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Combat HVAC Company Profile

Combat HVAC is an internationally respected manufacturer of energy efficient HVAC solutions. The extensive range of radiant and warm air heaters offered includes systems suitable for numerous applications, covering factory and workshop facilities, retail, agricultural buildings, airports and military installations, institutional premises and the leisure sector such as restaurants and sports arenas.

The company’s factory in the West Midlands of the United Kingdom produces some of the best known brands under the trade names COMBAT®, CORAYVAC® and BLACKHEAT®. All associated controls and accessories are supplied for a complete HVAC solution. Roberts-Gordon products are available through a worldwide network of knowledgeable, independent distributors or contractors.

A state-of-the art engineering and research facility means Roberts-Gordon is able to continually develop and innovate. As well as designing products that respond to changing needs and using the latest equipment and processes, Combat HVAC is committed to the highest levels of customer service. Knowledgeable staff able to advise on best products for specific environments, for example heating systems that can be positioned high to cope with manufacturing environments where cranes operate, aesthetically pleasing solutions for buildings such as museums with high visual standards, and radiant heaters that act as heat reservoirs to reduce the amount of heat loss when large warehouse or hangar doors are opened.


Radiant heaters

Radiant heaters, that gently warm objects rather than the air around them, offer quiet operation and draught-free heat with energy efficiency savings. Combat HVAC manufactures radiant heating equipment that has proven success in many fields including auto dealerships and body repair shops, greenhouses, poultry houses, factories and sports facilities across the world. Infrared heating equipment from Roberts-Gordon is available in a variety of inputs, tube lengths and designs to fit all sorts of floor plans and different budgets.

High efficiency custom infra red heating systems are available in natural gas or LPG to meet a variety of applications. Unitary heaters are also produced.

Ranges include:

  • CORAYVAC High Efficiency Infrared Heating System

This radiant tube system uses vacuum operated burners and deep dish aluminium reflectors with end caps to maximise fuel savings and user comfort. Models are available with inputs of 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 kW and the system can provide a vast number of design options.

For modulating CORAYVAC® radiant heating systems, Combat HVAC offers a one-pump system combining a ROBERTS GORDON® VFD assembly and NRG Control.

  • CORAYVAC Modulating Heater

This heater provides increased fuel efficiency by being able to modulate from 100% to 60% of operating capacity, based on temperature sensor readings. Fuel and combustion air are adjusted for optimum combustion. Energy saving benefits are increased by using a ROBERTS GORDON® VFD assembly and NRG Control.

  • BLACKHEAT HE Low-Intensity Unitary Radiant Heaters

For use with natural or LPG gas, these heaters are particularly suited to outdoor commercial applications such as eating areas and vehicle wash stations. The moisture resistant burner and aluminised tubing in various lengths makes for an extremely durable, versatile heater.

Vacuum Pumps

Combat HVAC vacuum pumps in four sizes are available for CORAYVAC® and BLACKHEAT® gas-fired radiant heating systems to draw the heat through the entire system and vent the exhaust products to the outside. Up to twelve heaters can be common vented with one vacuum pump.

  • BLACKHEAT Low Intensity Negative Pressure Radiant Heaters

With a wide range of burner inputs and tube lengths, these radiant heaters are available in unitary or multiburner configurations and U-tube or linear models. With outputs ranging from 25kw to 70kw, they provide even heat distribution and are ideal for facilities ranging from factories to vehicle service centres. Available in natural gas or propane gas, the burner is equipped with a fully automatic, three-try, direct spark ignition module.

Air Handling Units

Properly designed and installed make-up air units offer improved indoor air quality and ventilation. Direct-fired air handlers deliver 100% of the heat generated into the building, for optimum energy savings.

Products offered by Combat HVAC include:

COMBAT® Warm Air Unit Heaters

Compact Tubular Unit Heaters

COMBAT® compact warm air unit heaters are a range of gas-fired, tubular unit heaters specially designed for small, hard to heat areas where space is at premium. The product line, which is over 91.5% net efficient, comprises 4 models with heat outputs of 11, 15, 22, 27 and 32 kW. These heaters are well suited for commercial and industrial applications.

Standard Unit Heaters

Over 91.5% net efficient, COMBAT® CTU warm air unit heaters are a range of gas-fired tubular unit heaters comprising ten models. With heat outputs ranging from 22 kW to 115 kW, these heaters are well suited for commercial and industrial applications.

COMBAT® CTU Tubular Unit Heaters are easy to install, maintain and operate with a wide range of options. Available in room sealed or open flued installation, the heaters have automatic ignition burners for ON/OFF operation only. Lockout indicator lights help make troubleshooting easier.

Warm Air Products

Combat HVAC offers a wide choice of easy-to-install and operate warm air products in numerous sizes for industrial, commercial and retail settings. They include COMBAT® compact tubular unit heaters for smaller, hard-to-heat areas and ten models of standard COMBAT® tubular unit heaters with heat outputs ranging from 22 kW to 115 kW.

Cabinet heaters

COMBAT® cabinet heaters are ideal for agricultural and industrial applications, being available as natural gas, LPG or oil fired. Design flexibility is offered with floor-standing or horizontal mounting and a large choice of heat output. This heater now features the "burner with the brain" from ECOFLAM, which hosts a full diagnostic control box that allows improvement of interfacing with the service personnel, with the option of including a simple plug in reader, that provides real time information and in easy to read pictograms, and with the lowest recorded NOx values, class three on a gas fired cabinet heater this was branded the "heater with the heart" because of the reduction on the environmental impact. This heater also includes a high efficiency fan ventilation system (HPV) across the entire range of cabinet heaters, achieving 50%+ better fan performance than older technology that is being used within the commercial heating industry.


By keeping warmth at working level and reducing heat loss through the roof, COMBAT® fans help energy saving. They are available to suit many applications and are easy to operate with automatic or manual speed controls.

For information on Roberts-Gordon products is available on the website, from where installation, operation and service manuals can also be downloaded.


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