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Causeway Technologies Company Profile

Causeway Technologies is a worldwide supplier of software which supports the complete life cycle of the built environment. The product range forms a superior end-to-end solution for reducing the costs of construction and maintenance, which in turn improves efficiency, profitability and environmental performance. The solutions range from cost planning and estimating through to the construction phase, management of facilities and support services. Causeway Technologies’ software solutions have been used in projects including Heathrow Terminal 5, the Channel Tunnel, the M6 Toll Road and Abu Dhabi International Airport.

Causeway Technologies has over 3,000 customers within the construction industry and the software manages the key processes on more than £10 billion of projects per year. The client base includes specialist subcontractors, leading construction companies, consultants and 60% of the UK’s top 100 contractors. Causeway Technologies believes the innovative use of technology can improve profitability at any point within the built environment.


Causeway’s Design and Cost Management, Financial Management, Supply Chain Management and Enterprise Content Management solutions encompass a completely comprehensive end-to-end platform specific to the requirements of the construction industry. Solutions include:

  • Professional Design: Software to assist civil engineers manage every aspect of earthworks design and quantification, development site infrastructure design and highway design.
  • Cost Management: Software designed for QS and cost management professionals for cost advice and management of the highest quality, at the highest speed and at the lowest cost.
  • Financial Management: Software solutions enabling organisations to increase process efficiency, manage costs and reduce risks.
  • Enterprise Content Management (ECM): ECM solutions enable companies to exercise complete control over information relating to projects, departments and entire organisations.
  • Supply Chain Management: A range of software and services for construction companies to maximise profit margins throughout the whole tendering process.
  • Facilities Management: Facilities management solutions automate hard and soft FM processes to increase efficiency, halt duplication and reduce costs of FM processes.
  • Building Services and Property Maintenance: The building services and property maintenance solutions include estimating, financial, service, maintenance and mobile workforce solutions for major operational and financial benefits.


Causeway Technologies solutions are backed up by a world-class suite of professional services, providing support and assistance during the implementation, training and continued use of the applications. The professional service teams have all worked within the construction sector, ensuring industry knowledge which supplements the technical nature of the business. The construction and IT professionals will offer guidance to ensure the client realises the full potential of their investment. Causeway Technologies also has a team of solution architects, project managers, consultants and developers who will work closely with the client to deliver a business solution. Key services include:

  • Product Delivery: Impact Methodology is a 5-step project which underpins the implementation of new technology into client environments. Causeway project managers will assist in identifying and managing risks throughout the project.
  • Tradex: This eTrading service transfers trading documents between supply chain partners, eliminating the need to print, handle and rekey paper trading documents.
  • Training: Standard, premium and bespoke training in all aspects of Causeway software solutions.
  • Custom Development: Causeway Technologies is happy to assist clients in making existing or industry standard software work for them.
  • Managed IT Services: Causeway Technologies is a Microsoft Gold certified partner and has obtained Microsoft Certified Small Business Solutions Provider status and Network Infrastructure competencies.


Causeway Technologies is a unique provider of solutions for the entire industry covering feasibility through to construction and facilities management. The range includes:

  • Professional Design Suite: With extremely tight timescales, civil engineers require a fast and effective solution for projects. The suite is modular and packages are available for all aspects of earthworks design and quantification, development site infrastructure design and highway design. PDS users report a time saving of 50% over traditional CAD techniques.
  • Micro Drainage: Causeway is a reseller and developer of the Micro Drainage WinDes suite of software.
  • CATO Enterprise: The CATO Enterprise Suite has been developed to support the QS professional. CATO utilises the latest technology to enable cost advice and management of the highest quality.
  • Estimating and Valuations: Causeway Estimating will help to produce fast and accurate bids for work in the construction sector; Causeway Valuations enables businesses to value works and complete and generate applications for payment with ease.
  • The Building Register: The Building Register is a free-to-access database listing over 350,000 construction industry vendors, contractors and suppliers.
  • MyRegister: MyRegister is a management system for holding vendor data.
  • Financial Management: Causeway offers a complete suite of products for managing a business and its projects; including Causeway Project Accounting; Causeway Jobmaster Accounting; Causeway's Business Intelligence.
  • Enterprise Content Management (ECM): ECM solutions enable companies to exercise complete control over information relating to projects, departments and entire organisations.
  • Causeway Scheme Management: A live, interactive LTP management system which is designed to monitor finance, manage individual schemes and work across a live wide area network.
  • Practice Management: Causeway Job Management is designed for professionals undertaking design and build projects on tight time schedules and budgets.
  • Causeway Mobile: A mobile construction software solution that automates any existing paper-based work tasks such as snagging, H&S, plant inspections, waste management, works orders, valuations, permits, time sheets, risk assessments and site inspections.
  • Vixen: A range of customised solutions for improving the management of building services and property maintenance workforces.
  • Plant Management: A system developed for contractors who own plant, need to cost plant to contracts, hire to external customers and rehires from external suppliers.
  • Scaffold and Formwork Management: A software package designed for scaffolding and formwork contractors and hire companies.
  • Telematics: This advanced vehicle tracking system for enhanced fleet management can be integrated seamlessly with Causeway Vixen and other service management applications.
  • BIMMeasure: Causeway's Building Information Modelling component adds dynamic and automated measurement to the pre-existing functionality of CADMeasure, addressing issues debated between specifiers, contractors, engineers and end users.
  • Causeway FM: This incorporates a suite of advanced integrated modules which includes: Helpdesk, Resource Booking, Visitor Management, Asset Management, Mobile FM, Property Management, Strategic Reports, Customer and Supplier Intranets, Procurement Management and Technician Diary.
  • Sustainability IQ: The system features a single platform to manage carbon emission reductions, waste, recycling and transport, making compliance with statuary schemes easy.

Causeway Technologies prides itself on being the world’s only software provider to support the complete life cycle of the built environment. By streamlining processes and improving efficiency, construction industry businesses can increase profitability whilst improving environmental performance. The experienced and dedicated team at Causeway Technologies welcomes enquiries and can provide in-depth information and advice across the whole range of products and services.


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