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  • Water Based Epoxy Resin Coating
  • Congrip - Heavy Duty Non-Slip Floor Coating
  • High Friction Resin Surfacing System
  • Anti-skid Decorative Resin Surfacing
  • Epoxy Resin Floor Coating
  • HD Textured Floor Topping
  • High Build Epoxy Resin Coating
  • Flexible Base Coating
  • HD Epoxy Floor Screed
  • Decktect PU Base Coat
  • Concrete Hardener/Dustproofer
  • Heavy Duty Polyurethane Screed
  • Truegrip BT Anti-Skid
  • Epoxy Line Marking
  • Levelay HD
  • Resiliant Surfacing for Safe Play
  • Resiliant Surfacing for Safe Play
  • Patchfast - Concrete Repair Mortar

Conren Company Profile

Conren was founded in 1971 and is a leading manufacturer and installer of resin coatings, screeds, anti-slip systems, waterproofing compounds, safety play surfacing and high friction anti-skid surfaces for roads.

The company provides services to a wide range of market sectors including aviation, transport, car parks, commercial and public sector, education, food and beverage, automotive, manufacturing, industrial, hotels, leisure, highways and pharmaceutical.

Conren has many years of industry experience manufacturing resin systems and has a laboratory and research facility operated by highly skilled technicians. By manufacturing all of their own products they have a highly developed understanding of their performance. This technical knowledge, backed by practical experience provides Conren’s clients with a comprehensive service.


For a full installation service Conren’s in house Contracting Department can provide free site surveys, advise on moisture levels in new concrete and offer repair recommendations for existing concrete. Their contracting teams are all qualified to NVQ Level 2 in Insitu Resin Flooring and in addition hold CSCS cards for Main Contractor’ projects.

Conren’s Export Division supports a global network of agents and distributors in over 30 countries and exports products around the world directly from the Derbyshire manufacturing facility.

The company also provides an efficient filling and finishing facility for customers that are seeking an own label or partnering service.


You will find a Conren surfacing solution for just about every environment, both indoors and out, and whatever your industry sector. The product range includes:

Coatings and Screeds

Many of the coatings are suitable for application on floors and walls and screeds provide extra protection for floor surfaces in almost all environments, these include:

  • Aquasol water based epoxy resin for plant rooms and food preparation areas
  • Congrip heavy duty non-slip floor coating for pedestrian and forklift traffic areas
  • Dustguard epoxy resin coating for workshops, factories and aircraft hangers
  • Enamelcoat high build epoxy resin coating which is chemical resistant and suitable for any industry
  • Flexijoint movement joint sealant for filling and improving the wear on arris edges
  • Lapidolith concrete hardener/dustproofer for the protection of concrete and terrazzo floors
  • Linepaint high visibility epoxy line marking for defining walkways, aisles and hazardous areas

Decorative Screeds

Decorative screeds are specified for areas where aesthetics are as important as floor protection and safety. A wide choice of colours is available within these ranges. Products include:

  • Decorscreed a decorative industrial floor screed that features a blend of quartz aggregate
  • Levelay HD a self-smoothing epoxy flooring system that is totally impervious and can provide an anti-static finish if required
  • Levelay HDT a heavy duty textured floor topping suitable for pedestrian and vehicle traffic in industrial and commercial settings

Cementitious Screeds and Repairs

Cementitious screeds and repair products include:

  • Floorplate industrial shake-on flooring, a dry surface dressing for new-build construction
  • FS Screed heavy duty epoxy floor screed is stronger than concrete and is suitable for reinstatements and repairs on industrial and civil engineering projects
  • Patchfast concrete repair mortar is supplied in kit form for fast repairs to concrete and for forming coves and repairing arris edges
  • Tufcon 80 / Tufcon 80 pumped screed is a heavy duty polymer reinforced screed that offers resistance to abrasion, heavy traffic and high point loads

Waterproofing and DPM

The waterproofing and DPM range provides effective solutions for a wide range of applications. Products include:

  • Rooftex high performance liquid waterproofing system that cures to form a waterproof membrane for roofs, balconies, wet areas and structural waterproofing
  • WD Aquatect moisture suppressant primer is a fast track solution for installing resin coatings and screeds
  • WD Bonder epoxy resin bonding membrane bonds new materials to existing surfaces to provide a waterproof membrane beneath section floor screeds

Car Park Systems

Car parks can easily become slippery and dangerous to both pedestrians and vehicles, Conren has developed a range of solutions to combat such problems, these include:

  • Congrip heavy duty non-slip floor coating for pedestrian and vehicular traffic
  • Decktect flexible car park system is a waterproofing system for top decks of car parks and can accommodate normal substrate movement in heavy trafficked areas
  • Truegrip TCD epoxy resin is a coloured anti-skid surface for cycle tracks, car parks, walkways and footbridges

Playon Safety Play Surfaces

Playon provides a soft surface for play areas, reducing the risk of serious injury and safeguards owners and operators against accident claims. Conren Playon can be laid in a wide variety of pattern and colour options to make a safe, appealing and attractive external play area.

Road and External Applications

For road and external applications, Conren has developed a range of solutions, these include:

  • Highseal F1 elastomeric fuel resistant joint sealant for concrete pavements on runways, petrol stations and fuel depots
  • Truegrip BT BBA HAPPAS Type 1 high friction anti-skid resin is used at critical points on highways such as junctions, round-abouts and pedestrian crossings
  • Truegrip BN high friction resin surfacing system for direct application to asphalt surfaces
  • Truegrip TCD epoxy resin is a coloured anti-skid surface for cycle tracks, car parks, walkways and footbridges

Conren prides itself on offering clients a wide and varied range of products for a vast array of industry sectors. The company has established a highly respected reputation that is built on product quality and customer service. The friendly and experienced team welcomes enquiries regardless of the size and complexity of a project and has the expertise to make any surfacing project a success.

For further information please contact Conren Limited using the buttons above or visit the company website.


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