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Custom Audio Designs Company Profile

Custom Audio Designs is based in Petersfield, Hampshire and specialises in the provision of superior quality, effective noise control solutions for domestic, commercial and industrial applications and a range of acoustic consultancy services. The company was established over 20 years ago and was the first business to specifically satisfy the technical requirements of residential projects and provide worldwide access to its technical resources.

Nowadays, Custom Audio Designs is an independent acoustics and noise specialist which provides a range of services including acoustic testing, acoustic design-stage and remedial consultancy. The Hampshire-based team has the experience and knowledge to provide a wide range of solutions for numerous acoustic challenges for architects, engineers, builders and interior specialists.

Custom Audio Designs has a worldwide client base which includes Blue Chip companies, public sector organisations, leading architectural practices, the music, film and television industries, international motor racing, education, leisure and private individuals.

Acoustic Consultancy Services

Custom Audio Designs offers a comprehensive range of acoustic consultancy services including:

  • Acoustic Camera: A facility where the team can pin-point acoustic weak spots in buildings, equipment, machinery and much more
  • Measuring Vehicle Exhaust Noise for Track Racing Days: Measurements of exhaust noise emissions to relevant standards using Professionally Calibrated Class 1 Test Equipment
  • Sound Insulation Testing: The pre-completion sound insulation testing of dwellings and flats to demonstrate compliance with Approved Document E
  • Planning and Noise: On-site and background surveys. BS 4142 assessments and BS 8233 noise control
  • Noise at Work Assessments: A service which can monitor workplace noise and assist with workplace noise risk assessments
  • Construction Noise: A service that assists contractors and developers with baseline noise surveys prior to works and on-site compliance monitoring, once works have commenced
  • Expert Witness Service: An acoustic specialist can be provided to appear as an Expert Witness for a range of legal cases where noise is a key issue.



Tecsound Metal Deck Acoustic Roofing Systems (part code A140)

A high density, visco-elastic polymer mass layer which, when combined with rock fibre or PIR insulation, provides a cost effective, high performance acoustic solution for flat roofing and built-up metal roofing systems such as standing seam. Supplied in roll form for fewer joints, it is easy to cut on site and remains flexible even down to minus 20°C. Made from 68% recycled material fillers, this product is 100% recyclable. With Class 0 fire rating, it is an ideal solution for cinemas, airports, concert halls, stadiums, retail and leisure developments requiring high levels of acoustic performance

Roofs, Walls and Ceilings

2FTex PLUS High Performance Super Quilt (part code A191)

Comprising bitumen based acoustic membrane bonded both sides with a 16mm layer of porous acoustic felt, this soundproofing composite offers excellent acoustic insulation and is specially recommended between block or partition cavity walls, or for reducing rain noise in loft conversions and in flat roofs. A non-irritant product that is easy to handle and overlap, the quilt is rot-proof and heat-resistant with excellent ageing resistance. A higher performance alternative to acoustic mineral wool.

Floors, Walls and Ceilings

Tecsound High Performance Acoustic Membrane range

T35, T50, TSY50, SY50ALU AND T100 are polymer-based, asphalt-free, high density synthetic soundproofing membranes that offer good acoustic insulation in different building elements. These membranes have exceptionally high visco-elasticity as well as being extremely flexible even in cold temperatures. 100% recyclable and made from 68% recycled material fillers. Supplied in roll form in a choice of thicknesses, these membranes are easy to use, cut and trim. Self-adhesive/foil faced versions are available.

VL-65 High Performance Acoustic Membrane (part code A121)

A polymeric visco-elastic high density acoustic 6kg membrane that is extremely effective at helping to reduce airborne noise in walls, floors, ceilings, and over frameworks, on metal panels and metal deck roofs. Highly flexible, it is adaptable to uneven surfaces, easy to trim and suitable for domestic and commercial use.

Intumescent Expansion Joint Sealant (Pyrojoint) (part codes FR100–FR290)

Offering up to 4 hours fire resistance, this is an excellent product to prevent the spread of fire and smoke through fire resisting and separating elements where expansion gaps are required. Meeting BS476: Part 20 and PR EN1336-4. Weatherproof and water resistant, it suits internal and external applications and is cost effective to install.

Acoustic Mineral Wool (part codes R100–R250)

This fire-safe product is particularly useful as a sound absorbing infill in partition walls, between flooring joists and suspended ceilings. AMW consists mainly of silicon-oxide together with a number of other metallic oxides and is adaptable to uneven surfaces. Robust Detail E-WT-1, E-WT-2, E-WS-1, E-WS-2 and E-WS-3 compliant material. Easy to install and low cost way to reduce airborne noise through walls and floors.

