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  • Toilet Block
  • Toilet Block
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  • Vandal Resistant Bird Hide
  • Vandal Resistant Bird Hide
  • Vandal Resistant Bird Hide
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  • Youth Unit
  • Youth Unit
  • Youth Unit

Cleveland Sitesafe Company Profile

The name Cleveland Sitesafe is synonymous with high quality and a comprehensive range of all-steel security and vandal resistant products. The company has been manufacturing in the UK since 1988 and its products range from small steel transit boxes, designed for transit of flammables and chemicals, through to large modular steel buildings used for garaging of equipment or as canteens, offices and changing or toilet areas.


Modular and Portable Buildings

Cleveland Sitesafe’s modular and portable buildings offer many benefits over conventional buildings, including greater speed and predictability of construction; reduced environmental impact; minimal disruption to customer’s operations and the local community; a quicker return on investment or provision of service to the community; easy extension of the building and the ability to relocate it in the future.

  • Apex modular garages and buildings

Both highly secure and vandal resistant and the garages are ideal for use as workshops or stores for groundsmen's equipment, sports equipment or materials. The buildings come in a range of different claddings and roof types and are fitted with Sitesafe secure out door and window shutters, making them ideal for the leisure and public amenity sectors.

  • Sitecabs

These are made to order, so can be in any practical combination of height and width. They offer a very high level of security with an outer shell of 3mm steel plate; outer steel Sitesafe doors and window shutters; anti-jemmy-bars and robust locking bars. Sitecabs are also available with apex roof and rendered or clad sides to look more pleasing for use in public areas.

  • Housing units

For the safe housing of pumps, generators, compressors, switch gear, tanks, treatment plants and more. Manufactured in 3mm steel and built to order in any size.

Hazardous Substance Stores

A wide range of products including small scale storage units, fully compliant with all flammable and chemical storage regulations; units for hazardous substances stored in drums; units for interior and exterior chemical storage; high security fuel storage units and bowsers; transit boxes for the safe movement of chemicals, flammables and spraying equipment; and custom-made, heavy-duty gas bottle cages.

Equipment Stores

A wide range of secure cabinets, including those for storing tools or play equipment in unmanned sites, available in flat, apex or mono-pitched roof options and a variety of external finishes. Also cabinets and boxes for secure weatherproof storage on lorries and smaller trucks; toolboxes for mobile or on-site storage of hand and small power tools and workbenches for site or workshop.

Oversize Storage Link Units

These are large volume storage containers manufacture from 3mm steel, twice the thickness of standard shipping containers. A significant difference in plant storage.

Furniture and External Structures

Architectural structures, bridges, gates, picnic tables and street furniture. All with the added strength, durability and vandal resistant properties of steel. Gates and picnic tables come ready painted.


Highly secure weatherproof protection for motorbikes or quad bikes. With seven-lever deadlock, anti-jemmy strips on lid and door, ramped access, lid aided by a gas strut and space for clothing storage.

Other Products

High capacity portable steel bunkers; heavy duty steel gantries for access to skips; portable steel retaining walls.

Cleveland Sitesafe also offers a bespoke design service for a wide range of products made primarily of 3mm mild steel construction. Layout and size can be very flexible, thanks to the modular system, and there is a choice of cladding and finishes. Working to a customer’s drawings, the design team will provide a written specification and costing. Interior linings and fittings can be either specified by Cleveland Sitesafe or the client.

Cleveland Sitesafe prides itself on being able to provide solutions to customers’ many operational concerns. It has many years’ experience in providing secure, vandal resistant, practical and affordable buildings and the secure storage of tools, fuel, plant and equipment. All products are made to comply with codes of practice and regulations for storage of chemicals and flammable substances.

Clients come from a wide range of sectors including golf and football clubs, Local Authority parks and education departments, landscape contractors, utility companies, architects, forestry contractors, pest control companies, waste and recycling companies, leisure and hotels and include many large national and international companies.

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