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Clipso Company Profile

CLIPSO is a leading manufacturer of extra wide eco-friendly stretch fabrics for ceilings and walls. The PVC-free coverings are available in widths up to 5.10 metres, giving architects, builders and designers the opportunity to create stunning projects without unsightly joins, seams or welds.

The polyurethane coated polyester mesh is simple to cold install with no mess or odours and wraps easily around building fixtures. The technologically advanced fabric resists dirt and bacteria, will not tear when stretched and carries a 10-year factory warranty. Coverings can be backlit and the fabric blends in discreetly with light fixtures and appliances such as air conditioning. A full range of high technology trim in aluminium, ABS and PVC can be adapted for all applications.

The innovative coverings can be digitally printed with company logos or any custom image and Clipso has its own design department offering turnkey and bespoke solutions.

With the ability to contour the coverings into complex shapes, CLIPSO offers unlimited creative possibilities for commercial or domestic projects. Whether for new build or a renovation, a traditional setting or bold contemporary environment, the only limit is the imagination of the building professional.

CLIPSO has a Study and Design department to work with architects on the feasibility of complex projects.

As well as stretch ceilings, CLIPSO performance fabrics can be used to create acoustic panels, partitions, light boxes and all sorts of decorative elements such as blinds. They lend themselves perfectly to dressing up exhibition stands or signs and creating architectural shapes.

The coverings come in ranges to suit all building projects:

  • Standard: A timeless decor product with colours for all interiors. Suitable for new build or renovation.
  • Acoustic: Fabric bonded with acoustic insulation is a great way to reduce echoes and provide comfort for conversation and music. CLIPSO's acoustic coverings can absorb noise to 90% and are ideal for large spaces such as cinemas, halls, restaurants and swimming pools.
  • Coloured: With 25 colours ranging from calm pastels to bold, intense shades, CLIPSO's coverings can be used to achieve all decorative inspirations.
  • Sparkly: In eight choices from a subtle crystal white to a dramatic diamond black, it is easy to achieve fashionable looks.
  • Translucent: Create a warm atmosphere by using translucent coverings with backlighting or projection. Seven colour choices.
  • Specific: For hygiene sensitive areas or humid spaces, CLIPSO has developed three coverings to tackle specific problems. All in optical white, the versions have specifications to make them anti-bacterial, dirt and stain resistant or water repellent.

All CLIPSO coverings can be delivered on a 50m roll or cut to measure. With the exception of Specific coverings, they can be printed with images or logos. Because installation is quick and dust free and with no unpleasant chemicals, there is minimal disruption to business or home life.

Respect for the environment is important to CLIPSO. All the company’s coverings are certified OEKO-TEXl (Confidence in textiles – eco-friendly label); PVC-free and phthalate-free and contain no cancer-causing substances or volatile organic compounds. The manufacturing process has been improved to use the minimal amount of energy and no heat or electrical tools are required during the installation.

CLIPSO products are marked with the CE norm certifying compliance with safety standards. The company is ISO 9001 certified attesting to the quality of its products.

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