Neoprene Isolation Tape and PVC Nitrile Tape

Self-adhesive Neoprene/EPDM foam rubber strips (part codes NE100–NE350) are used for sealing, damping and cushioning. Ideal for isolating stud frames from contact with surrounding structures as well as glass, frames etc. Neoprene/EPDM is resistant to most caustic chemicals and resists moisture and UV radiation.

Fire Rated Class 0 PVC Nitrile Tapes

(part codes NT100–NT250): A self-adhesive Class 0 PVC Nitrile tape for sealing expansion gaps in floors and ceilings as well as having superior oil and solvent resistant properties. CFC and HFC-free. Can be recycled.

Walls and Ceilings

Resilient Bars (Part code A270)

These lightweight metal channels are easy to cut and install and offer greatly improved sound insulation of plasterboard walls and ceilings, as well as concrete.

Acoustic Plasterboard (part codes A432–A436)

Complying with BS EN520, Type A and D, this high mass board blocks and absorbs sound energy and gives enhanced acoustic performance to lightweight and single skin walls and ceilings. Suitable for timber and metal studding, it is a low cost solution where sound reduction is of particular importance.

Plasterboard Drywall screws

Self tapping screws in five lengths, for fixing resilient bars to frames/joists and for fixing plasterboard into resilient bars etc.


CAD20-WP Recycled Rubber Acoustic Wall Panels (part code A370)

Made from 100% recycled materials, this panel insulation is specifically designed to absorb and reduce airborne noise through party walls. It is extremely effective when applied to single skin walls such as brick, block, or studwork and minimises loss of room space.

Masonry Isolation Strip (part code NE400)

Suitable for all types of block walls, this thin yet robust strip provides an effective vibration isolation break between masonry walls and foundations. Easy to cut and install.

Acoustic Backbox Liner (Part code A431)

An intumescent and acoustic Part E and Part B compatible pad for lining single or double electrical socket boxes and switches in drywall constructions. 2-hour fire rated.

Floating Wall Suspension and Ties

The EP Range of isolation wall mounts for the floating suspension of soundproof walls. (Part codes V200–V300.)

EP 100 is a mount designed for the vibration damping of walls, equipped with long ring-attached screws.

Akustic and Sylomer Suspension Mounts: For superior acoustic isolation of pipes, wall studs, and acoustic wall bracing for cinemas. (Part codes V300–V350)

Acoustic Window Reveal Liners (Part code GRG470 custom)

Decorative and robust reveal liners that substantially reduce the reverberant sound field in the void of secondary glazing systems, offering typical improvements of 2–4dB. Simple to install and supplied to exact dimensions in a choice of colours. Also available as Type 1 - an acoustic core faced with acoustically transparent fabric - most suited to internal studio windows and low UV


IsoBase R50 Timber Flooring Resilient Layer (part code A325)

An easy-to-install Part E compliant resilient layer providing excellent acoustic sound insulation when used underneath T&G chipboard-type flooring or on top of a concrete floor. Supplied in sheets 15m x 1m and only 5mm thick for minimal floor level change.

Quietfloor Premium+ (part code A110)

This acoustic floor system made from 100% recycled materials is suitable for timber and concrete floors and is a low cost way to reduce both impact and airborne noise transfer. Supplied in easy to cut panels only 15mm thick.

IsoScreed Foam Resilient Layer(part code A335)

Providing significant reduction in impact noise and vibration, this Part E compliant resilient layer can be used underneath T&G chipboard-type flooring or on top of a concrete floor. It is easy to install and, at only 5mm thick, does not significantly increase the floor level.

EcoMat RC3 and RC5 Acoustic Rubber Cork Composite Floor Covering Underlay

(part codes A412 and A414)

A Document E compliant resilient layer, suitable for use as acoustic matting under most floor finishes, including ceramic tiles, stone, sheet vinyl, wood and marble. This ultra-thin layer remains continually elastic yet offers high impact reduction and good thermal properties. Can be used with under-floor heating.

GM-FF Floating Floor Underscreed Acoustic Insulation

A very high performance screed isolation, equivalent to Regupol E48. This will not collapse out even under high loads and provides significant reduction in impact noise and vibration. Simple to install and may be used with underfloor heating

IsoScreed Rubber Underscreed Layer (part codes A345/A350/A355)

This polyurethane-bound mixture of selected rubber fibres is ideal for use as a resilient layer under screeds. Available in 3mm/6mm/10mm thicknesses and easy to install, it has a high resistance to compressive loads, remains very elastic and has first class thermal conductivity. The excellent acoustic benefits for impact and airborne noise mean it is used extensively in new build/refurbishment projects where Pre-Completion testing is preferred to Robust Details.

