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  • Drive in racks
  • Mesh Shelving
  • Mobile Shelving
  • Sysco shelving
  • Used storage and racking equipment
  • Protection for pallet racking
  • Upright Protectors
  • Industrial pallet racking
  • Dexion Protect-it
  • Dexion Hi280 Shelving
  • Bolt Free Shelving
  • Retail Stockroom
  • Tambour units
  • Storage Floors
  • Work Benches
  • Small Parts Storage

BSE UK Company Profile

BSE UK was founded nearly 50 years ago and is a specialist in the supply and installation of high quality storage and space management solutions. The company is an approved Dexion agent and brings together the personal service of a local business with the product reliability of a highly regarded brand. Products include pallet racking, shelving, mezzanine flooring, industrial partitioning, mesh and steel partitioning, office filing and shelving, lockers and cupboards and much more.

BSE UK offers a stunning array of first class racking and shelving products which are in stock and available for fast track delivery. With teams of experienced and dedicated designers and engineers, safety inspectors and professional contract management, the company can offer solutions for large and commercial and industrial small projects.


From the Gloucestershire base, BSE UK offers superior quality storage and shelving for commercial and industrial spaces for customers throughout the South West. The team can carry out installations of major storage units, to business storage facilities, archive shelving, designing or reorganising working environments to suit individual requirements. Secure storage and archive shelving services are available to clients throughout Wales and the West Country. BSE UK provides full project management services, CAD design, site surveys and rack safety inspections, repairs and maintenance of all brands of racking.


BSE UK supplies and fits the complete range of Dexion products, which includes industrial pallet racking, mezzanine floors, heavy duty industrial partitioning and racking. All fully installed Dexion racking and shelving systems are guaranteed for 20 years.

Warehouse Products

The team at BSE UK is committed to providing solutions for its customer’s requirements. There is a broad selection of products available from practical storage solutions to maximising design and safety within a warehouse. A full survey service will enable the team to design and install a total warehouse solution. Products include:

  • Dexion Pallet Racking: A wide range of options are available including adjustable pallet racking, narrow aisle racking, drive-in racking and powered racks.
  • Dexion Speedlock P90: Speedlock P90 is an advanced pallet system designed to satisfy the requirements for FEM code for pallet racking and the codes for all European member states. The rack is up to 30m high, bay loads of 30 metric tonnes, beam level heights 3500mm and beam level loads of 5 metric tonnes.
  • Dexion Speedlock MK3: Speedlock MK3 is the most commonly specified adjustable pallet racking system which provides efficient use of space for palletised loads.
  • Dexion Speedlock Deepstor Drive-In Racking: Deepstor drive-in racking is ideal for storing large quantities of identical goods and is a high-density storage system providing continuous racking without dividing aisles.
  • Dexion Silverline Beam: Silverline Beam is a premium racking system which combines safety, durability, strength and versatility. With hundreds of different options available, Silverline offers maximum flexibility.
  • Cantilever Racking: Cantilever racking is designed for storing long or bulky items. The racking solutions enable the storage of products with varying lengths. Light or heavy duty options are available with column heights of up to 9m.
  • Conveyors: A wide range of conveyor systems are available including gravity rollers, roller spurs, skatewheels, ball tables, personnel gates, lineshaft roller conveyors, modular roller conveyors, pallet conveyors and belt conveyor systems.
  • Warehouse Labels: Magnetic and self-adhesive label holders, aisle and bay markers and warehouse information labels.
  • Dexion Shelving: There is a shelving system available to suit every requirement. The shelving range includes economy bolt-free shelving, multi-purpose industrial longspan shelving for heavy or awkwardly shaped items and commercial shelving for file storage. The Dexion range include Hi280 shelving, Longspan shelving, Impex shelving, Economy shelving and Maxi Bins.
  • Mezzanine Floors: Mezzanine floors are a cost-effective and easy way of utilising unused space above working areas. A mezzanine floor can enable a business to expand without having to move premises. Mezzanines are typically used for storage, additional floors in retail outlets, viewing galleries, office accommodation, fitness centres and cafes. The floors are bespoke designed and constructed from lightweight steel, with edge protection systems and moisture resistant decking.
  • Handling and Access Equipment: BSE UK offers a comprehensive range of trolleys for light through to heavy industrial, office to specialised industry applications. The trolleys are fabricated to the highest standards and are compliant with European regulations.

Office Products

Incorporating practical office storage solutions, furniture and partitioning into an office can drastically improve the efficiency of a working space. BSE UK offers a comprehensive selection of solutions to suit all budgets and includes:

  • Office Shelving: The office shelving range of modular solutions is available in various widths and heights and can be designed to accommodate a broad array of items. The shelving products include Dexion longspan shelving, Dexion medical records shelving, electro mobile shelving, mobile shelving, museum storage, side2side3 office mobile shelving, Sysco office shelving.
  • Office Partitioning: Partitioning systems enable designers to make better use of interior spaces within offices, factories and warehouses. The partitions create extra rooms, privacy and useful storage areas. Products include industrial partitioning, heavy and medium duty single skin partitioning, double skin partitioning and Toledo double skin partitioning for clean room environments.
  • Office Furniture: New office furniture can display a more professional image for a company, motivate employees and improve workplace efficiency. BSE UK can provide contemporary and stylish products for the boardroom, meeting room, staff rest area, executive office, general office and reception. Products include desks, chairs, cupboards, bookcases, desk mounted and freestanding screens, storage drawers and much more.

Other Products

The team at BSE UK provide all that is required to create a modern and useable working environment. Other products available include:

  • Dexion square tubing and slotted angle construction kits
  • Archive shelving and storage
  • Dexion maxi bins and containers
  • Dexion lockers and cupboards
  • Used storage and racking equipment.

BSE UK is fully committed to providing industrial and commercial customers with a comprehensive and high quality range of products and services. The professional and experienced team can provide in-depth advice and information across the whole product range and oversee projects from the initial enquiry through to installation and beyond. The company prides itself on offering a broad range of products to suit all budget and project requirements. Many products are available to purchase through the company website.


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