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Domestic Sprinklers Company Profile

Domestic Sprinklers is located in Weymouth, Dorset and is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of fire sprinkler systems for residential properties. The company works closely with all the UK’s water authorities to create systems which ensure a safer home for the customer. Domestic Sprinklers has many years of experience in the field of fire sprinklers and provides clients with a complete design and installation service.

Many fires begin small and develop very quickly, but if it is detected rapidly and fought immediately, it takes just a small quantity of water to put it out. If left to grow unhindered, a room can become untenable in just two minutes. Current fire safety is based around public education, the provision of an early warning system and retaining the fire in the room of origin for as long as possible. These are the key principles which make up the Building Regulation and Approved Document B which details fire safety.

Fire Statistics

Statistics for 1996 detail that there were over 114,000 building fires in the UK that year which resulted in over 800 fatalities and 18,200 injuries. It is a known fact that an individual is three times more likely to perish in a fire at home than anywhere else. Smoke alarms are an effective early warning signal, but for deaf, disabled or bedridden people this option is not a benefit. Reports have also shown that over 95% of children do not wake when a smoke alarm is sounded. To resolve such issues it is recommended that rather than passive fire protection, the use of active fire protection in the form of a residential sprinkler is a far more effective and reliable option.


A fire sprinkler system must be designed by an expert in the field as the system is operated over a predetermined floor area. The system incorporates sprinkler supply pipes which are constantly charged with water from the domestic water mains. The sprinklers are fitted to supple pipes and each is an individual and independent unit which automatically operates if a fire breaks out. There is a small thermal element fitted to each sprinkler which is activated by heat from a fire and will not operate in less than 30C above ambient temperature, therefore accidental activation is extremely unlikely. In most fires, a single sprinkler head is highly effective in tackling a fire.

The pipe work is conveniently concealed within the floors and walls and the sprinkler heads are extremely small, neat and will blend in seamlessly with décor as they are available in a wide range of colours and finishes. Concealed sprinkler heads are also available. Most rooms require just one or two sprinkler heads to offer complete protection. The installation process is similar to that of installing a new central heating system, but with less pipe work and less disruption. In the majority of cases a reliable mains water supply is an adequate water source, but some properties may require water to be stored on-site.

A sprinkler system is priced on the size of a property and installation into a three bedroomed property would be in the region of the price of re-carpeting the whole property or around 1-2% of the construction of a new building. Sprinklers are found to be 99.7% reliable in controlling domestic fires and records show that an accidental activation of a sprinkler is 160000000:1.

Domestic Sprinklers is committed to providing clients with a professional and friendly service covering design, costing and installation. The friendly and experienced team welcomes enquiries for residential properties of all sizes and will endeavour to provide a highly competitive quotation.


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