-Barriers are fabricated from galvanised weld mesh to European Standards within an ISO 9001 certified factory. The barriers are lined with a heavy-duty, non-woven geotextile which has been specifically manufactured to offer a high UV resistance, to ensure a long working life. The geotextile has been tested for resistance against the harshest of environmental conditions, as well as durability, stack-ability and blast attack; passing the PAS 68 N3 Impact Collision Test and STANAG 2280 Nation classification standards.

The Pro-Barrier is available in a range of size options from the Pro-Barrier 1 to the Pro-Barrier 4. Colour options available include white, beige or green to suit the surrounding environment in which it will be erected. Units can be fabricated to customers’ own specifications, if required. The pre-assembled units are flat-packed and can be delivered to the desired location. The units are then constructed using only manpower and a wheeled loader/excavator to fill them with local materials.

Units 1, 2 and 3 feature a 4mm zinc-alu weld mesh and the coils are made using high-tensile galvanised wire. Unit 4 features a 5mm zinc-alu weld mesh and is lined with a heavy-duty, non-woven polypropylene for harsh environments.

Flood Protection

Pro-Barriers are a perfect solution for providing protection to areas which are subject to natural disasters such as flooding. Flooding is now a major threat in many residential and commercial areas and appropriate protection schemes need to be put in place. The Bridgeway Pro-Barrier can be simply stored away by any local authority or defence organisation and deployed instantly, as and when required. The units can be rapidly filled with aggregate such as sand, stone or small rocks for emergency and temporary situations and for long-term or permanent requirements they can be filled with concrete and decorated.

Defence Barriers

Bridgeway Pro-Barriers are ideal for military use and provide protection to personnel and equipment. Pro-Barrier can be used as a defence wall and arranged in any configuration required to protect sensitive areas from attack and have even been used to surround military bases, fuel depots and gas lines. The units can be stacked to create a strong and defensive blast-resistant barrier and are tested to comply with PAS 69 N3.

Bridgeway Pro-Barriers is committed to the development and manufacture of strong, durable and reliable protection barrier systems to suit a wide range of applications. The friendly and knowledgeable team welcomes enquiries and can provide in-depth advice and information across the whole range.

Pro-Barriers are available through specially selected agents and distributors.


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