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Central Piling Company Profile

Central Piling

Established in 1983, Central Piling specialises in a range of piling techniques and foundation construction. The Essex-based ground engineering contractor operates in the South of England and is able to service most piling and retaining wall requirements.

Construction Techniques available from Central Piling are:

Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) Piling:

This process involves the insertion of concrete into the augur’s hollow stem, with the spoil removed in one motion upon the drill’s withdrawal. Steel reinforcement is then submerged into the high slump concrete, requiring no drilling fluids or casings. CFA piling is usually installed in sands, gravels and low grade rock. Central Piling operates 30T to 45T rigs, with a pile size range of 300mm to 900mm and maximum depth of 26m.

Rotary Piling

Used in stable soils and rocks, a pile bore is created, followed by the removal of soil. Reinforcement cases, steel sections or permanent casings are then installed, before adding the concrete. When rotary piling, the company uses 2.5T to 40T rotary rigs with piles ranging from 250mm to 1000mm.

Driven Piling

This method is suited for locations with soft and alluvial soils on top of dense sands and gravels. The process involves dropping a hammer weight on a pre-formed pile, followed by the insertion of reinforcement and concrete into the casing. Central Piling operates 2.5T cranes mounted with rotary rigs when using the driven piling technique.

Central Piling also offer Mini Piling; a similar technique ideal for home extensions, basement construction and restricted access sites.

Retaining Walls

This process ensures that all ground movements are controlled whilst providing additional temporary and permanent support to basement excavations. Retaining Walls can be formed using two different methods:

  • Contiguous involves piling separated by 100mm-200mm wide gaps. This is more economical and installed with either CFA or Rotary construction technique, retaining heights of up to 5m, with a 300mm-1200mm diameter.
  • Secant involves the instalment of overlapping reinforced male and female piles, with low strength gain concrete. Secant can be retained up to 8m, with greater depths possible upon evaluation of site conditions.

Other products available from Central Piling can be found on the website, including: piling platform installation and maintenance, ground beam and slab construction, spoil removal and pile trimming.


Attendances and platforms

Every site construction site involving piling work requires a stable working surface and Central Piling can design and supply the platform, included in the contract, with a platform maintenance service whilst the company is still onsite.

Ancillary Services

Central Piling can coordinate Independent Tests for pile. These involve: load testing to identify the pile’s maximum capacity, integrity testing to identify any anomalies of structural significance within the pile and cube testing to confirm the concrete’s strength.

The company also has a team of designers and engineers who can assist with planning, providing foundation alternatives, site investigation and budget estimates before a job is begun. Central Piling’s construction managers will also give guidance on Health and Safety policies for that specific site. Details of standard health and safety restrictions and policies can be found on the company’s website.

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