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Cytech Europe Company Profile

Cytech Europe is a company that specialises in the design and manufacture of home automation/control systems and security systems. Since designing the first system in 1996, the company has utilised innovative technology and design to create the Comfort system. The Comfort system incorporates an intruder alarm, home automation, voicemail and intercom creating a simple to operate, convenient and cost effective solution.

The Comfort system has been extensively tested and is compliant with many telecommunications and safety standards throughout the world. Cytech is completely committed to the design, manufacture, sales and support of its products and is constantly researching and developing new and innovative products.

The Comfort System

Comfort is an intelligent home system that allows the user to control and monitor home security, appliances and lighting via any telephone, keypad, handheld remote control, computer or the internet. With revolutionary remote communication capabilities, the system allows the user to stay in touch with their home wherever they are located. The user can communicate with visitors at the property door, hear messages, check lights and appliances have been switched off and listen for sounds or activity in the event of the need to sound the alarm.

The products within the Comfort system include:

  • Intruder Alarm: The intruder alarm features a dialler, telephone control, multiple security modes and home automation system. The system can be armed in various settings including Away Mode when no-one is at home, Day Mode which arms windows and doors and Vacation Mode which randomly activates home appliances and lighting. Should the alarm sound, the system can dial up to eight numbers such as Central Monitoring Stations, mobile phones and pagers. The Comfort system has thirty one pre-programmed alarm types including intruder, fire, power failure which will automatically dial through to the appropriate telephone number. The Voice Station Intercom allows the user to listen to sounds via up to eight keypads in the home in the event of an alarm call to their mobile. An alarm tracking feature can identify the exact location of the intruder.
  • Home Automation: The Comfort Home Automation System can control up to ten switches, lights and appliances. This offers the user total control of lighting, curtains, appliances, heating, air-conditioning, televisions, sound systems and projectors. There are various control options such as a hand-held remote including the Philips Pronto or the RC01 which will operate the whole house, including the security system to arm and disarm. A Voice Menu allows Comfort to be controlled from any remote or home telephone. Programmable Scene Switches are available in various styles and colours that can be programmed for any function. The Comfort Web-Server module allows the user to access, monitor and control the system via the internet.
  • Voicemail: Cytech has developed a Voicemail Advanced Answering Machine which incorporates eight mailboxes for members of the family. Every individual user can access their messages using their unique PIN code via the home phone, remote phone or keypad. Messages can also be sent to other users within the same system. The user can have a dial-out service with their own designated contact number should a message be left.
  • Infrared Remote Control: The Comfort system can be controlled via a handheld infrared remote control. This allows the user to have complete control over devices that are connected to the system. There are twelve room keys, followed by four operation keys to control individual items within the chosen room and sixteen scene buttons activate pre-programmed scenes. The bed-time scene can turn off interior lights and activate external lights and wake-up, which turns on heating, hot water or a radio for example. A keypad emulation mode allows the remote control to act as a hand-held keypad for arming and disarming the system via a PIN code. A panic alarm can also be activated with this system.
  • Door Station Intercom: A door station intercom automatically dials a home telephone when a visitor presses the doorbell. This allows the home owner to talk to the visitor and open the door or gate. An away mode is set when the home owner is not at home, the system will call a mobile phone should the doorbell be rung and allows the home owner to open the door for visitors. This system is an effective deterrent for intruders checking for unoccupied houses.

The Comfort product range includes:

  • Scene Control Switches
  • Slave Expansion Modules
  • Infrared Learner/Receivers and transmitters
  • Lighting Control Modules
  • Current sensors
  • Universal Communications Module (UCM) with an RS232 interface
  • Comfort Web server Module (CWM) for LAN and Internet access
  • Interfaces to EIB (European Installation Bus) and C-Bus (Clipsal Bus)

Cytech products and installation services are available through a national network of retailers which are located throughout the UK and Northern Ireland.

Cytech Europe prides itself on offering a range of products that allow clients to monitor and control their properties from any location. The systems have been developed to incorporate innovative technology, coupled with high quality components that give the user complete peace of mind. The experienced and knowledgeable sales team is available to offer comprehensive advice on all aspects of home automation and security.

For more in-depth product information please contact Cytech using the buttons above or visit the company website.


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