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Dogs In Action Services Company Profile

Dogs in Action Services is a specialist in the provision of security for commercial premises, construction sites, private residential estates and other situations where protection of possessions or personal safety is required. The company has in-depth experience within the security field and offers a range of security services with dogs throughout Kent, London and the South East using a team of uniformed handlers and specially trained dogs.

Personal, public, commercial and domestic security can be offered in many forms; but even the most advanced alarm and protection systems can be overridden, rendering them useless. Often help can arrive too late and the offenders have left the site. It is a well-regarded fact that trained security dogs and handlers are unrivalled when used to deter criminal activity, as they can respond instantly. Dogs in Action Services is an associated company member of NASDU, belongs to The National Trade Register and is fully insured.

Dog Security Services

Security dogs and their handlers are highly effective in providing security for properties, high risk sites and close personal protection. The experienced and professional team of security officers and their dogs work together to provide a strong deterrent and are the very best solution in security protection. The German Shepherd dog is the breed of choice due to their courage and intelligence and are carefully selected from reputable breeders in the UK, Germany and Belgium. Dogs in Action Services also breeds dogs on-site in Tonbridge, Kent and can offer security guard dog training.

Security dogs are an extremely visible and physical obstacle in the fight against criminal activity. If and when an incident arises, the dogs are trained to respond when commanded to, to apprehend and control the offender until the appropriate authorities arrive. The dogs are carefully selected for their sound temperament and are strictly trained to satisfy extremely demanding standards. A security dog and its handler can carry out the work of three or more security guards and have the capability to work across very large areas due to their ultra-sensitive sense of smell, hearing and speed of response.

The uniformed dog handlers are highly experienced in a wide range of security situations and all are fully trained and insured. All security contracts are treated with the highest levels of confidentiality and sensitivity. The security dogs and handlers undergo continuous and regular training programmes to ensure a professional service.

Dogs in Action Services is committed to providing the very best security for commercial premises, domestic properties and construction sites throughout the South East of England. The friendly and professional customer service team welcomes enquiries and can provide in-depth advice and information on the range of services available. All dog handlers hold licences for either ‘door supervisor’ or ‘security guarding’ and are trained to BIPDT and NASDU standards. Dogs in Action Services works in compliance with the 1975 Guard Dogs Act and ensures the safety of the client and the public at all times.



Tel: 03303 630000