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British Gypsum Company Profile

British Gypsum has more than one hundred years experience in the construction industry and is the UK's leading manufacturer and supplier of gypsum based plastering and drylining solutions. The extensive product range of wall, wall lining, floor, ceiling, fire protection, insulation and encasement systems has been developed to satisfy the demands of the residential, commercial and refurbishment, maintenance and improvement sectors of the construction industry.

The company headquarters is based in East Leake, Leicestershire and currently operates five major manufacturing plants within the UK. British Gypsum also provides the industry's premier technical support and training services, via the market leading Saint-Gobain Technical Academy.

A comprehensive, up-to-date literature download section, covering all of British Gypsum's systems and products, and including the WHITE BOOK as well as sector specific brochures, is available on the British Gypsum web site.

The company has achieved ISO 14001, covering all of British Gypsum's mining, manufacturing and supply operations, as well as associated services.


British Gypsum has designed and manufactured a range of wall, lining and encasement systems to satisfy an extensive range of criteria in all types of building including houses, recreational buildings, commercial buildings and hospitals. The products that combine to make the systems are marketed under the Gyproc, Thistle, Gypframe, Glasroc and British Gypsum brands.

Plasterboard is simply an inner layer of gypsum which is sandwiched between two layers of lining paper. By including various additives within the gypsum layer and varying the weight and strength of the lining paper, the finished plasterboard offers different properties, suitable for various application requirements.

The product range includes:

Gyproc Plasterboard and Accessories

Gyproc plasterboards are suitable for a wide range of requirements from space division to demanding fire, sound, thermal, moisture and impact resistance environments. Gyproc provides strong, durable and high quality linings for walls, ceilings, lift shafts, stairwells, corridors and auditoria. The Gyproc range includes:

  • Standard performance plasterboards
  • Acoustic performance plasterboards
  • Fire performance plasterboards
  • Impact performance plasterboards
  • Ergonomic plasterboards
  • Moisture resistant plasterboards
  • Thermal performance plasterboards
  • Accessories including fixings, decorative products, beads, joint fillers, and tapes

Thistle Plaster Products

The range of Thistle plaster products offers an extensive selection of undercoats and finishes for all applications such as traditional hand applied two coat work, re-plastering after damp proof course installation, machine applied projection and Gyproc plasterboard finishing. The Thistle product range includes:

  • Undercoat plasters
  • Finish coat plasters
  • One coat plasters
  • Beads for solid plastering
  • Plaster bonding agents
  • Fibre tapes

Gypframe Metal Products

Gypframe offers strength, quality and durability and provides a firm backbone for the wall, ceiling, lining and encasement systems. Gypframe incorporates the patented UltraSTEEL® double helix work hardening process and the metal components are precision engineered. It is also lightweight, easy to handle, cut and fit, rigidised for extra strength, has enhanced screw fixing and retention and includes SpecSure® lifetime system warranty. The product range features:

  • Gypframe studs
  • Gypframe channels
  • Gypframe steel angles
  • Gypframe specialist profiles
  • Gypframe clips, brackets and accessories

Glasroc Specialist Boards

British Gypsum has developed a range of advanced fire protection boards and other performance boards and accessories that provide extra levels of protection to the people within a property and the property itself. The range includes:

  • Fire protection boards
  • Specialist Boards

British Gypsum Acoustic Ceiling Products

The British Gypsum acoustic ceiling systems range offers versatile aesthetic design options and incorporates the unique environmental properties of gypsum. The systems provide balanced solutions for projects where acoustic control is a consideration. The key benefits include the environmental credential of BREEAM class A, high acoustic performance, aesthetics, durability, low maintenance, SpecSure® lifetime warranty, optimum hygiene and good fire protection. The British Gypsum acoustic ceilings range includes lay-in grid tiles, planks and seamless boarded solutions within the following ranges:

  • Casoprano tiles
  • Rigitone tiles
  • Gyptone boards
  • Gyptone tiles and planks
  • Gyprex

SpecSure® Lifetime System Warranty

Products by British Gypsum are provided with SpecSure®, a warranty designed to protect the integrity of drywall system specifications and deliver reliable performance which is warranted throughout the lifetime of the building and includes technical support. This also provides peace of mind for everyone involved in the construction team.

British Gypsum is committed to developing and manufacturing gypsum-based plastering and dryling products that are durable, strong and of exceptional quality. With a comprehensive range of services including training, design advice and on-site assistance, British Gypsum has gained a strong reputation throughout the UK construction industry.

British Gypsum Waste Management

The company takes its environmental obligations seriously and is committed to sustainable development and manufacturing processes.


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