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    Calorex Heat Pumps Company Profile

    Based in Malden, Essex, Calorex is Europe's premier designer and manufacturer of air and ground source heat pumps and dehumidifiers. For over thirty years Calorex has been at the forefront of designing high efficiency energy saving products that are exported to over sixty countries worldwide.

    With a vast experience of the international market, products have been adapted to suit various climate conditions and market requirements. Calorex has developed an innovative product range for domestic, industrial and commercial clients for applications such as swimming pool heating, cooling, heat recovery, hot water generation, domestic heating and dehumidification.

    Swimming Pool Environmental Control

    From modest residential pools to full size Olympic pools, Calorex has a range of heat pump based dehumidifiers for the control of air and water temperatures and humidity levels. The systems are designed to prevent damage to a building from high humidity by recovering and reusing as much energy as possible. Specifically designed for pool environments, the systems offer reduced energy requirements, resulting in less CO2 emissions. The range includes HRD, Delta, Variheat and DH models in wall mounted, floor standing and ducted options.

    Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

    Using energy absorbed from heat and moisture obtained from external air, heat pumps convert this energy to a usable form of heat via a refrigeration circuit. The heat pumps can provide up to five units of absorbed heat for each single unit paid for on a sunny day and three units on cool cloudy days. The range includes the 20, 29 and 31 Range for pool heating, for pool heating and cooling is the 34 Range and Pro-Pac and for cooling water is the Water Chiller range.

    Domestic Heat Pumps

    Designed specifically for the UK's humid, temperate climate, domestic heat pumps extract low grade energy from air and ground sources and utilise it for high grade energy within homes. Using thermal dynamics, refrigeration and compressor technology, this energy is upgraded for use in space heating and domestic hot water circuits. Heat pumps require no annual maintenance, have low operational costs and reduce CO2 emissions. Calorex heat pumps are available in four sizes with thermal power outputs of 3.5kw, 5kw, 8kw and 12kw.

    Commercial Heat Pumps

    The Calorex heat pump range is capable of heat recovery for space cooling, heat recovery for hot water production and also hot water production by recovering energy from the air. Applications include hotels, restaurants, educational and medical facilities, where demand for air cooling and hot water is high. The AW range is available for space cooling or water heating in wall and floor mounted options and the Pro-Pac range is for hot water production.

    Dehumidifiers and Humidifiers

    A wide range of domestic and commercial dehumidifiers for use in areas such as storage of cars, materials, powders, electronics and paper and wet airspaces including sub stations, offshore platforms and sports centres. The range includes high capacity drying units and keep-dry recirculation systems. Units available are domestic portable, mobile building dryers, floor standing, wall mounted and process dryers. The Century Series 4 is a dehumidification evaporative humidifier which is capable of humidifying a house or an office space of up to 400 sq metres. Humidifiers reduce the risk of static electricity, and prevent dry eyes, dry skin and sore throats and may benefit asthma sufferers.

    Building Dryers and Electric Site Heaters

    The Porta range is a range of building dryers designed for demanding situations such as building sites and hire fleets. The Porta-Dry dehumidifiers offer a rapid drying solution and humidity control by removing moisture in a controlled and efficient manner. Ideal for use in drying wet processes such as concrete floors and plasterwork. The Porta-Cal is a portable electric fan heater which is available in a range of sizes to suit the majority of commercial heating requirements.

    Portable Air Conditioning and Air Movers

    The Calorex Porta range of air conditioners and fans have been designed to offer a high level of service for demanding environments such as construction sites and fleet hire. The Porta-Temp 4500w is a water-cooled air conditioner with fast release water lines for easy installation, the Porta-Temp 4500A is a monoblock air cooled air conditioner with exhaust ducting and the Porta-Temp 6500AHX is a water cooled air conditioner for use in extreme climatic conditions. Porta-Air is a range of lightweight axial mobile ventilation fans for a variety of air movement applications.

    Calorex has gained approval from the Microgeneration Certification Scheme and is a member of HEVAC and CIBSE. With many years experience in both the UK and European markets, Calorex has established a widely respected reputation for superior quality products. A highly knowledgeable team is available to assist clients, designing the most appropriate system for the application.

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