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  • CGL Rainscreen System - Walpole House
  • CGL Rainscreen System
  • CGL Rainscreen System
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CGL Facades Company Profile

CGL Facades is the leading company specialising in the design and manufacture of metal façade wall cladding systems and rainwater management systems. The company is based in East Kilbride, Glasgow and supplies to the construction industry throughout the UK and Ireland for installation onto commercial and industrial buildings. CGL’s wide ranges of products conform to British Standards and the requirements of The Centre for Window and Cladding Technology.

The extensive range of products is backed up by a qualified and experienced team who can provide design guidance to suit any building requirements, product specifications in AutoCAD and PDF formats and interface advice with other building components.


CGL works closely with the client to ensure complete satisfaction and has close links with numerous roofing and cladding contractors throughout the UK and Ireland. The team can also provide full training in the installation of metal façades and rainwater management systems. A list of nationally located installers and contractors can be provided.


CGL Facades products are predominantly designed to protect buildings from the damaging effects of the weather including wind, rain, snow, dust and solar damage whilst also maintaining and improving aesthetic detail. CGL utilises modern, state-of-the-art CAD CAM operation within the fabrication facility and is capable of providing design in the elements of structural performance of façade, gutter and cappings products, hydraulic design for drainage products, thermal performance of structural backing walls, condensation and corrosion risk analysis and construction interfaces.

The product range includes:

CGL Rainscreen System

The rainscreen system designed by CGL is a fully drained, ventilated and pressure equalised façade which creates an external aesthetic look of a multi-layer wall. The system allows for perfect alignment of the façade panels and joint lines by using a unique CS3 support grid which has 3-axis adjustability. The system allows for air movement around each panel, minimising water penetration to the inner wall and gives optimum protection to the structural backing wall against water, wind and solar damage. The façade panels are available in a wide range of options including aluminium alloys, stainless steel, copper, zinc, brass, bronze and corten steel. There is an extensive portfolio of finishes which include: anodised, polyester painted, polished, perforated and pre-weathered. A complete range of paint colours are available and bespoke/special orders can be placed. Key system features include exceptional longevity, superior panel flatness, modular shadow joints, simple or zero maintenance requirements and varied finish, pattern and colour options.

Traypanel System

The Traypanel system is a fully drained and ventilated façade which is supported by the CS1 extruded aluminium grid to provide a range of zone widths and excellent adjustability. The system allows for air movement at the top and bottom of the elevation and protects the structural backing wall against the elements. Traypanel is available in aluminium, post-painted/anodised, aluminium composite, zinc, copper and stainless steel. A comprehensive range of finishes, patterns and colour options are available.

Wallplank System

Wallplank is a fully drained and ventilated façade supported by the CS1 extruded aluminium grid. This system replicates a boarded or ribbon effect by the use of long, slim panels which can be installed in any direction. The panels are light gauge 1.0 or 1.2mm thick and roll-formed to give tight tolerance in dimensions and can be made of coil coated aluminium, pre-weathered zinc, pre-patinated copper and other copper finishes.

Profiled Plank System

The Profiled Plank system is a fully drained and ventilated façade which is supported by the CS1 extruded aluminium grid. This system has been developed following the success of the Wallplank system in a strip effect, but provides for a sloping face which creates a feeling of depth to the cladding. This type of cladding utilises thin metals and is an economical, yet highly effective solution available in pre-painted aluminium, post-painted aluminium, pre-weathered zinc and pre-patinated copper and copper alloys.

Extruclad System

Extruclad is a technologically advanced and innovative architectural solution for ventilated facades using 2mm aluminium extrusions. CGL offers a range of five Extruclad profile systems in a range of different shapes to satisfy the aesthetic demands of the client. Extruclad is capable of withstanding the rigors of wind, thermal expansion and corrosion caused by atmospheric pollution in various environments. Extruclad finishes are completed with polymerised powder coating in accordance with Qualicoat International Standards and is available in 250 colours.

High Pressure Laminati System (HPL)

The HPL system uses 8mm thick boards as standard, but is available up to 12mm thick which are manufactured using layers of cellulose fibres impregnated with thermosetting phenolic resins with surface layers of decorative paper bonded together by high pressure to provide protection against severe weather conditions. HPL is available in many finish options including solid colours, silvers, metal, wood and concrete. This material is extremely strong, is corrosive resistant, anti-static, fire resistant and easy to maintain.


Shingles cladding is known as fully-supported cladding as it is manufactured from thin gauge metals and therefore has no inherent spanning capability. This traditional style of cladding has been growing in popularity over the last few years and is available in metal gauges ranging from 0.5mm to 1.2mm. Shingles cladding is available in stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminium and zinc.

Totalwall System

Totalwall is a proprietary structural backing wall which creates the inner leaf of the multi-layer wall and characterises the ventilated façade concept. The system is designed in conjunction with the external metal façade element. Manufactured from lightweight metal, Totalwall has been fully tested with CGL’s metal facades and is compliant with current regulations in structural, thermal, acoustic and fire performance and airtightness.

Capping System

The capping system is manufactured from aluminium 1.6mm-3.0mm and is simple and quick to install. The system has waterproof joints and materials which are corrosion-free and lightweight.


RainPulse pressure assisted rainwater management system is made up of three main components; the gutter, the outlet and the downpipes. The system uses the benefits of gravity drainage in a straight drop pipe manner and syphonic drainage for full bore use of the pipes and is the most reliable and efficient way of taking water from a roof to ground drainage. The system requires fewer downpipes and the outlets act independently to ensure optimum efficiency.

Gutter Systems

CGL is a leading company specialising in the design and manufacture of industrial and commercial secret/internal gutter systems. The membrane-lined gutter system incorporates a proven leak-free system, in-house structural, thermal and hydraulic design for architects and contractors, standard and thermally broken options, lined with Sarnafil membrane 1.2mm thick, alternate U-values available, can be used as a walkway without being damaged and an anticipated life expectancy of over 35 years.

CGL Facades prides itself on offering a comprehensive range of tried and tested façade and rainwater management systems for commercial and industrial buildings. The company is committed to providing a wide range of in-house services to ensure the most appropriate product to suit every individual application. The company welcomes enquiries and is available to offer advice and information across the whole product range.

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