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  • Flood Ark door boards
  • FloodArk
  • FLOODTITE Door Panel
  • Sorbarix water absorbent cushions
  • Smart Airbrick
  • Submersible Water Drainage Pump
  • FLOODTITE Toilet ‘Panseal’

Circular Energy Company Profile

Based in Buckingham, Circular Energy is a family run business specialising in the provision of energy conservation and flood defence products to commercial and domestic clients throughout the UK.

With the environment being such an important factor in today's society, Circular Energy has a range of products that are energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Products include flood gates and panels, pumps and drain blockers, sandbag alternatives, solar panels, chargers, gadgets and lights.

Flood Defences

  • Flood Gates and Panels

The weakest part of any property is an external doorway. Circular Energy has a range of floodgates and panels that fit almost every style of doorway. Flood gates are available from Floodgate and Flood Ark in various heights and widths for a fast and effective way of protecting a property from flooding.

  • Sandbag Alternatives

A fast and easy to use alternative to sandbags is Sorbarix absorbent cushions and Aqua-Sacs. The bags contain a powder that turns to gel when put in contact with water, providing a safe and reliable solution for flood protection. The bags can be stacked together to provide a large secure flood defence.

  • One-Way Valves and Drain Blockers

A range of products designed to stop sewage from sanitary sewer lines backing up into a property during flood times. One-way valves are installed into the main drain allowing natural flow during normal conditions and when backflow occurs, a flap will close the sewer off securely. Products include an inflatable sewage pipe blocker, Floodtite toilet panseal, air pump and non-return valve.

  • Pumps

A range of Karcher pumps for fast and easy removal of flood water from a property.

Solar Energy

  • Solar Panels

Solar powered photovoltaic (PV) panels for charging batteries. Available in 1.5w and 2.4w designed to trickle charge 12v lead acid batteries. These are perfect for use with cars that are left standing for long periods and maintaining batteries in boats and caravans.

  • Solar Garden Lights

A comprehensive range of garden lighting powered by solar energy, including spot lights, lanterns, rock lights, ornamental lights, colour changing lights and lamp packs.

  • Solar Bags

A range of innovative solar charging bags that have been designed to charge everyday items such as cameras, mobile phones, iPods, MP3 players, Nintendo DS and rechargeable batteries.

  • Other Solar Products

Circular Energy has many solar products available and includes; watches, gadgets, chargers, toys and accessories. The range is available to view on the website.

Energy Conserving Products

Circular Energy has a range of energy saving, environmentally friendly torches and lanterns that are ideal for use when camping, walking or in a shed or garage. Products available include the Cyba-lite generator torch, the Cyba-lite mini wind-up camping lantern and the Cyba-lite wind-up camping lantern.

Circular Energy prides itself on offering a range of high quality, energy saving and environmentally friendly products. Products are available through the company website and delivery of in-stock items is within five working days. Visits to try out any products are welcomed by appointment at the company office in Buckingham.

For more in-depth information please contact Circular Energy by using the buttons above or visit the company website.


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