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  • Buff Green Sandstone Paving
  • Yorkstone Tower
  • Rockery Waterfall
  • Cedec Red with boulders
  • Cedagravel
  • Wembley
  • Temple Sett Driveway
  • Silver Grey Granite Aggregate
  • Granite Paving, Basalt Paving & Granite Cobbles
  • Buff Sandstone Plank Paving
  • Porphyry Paving & Sawn Yorkstone Paving
  • Quartz Tier Panels
  • CEDEC red footpath gravel
  • Granite setts, seating and walling
  • Scottish beach pebbles
  • Yorkstone rockery

CED Stone Company Profile

CED Stone is a leading supplier of natural stone for the landscape and construction industry.

Established over 30 years; the company's aim is to facilitate and develop the understanding and use of natural stone throughout the landscape and construction industries. CED holds a wide range of products at its five main depots, including boulders, feature stones, rockery, decorative aggregates, pebbles, cobbles, footpath gravels, paving, setts, kerbs and a selection of reclaimed materials. For major projects and for the specification market, the company supplies to order from the UK and all over the world. CED has also introduced many new products and intends to continue to do so. CED Stone offers free advice, based upon suitability of materials and availability, samples or photographs for all materials are available upon request as well as providing a matching service.

Boulders, Rockery and Feature Stones

CED sources and stocks boulders, rockery and feature stones in all shapes and sizes, for a wide variety of applications such as play schemes, borders, features, decorative, lakes and pond schemes. Select these pieces yourself, at one of the five nationwide depots, or trust the company's experienced staff to select pieces to match your specification. CED also provides a signage and sandblasting service, where a sign can be incorporated on your chosen stone. Boulders, rockery and feature stones are supplied loose or in wire cages.

Cobbles, Pebbles and Decorative Aggregates

With a large selection of cobbles, pebbles and decorative aggregates held in stock, CED will normally be able to supply just the right materials for the effect and visual look that a customer desires. However if this is not the case, staff will try their utmost to source exactly what the client is seeking. CED has cobbles, pebbles and decorative aggregates in all sizes, shapes, colours and textures; all ideal to enhance any garden design for commercial or residential use.

CEDEC® Footpath Gravels

CEDEC® is a specially graded footpath gravel that provides a firm surface ideally suited to footpaths, pedestrians or recreational areas where excessive wear would occur on grass.

CEDEC® is very porous, it packs but does not set. Rainwater will percolate downwards, so there is no need for surface water drainage systems. CEDEC® must not be laid on concrete or any other non-porous base unless a special drainage layer is incorporated into the design. CEDEC® is inert, which is necessary where pH levels are to be controlled and it is suitable to lay around trees.

CEDEC® is kept in stock, in gold silver and red, at CED's five nationwide depots and is available loose or bulk bagged.


SuperCEDEC® has been developed for areas of high usage or when adjoining hard paving. It is based on CEDEC® and comprises the same durable granite and quartzite, but with natural and organic additives to produce a firmer surface that is resistant to scuffing. SuperCEDEC® is stable, permeable and chemically inert, making it ideal for use in urban tree-pits, footpaths and seating areas. It has a natural appearance that blends in well with sensitive surroundings.


Cedagravel®, the new generation of honeycomb gravel stabilisation systems. Redesigned and improved using high quality injection moulded recycled polypropylene which is also 100% recyclable.

Cedagravel® provides an excellent low maintenance SUDS compliant surface suitable for paths, drives, car parks, caravan sites and lorry parks.

Cedagravel® has been through extensive research and development to bring you the very best gravel stabilisation system on the market. The large sheets of 2.15m x 1.14m x 40mm are fitted with a geotextile underside and have been tested to 300 tonne when filled, which makes Cedagravel® extremely tough and very quick and easy to install.


For residential, public or commercial, CED supplies a vast range of paving to meet any application. Riven paving are available in a wide variety of materials, each of which has its own unique colour and texture and some have very special technical qualities. A riven finish will provide a homely and earthy feel to gardens and landscape schemes. Careful consideration of the type of stone used will make sure that once laid, the paving will last and look good for many years. Sawn and Textured paving offers a contemporary and modern feel due to its clean cut appearance and often minimal colour variation. Plank Paving is also kept in stock throughout CED's nationwide depots. The long slender lines of the planks will create a lengthening or widening effect to the area of use.


CED keep numerous styles of natural stone setts in stock. Riven Setts have a natural variation in colour and will provide a homely and authentic feel. Cropped Setts or "cobbles" as they are sometimes referred to, have been around since Roman times. Almost indestructible, these setts can be purely functional as a hard wearing-course for roads and pathways however by utilising the range of colours and sizes available; they're now also used for aesthetic reasons as well, providing attractive and varied textures. Porphyry Setts provide a wonderful ability to mask dirt and stains and visually, the ability to site happily alongside new and old materials alike. A rich, yet gentle mix of purple, warm grey and orange tones make up this wonderful variation in colour. Imperial Setts have a sawn and textured top surface with split or sawn sides and are held in stock in granite and in two sizes. Temple Setts start with cropped sides, a sawn bottom and a sawn and textured top, they are then tumbled to achieve smooth and softer edges. Their general appearance is remarkably similar to that of old granite setts. When compared with reclaimed material, the beauty of Temple Setts is their standard dimensions that make laying far easier and their flat surface makes them suitable for disabled access areas.


Walling adds character and distinctive dimensions, such as seating areas and raised planters. CED hold many walling products across their five nationwide depots. Quartz Paddlestones, Tumbled Sandstone Walling, Knapped Flints and Tier Panels. Tier is ideal for both traditional and modern designs due to the wide range of colours and textures available. Suitable applications include internal and external walls and on commercial or residential projects, making this product versatile enough to suit builders, architects and home owners.

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