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  • Basement waterproofing
  • Waterproofing Solutions
  • Basement waterproofing
  • Basement waterproofing
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  • Delta System 500
  • Delta System 500
  • Cellar Damp Proofing & Waterproofing Walls
  • Cellar Damp Proofing & Waterproofing Walls
  • Cellar Damp Proofing & Waterproofing Walls
  • Cellar Damp Proofing & Waterproofing Walls
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  • Green Roofing
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Delta Membrane Systems Company Profile

Delta Membrane Systems is the UK division of Dorken Gmbh & Co KG, the world's largest manufacturer of cavity drain membranes. Delta is a leading UK company specialising in waterproofing membranes for floors, walls, basements, vaults, home and commercial extensions and buildings, sumps and pumps and offers a flood water removal service. Membrane systems can be installed in a variety of applications on new build, remedial and retro-fit underground extensions or refurbishments.

With an extensive technical support team, Delta can offer comprehensive advice throughout the installation of a project and provide clients with a list of registered installers. The Delta system is manufactured from virgin high density polyethylene and used to stop flooding, dampness, contamination or salting problems mainly in basements, but also on turf covered roofs, barn conversions, tunnel linings and even as a barrier against radon gas.

External Protection

Geocomposite membranes are used to protect earth retaining structures from moisture penetration, by acting as a waterproof drainage layer, removing water to a suitable drainage area. The systems in the range are Delta Geo Drain Quattro, Delta Terraxx, Delta Drain and Delta NP Drain.

Waterproof Flooring

The Delta System 500 is a complete waterproofing and damp roofing system that can also be used to upgrade damp and defective floors. The system can be used with a variety of finishes such as conventional screeds and wood based floating floors. A fast track membrane designed to stop dampness and contamination is Delta FM, a low stud profile minimising changes in floor levels.

Ventilated System

For above ground situations or when no free running water is anticipated such as external pavements that have been built up, the ventilated system can be used. The ventilated system with air gap at top and bottom, with sealed joints and fixings is sufficient in this situation.

Sealed System

The Delta sealed system is used in soil retaining situations such as basements and vaults. The type of membrane required is dependent on the finish and flow rate. Membrane junctions, fixing points, service entries and other protrusions are sealed with the Delta range of sealing products. This allows for the control of free water entering the cavity through preformed channels that can be drained via pumps or naturally.

Delta Aquaduct

This is a drainage channel that is bedded in at the floor to wall angle, acting as a perimeter conduit. This can also be laid under a slab, removing off ground water to a sump or soak away, reducing floatation pressures.

Delta Sumps and Pumps

A range of sumps and pumps and retro-fit sumps are available for various applications. High water level alarms and power packs are available for the sumps and pumps.

Delta Channel

This is bedded into a preformed channel at the floor to wall angle to act as a water collection conduit. Water ingresses at holes in the channel and soaks away or drains away to a sump or pump.

Delta Drain

A double dimpled sheeting that incorporates an integral geotextile for the protection of foundation wall waterproofing against mechanical damage and a offers reliable drainage stratified water and slope water.

Delta PT and Delta Lath

Used for isolating and insulating damp and contaminated walls, vaults and basements.

Delta MS500

This product is for light water ingress situations on floors and walls with an air gap of 5.3 litres of space per square metre.

Delta MS20

Offering extra drainage capacity on deeper structures or when a larger flow rate is required. MS20 can also be used as a cavity former for various types of construction.

Delta Floraxx TOP

This dimpled HDPE sheet is ideal for horizontal green roofs, combining three functions in one simple-to-lay product. It includes a fused-on geotextile, so cutting out the need to add a filtration layer and speeding up installation. The sheet includes a waterproof layer that resists root penetration and innovative octagonal dimples reinforced with ribs for great compressive strength. The product is capable of retaining 7 l/m² of water as a reserve for periods of drought.

Delta Floraxx

With the same reinforced octagonal dimples but without the geotextile layer, Delta Floraxx has perforations between the dimples and offers high drainage capacity for accessible inverted roofs. It provides an excellent foundation for green roofs and can also be used under paving slabs.

Gas Barrier System

Delta Gas Barrier is a highly durable, strong and reliable barrier system offering protection from CO2 and Radon gas, a natural, radioactive inert gas that penetrates buildings from surrounding soil. When used with Delta gas resistant DPC and preformed units, the system offers a completely sealed solution to the penetration of gases and dampness from underground and through cavity walls.

Delta Membrane Systems has established a widely respected reputation for providing a vast product range and is a member of the RIBA CPD Providers Network, NBS Plus Scheme and holds BBA certification. A range of training courses run by Delta is available for specifiers and contractors. A highly skilled and knowledgeable technical team is available to offer comprehensive product information. The Delta-Dorken alliance has an extensive range of waterproof membrane systems, sump and pump drainage kits, channel systems, flood protection valves and cellar tanking.

For more in-depth information visit the company website or contact Delta Membrane Systems using the buttons above.

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