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  • Caroflow Drainage Products
  • Caroflow Drainage Products
  • Caroflow Drainage Products
  • Caro Flood Defence Systems
  • Caro Flood Defence Systems
  • Caro Flood Defence Systems
  • Paving Slab Support Systems
  • Paving Slab Support Systems
  • Paving Slab Support Systems
  • Maybrey Reliance
  • Maybrey Reliance
  • Maybrey Reliance

Caro Company Profile

The Caro Group of companies is a leader in the supply of drainage products and flood defence systems to the construction industry. The company is made up of four divisions, each specialising in a specific product range. Caroflow offers a comprehensive range of roof and floor drainage products, Caro Systems offers a paving slab support system between and under slabs, Maybrey Reliance is a sand and die casting foundry and Caro Flood Defence Systems offers WaterWall and WaterDoor flood protection products. Caro was established in 1985 and has become a highly respected brand within the building and construction industries.

Caro Flow

Caro Flow has a dedicated and knowledgeable team who have many years of experience in the development and manufacture of roof and floor drainage products. This level of experience has culminated in a broad selection of superior quality, engineered outlets for flat roofs, balconies and terraces which provide a boost to the issues of the safe and secure evacuation of water on and within high specification buildings. The product range includes:

Caroflow Roof Drainage Products

Caroflow roof drainage outlets create a watertight connection between waterproofing and damp proofing membranes and the drainage pipework. The outlets offer a ready-made, engineered sump which is mechanically sealed to the membranes and connected to the pipework. The wide range of products includes:

  • Traditional Spigot Roof Outlets: Vertical, 45 degree or 90 degree options which enable connection to socketed or socketless pipe systems and will seal with asphalt, felt, plastic, EPDM or other membranes.
  • Balcony Roof Outlets: Caroflow balcony spigot outlets enable the unit to be fitted against a wall/upstand and the grating. The system is available in three sizes and allows various pipework sizes to drain into the outlet from upper levels, providing drainage from the top to bottom storey.
  • Kompact Balcony Roof Outlets: This outlet is sized to enable easier, less destructive installation in new and refurbishment balcony installations.
  • Two Way Outlets: Two-way threaded roof outlets are installed at the intersection of horizontal and vertical surfaces such as balconies and parapet walls and can be used horizontally or vertically.
  • Gulley Outlets: Designed for use in narrow drainage channels, the gulley outlets are available in 75mm and 100mm spigot sizes.
  • Carolet Refurbishment Outlets: Carolet outlets create a fully watertight junction between insulated roof zones and the drainage pipework.
  • Car Park Outlets: Car park outlets can be used for two types of installation, standard and heavy duty. The heavy duty option can tolerate loads of 25 tonnes.
  • Overflow Outlets: The overflow unit is used to alleviate the dangerous build-up of water on roofs. The system seals the outlet and will only come into operation when a build-up occurs.

Caroflow Floor and Shower Drainage Products

Caroflow’s floor and shower drainage outlets are made using the very best materials which are resistant to corrosion and aesthetically pleasing. The product range includes:

  • Advantage Trapped Grating Assemblies: The Advantage grating assemblies feature a 50mm foul odour trap, ensuring that the whole unit can be fitted directly into the drainage pipe socket.
  • Untrapped and Trapped Floor Outlets: The untrapped and trapped floor outlets offer superior corrosion resistance with an attractive finish to provide a completely watertight seal. Options include untrapped vertical or horizontal floor outlets, trapped 45 degree and horizontal spigot floor outlets.
  • Traditional Shower Outlets: A range of outlets suitable for vinyl/sheet flooring or tiled finishes which provide an attractive solution to trapped drainage from high performance shower units with limited floor voids.
  • LoLine Shower Outlets: The LoLine outlet is a shallow and robust metal shower drainage outlet with an overall height of 95mm, which can be installed into sheet or tiled floor installations.

Caro Systems

Caro Systems has developed paving slab support systems which provide drainage between and underneath slabs to protect waterproofing membranes from contact damage, UV degradation and extremes in temperature. The Caro Support system halts the build-up of standing water and plant growth and is fast and easy to install. Caro Support can be interlocked when stacked and can be used for various heights of raised paving and edge and corner details can be installed by separating Caro Support into halves or quarters. The paving is loose laid and enables the replacement of damaged slabs and inspection of the waterproofing membranes. All the drainage outlets, services and manholes can be covered, leaving a totally unobstructed paved surface.

Caro Flood Defence Systems

Caro Flood Defence Systems has developed a range of flood defence products including WaterWall and WaterDoor flood barriers. The mountable and demountable barriers are made to order at Caro’s own manufacturing facility in aluminium and steel and are extremely quick and easy to use. A range of optional extras are available to complement the two flood defence systems, including powder coating RAL finishes, packers for wall rails, storage boxes, lockable fixings and covers for wall rails.

  • WaterWall: WaterWall is a flood defence barrier which can be quickly and easily installed in the event of a flood. WaterWall is suitable for residential and commercial properties and works by using two permanently fixed channels which are fitted on each side of an opening which requires protecting. Pre-installed unobtrusive ground fixtures enable the patented Twist and Lock post system to be erected. The aluminium panels can then be dropped into place and the barrier can be made up to 1200mm high in any width in excess of 1500mm.
  • WaterDoor: WaterDoor flood defence barrier is a smaller version of the WaterWall system and is an effective barrier which provides protection to domestic residential and commercial doorways. As with WaterWall, WaterDoor utilises two permanently fixed vertical channels which allow the aluminium panels to be dropped into place when required. WaterDoor can be used up to 1200mm high, for spans up to 1500mm wide.
  • Bespoke Flood Barriers: Caro Flood Defence Systems can create bespoke flood protection equipment for situations where WaterWall and WaterDoor are not suitable. The team can tailor specific requirements to provide a solution for virtually any situation.
  • Related Products: Caro also offers a range of additional products associated with flood defence which include anti-flood airbricks, airbrick covers, sealants, flood alarms, non-return valves and water-resistant wall treatments.

Maybrey Reliance

Maybrey Reliance Sand and Die Casting Foundry provides a wide range of services from casting to finished products and is a specialist in ferrous and non-ferrous sand and die castings. The company uses a range of metals which includes aluminium, steel, Ni-hard, iron, bronze, brass, silicon iron, S.G & malleable and zinc. The foundry offers a comprehensive range of services for all commercial, aerospace, military and other requirements which include:

  • Gravity die-casting
  • Sand casting in green and boxless systems
  • Shot blasting
  • Heat treatment
  • Wet and powder coating
  • Light engineering and machining
  • Tool making and pattern making.

The Caro Group is committed to the development and fabrication of a wide range of products for residential and commercial applications. The Caro brand has become a respected name with specifiers for producing exceptional products which are competitively priced. With over 25 years of industry experience, the company has the knowledge and expertise to provide a solution across a broad selection of project requirements. Each division of the Caro Group has specialists who can offer advice and guidance across the whole product range. For more detailed information please visit the company website.


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