Resilient Floor Battens

Made from recycled materials, these Robust Detail FFT-1, FFT-3 compliant floor battens (part code AB45–AB75) are installed underneath T&G chipboard type materials to greatly increase soundproofing performance. Can also be used with concrete floors. Very easy to install and maintenance free, they allow services to run underneath

Acoustic Cradles

When installed underneath T&G chipboard type materials, these Robust Detail FFT-2 Compliant acoustic cradles (part code AC100) greatly increase soundproofing performance. Can also be used with concrete floors. The cradle consists of a recycled, high density, 10mm resilient Isolate C rubber base which will not degenerate over time as foam backed products do and also has excellent static deflection properties.

High Density Cement Impregnated Particle Board

(part code A400)

QUIETBOARD is a waterproof, cement impregnated acoustic floor panel designed to inhibit impact and airborne noise transfer through separating floors, with performance making it particularly suitable for home cinema rooms and recording studios. It is Class 0 fire rated, resistant to humidity and fungus.

Acoustic Resilient Joist Cap

An easy to fit, direct-to-joist-system, engineered as a Part E-compliant acoustic treatment (CAD part code AC200). A time-saving and cost effective solution for timber and masonry builds.

Acoustic Overlay Board 15 (part code A425)

This pre-bonded laminate of 6mm Recycled Isofibre resilient felt, bonded to the bottom of a strong, thin, 9mm tongued and grooved moisture-resistant MDF chipboard, eliminates the need for separate isolation layers. Only 15mm thick, it provides excellent acoustic sound insulation with ease of installation and can be used for separating floors and concrete floors, including in kitchen and bathroom areas. Robust detail compliant FFT5.


Acoustic Suspended Ceiling Tiles

High density ceiling tiles manufactured from biodegradable mineral wool, inorganic fillers and binders designed to reduce noise transfer between rooms with metal grid drop ceilings. (Part code AC500). • Class 0 fire rated and suitable for offices and schools. 20mm thick tiles are easy to install and can be used to meet BB93.

Anti-Vibration Damping Mounts

For isolating suspended ceilings as well as machinery operating at more than 1000rpm.


Heavy Layer Composite

For lining enclosures or installing behind and over frameworks to increase soundproofing performance. (Part Code F100)

Duct Foam

Fire retardant acoustic duct foam for internal and external duct linings, thermal/acoustic machine coverings and suspended ceiling absorptive panels.(Part Codes F110–F140)

TecSound FT55AL Ductlag Plus

This flexible soundproofing complex, comprising a porous felt mat with Custom Audio’s high performance 5kg/m² synthetic acoustic membrane, faced with reinforced aluminium foil, increases the acoustic insulation of the duct element to which it is applied. Tested to BS EN 14366:2004.


Acoustic Curtains

Bespoke enclosures for damping machine noise in industrial and commercial applications. Can be used for site/highway screening and as temporary noise barriers. Waterproof and able to withstand high temperatures.

Steel Acoustic Doors

The RS range of high performance, external and internal steel acoustic doors has a performance range of Rw38dB up to 54dB and is manufactured to meet all market needs. It includes roller shutter doors between 31dB and 44dB and extra large hangar type doors with a rating of Rw49dB.

Timber Acoustic Doors

Internal timber acoustic doorset, up to 35dB. Supplied as a complete assembly to fit a standard opening of up to 2095 x 1005mm, with 44mm thick door (including optional vision panel). Available in primed only or wide variety of veneered facings. Other sizes on request.

Other Products

Other fire and soundproofing products include acoustic sealant, spray contact adhesive, visco-elastic vibration damping tape, fire-rated luminaire covers, aluminium duct tape, RFT50 high performance resilient floor tape, intumescent expansion joint sealer, isolation tape and expanding foam joint sealant tape.

Custom Audio Designs prides itself on offering a comprehensive range of products and services for a wide and varied range of commercial, industrial and residential projects. The company has established a highly respected reputation with clients and regularly reviews policies, procedures and processes to maintain high standards of Quality Management and is certified for acoustic services by an UKAS accredited third party. The friendly and professional customer service team welcomes enquiries and will endeavour to find an appropriate solution for any application.


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