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Bunkabin Company Profile

Bunkabin is a Manchester based company that specialises in the provision of portable, temporary on-site facility units. Available for hire throughout the UK, Bunkabin units are widely used for construction sites, developments, student accommodation, security staff accommodation, events and agricultural purposes.

These high quality units offer comfortable accommodation and include sleepers, diners, toilets and showers. Bunkabin can offer an efficient and reliable solution for temporary accommodation without needing planning permission however permission may be required if the units are installed for more than 28 days.


The Bunkabin range of units is manufactured at the company's purpose built factory in Manchester and distributed across the UK via a fleet of company owned, state-of-the-art vehicles. A fleet of fully equipped service vehicles are available throughout the country to offer a fast response should any issues arise.

Bunkabin are rapidly growing in popularity as an alternative to site caravans. They offer better comfort, safety and security, powered solely by electricity, eliminating the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

The range includes:

Original Sleeper

The Original Sleeper is designed for single or two person occupancy and satisfies the requirements of student accommodation and the construction industry. The unit features an en-suite with mains fed shower, a flushing toilet, wash basin and mirror, an oil filled radiator, vinyl flooring, one or two beds with mattresses, a desk, chair and storage. The unit’s security features include double glazed windows with security glass and a solid core door incorporating a security lock.

Deluxe Sleeper

The Deluxe Sleeper offers the same basic features as the Original, but has the benefit of more width. The Deluxe Sleeper can also be used for single or twin occupancy and offers additional features including a small fridge, microwave oven, larger en-suite, over bed reading lights and more storage space.

Original Diner

The Original Diner offers an on-site catering and social facility for up to eight people. The main features include fixed seating and tables, fridge, microwave oven, mini oven and grill, 2-ring hob, wall mounted kettle and high level fan heater. Externally the diner looks the same as the sleeper units in order to offer continuity of design and image.

Deluxe Toilet

The Deluxe Toilet is a luxurious top of the range facility that is designed for weddings and high quality events. This light and spacious unit is extra wide and features halogen lighting, three toilets, and two hand wash basins set into a vanity unit with portrait mirrors, one full length mirror and a hand dryer. The unit is heated by an oil filled radiator and fitted with non-slip vinyl flooring.

Toilet Block

The Toilet Block unit is a flushing WC and hand washing facility with hot water. Designed for use by up to 60 people of the same gender, the toilet block is compliant with the statutory requirements of Workplace Regulations 1992. The unit is divided into two separate areas; the first incorporates two toilets, two urinals and three hand washing basins. The second area features a private toilet with a large basin. The hot water is supplied by a mains pressurised boiler.

Deluxe Shower and Toilet

The Deluxe Shower and Toilet unit is a superior quality changing and washing facility that is suitable for the event, leisure and construction industries. The unit is split into two equal cubicles and each has a shower, toilet, vanity unit and hand wash basin. The showers are energy efficient and mains fed to ensure a constant supply of hot water. Other features include a shower curtain and high level infra-red heater.

Twin Shower

The Twin Shower unit is split into two separate and lockable cubicles and incorporates a Bunkabin power shower and changing area. The unit is equipped with two hand wash basins, mirrors, seats and coat hooks. These units have been designed to minimise increasing transport costs, as seven twin units are able to fit on a single lorry load.


Bunkabin offers a range of optional extras that can be purchased to complete the fit-out of the units, these include:

  • Bedding Kits comprising of a duvet and cover, sheet, pillow and case and bath towel
  • Dining Kits for up to eight people comprising of mugs, plates, bowls, cutlery, pans and cooking utensils
  • 900 gallon waste tanks that can be used with the full range of Bunkabin facility units and incorporate integral steps

All units run off a generator and are fitted with a 240 volt 32A 2P+E Blue Plug except for the Diner unit which has a 240 volt 63A Ceeform 2P+E Blue Plug. The units can be connected to mains waste or waste tanks.

Bunkabin prides itself on offering a comprehensive range of on-site facility units that are manufactured and maintained to exceptional standards. Bunkabin can be available within one weeks notice, but for busy seasonal demand periods longer notice is required. The friendly team at Bunkabin can provide extensive product information and specifications on the product range.

For more in-depth information please contact Bunkabin using the buttons above or visit the company website.


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