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Donite Plastics Snorkelvent) Company Profile

Donite Plastics was established in 1981 and is a leading manufacturer and supplier of superior quality custom moulded plastics throughout the UK and Ireland. The company is based Lisburn, Northern Ireland and has designed and developed two flood protection devices known as Snorkel Vent and Flood Door.

Snorkel Vent is an extremely simple device that has been developed to stop flooding through air vents/air bricks and incorporates louvres which provide continuous ventilation during periods of flooding. Flood Door is a new and innovative lightweight flood device for doorways which can be deployed in just five seconds.

Climate change has greatly increased the occurrence of localised flooding and around 10% of homes and businesses are currently affected, with many more predicated to be at risk in the coming years. Flood defence systems and improvements to drainage systems are going to take local authorities many years to install, forcing property owners and businesses to take adequate precautions to protect their property.


Donite Plastics is committed to providing a professional and reliable range of additional services. Services include CAD/CAM design and manufacturing facilities which utilise 3D computer modelling. The company specialises in the fabrication of custom moulded plastics using a vacuum forming process and glass reinforced plastic (GRP) and the in-house mould making facilities can transform ideas into production within a matter of days. The processes are ideal for medium and small batch quantities and even prototypes. The facilities include five axis machining and trimming, as well as the largest vacuum forming machine in Ireland. The extremely efficient production control system guarantees superior quality products and services are always delivered. Donite Plastics has been certified as an EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality Assured Company.

Snorkel Vent

Snorkel Vent is a highly effective, competitively priced device which is fitted over air vents/air bricks to prevent flood water from entering a building. When flooding occurs, one of the first entry points into a property is through the air vents/air bricks. Air bricks are an essential feature in many buildings as they provide underfloor ventilation for wooden floors. Snorkel Vent is manufactured from acrylic capped ABS and works by raising the height of the air brick opening by covering the air brick and allowing airflow at a higher level. Snorkel Vent is easily installed onto brick and rendered surfaces in just a few minutes using a common silicone mastic. Once installed the device will provide permanent round-the-clock protection and does not require any maintenance. Snorkel Vent is available in a range of designs and size options which include:

  • Standard Model: The standard design is suitable for flat walls with a gap between the air vent and the ground
  • Bottom Flange Model: This device is suitable for flat walls with air vents at ground level
  • Angled Plinth Model: This model is suitable for flat walls with an angled step above the air vent
  • Accessories: A range of accessories to assist in the installation of Snorkel Vent including render packers, modified silicone and application guns

Flood Door

Flood Door is a newly launched flood defence product from Donite Plastics. This competitively priced door barrier system protects properties from flood water entering through a doorway. Flood Door is manufactured from durable, UV resistant plastic which will last a lifetime and incorporates a patent-pending clamping system which enables the system to be installed in under five seconds. The Flood Door system is ideal for disabled access as it seals directly to the door frame and step; no ramps, rails or channels need to be installed.

Flood Door provides an elegant and highly effective flood defence solution which utilises the pressure of the flood water to push it against the frame and further compress the side seals. Flood Door also uses this pressure to force the panel downwards to compress the bottom seal against the step. Flood Door is extremely easy to fit and does not require specialist knowledge or skills. The locking strips are secured to the surrounding door frame or wall using the screws providing or alternatively a PVC locking strip can be bonded to a PVC frame. The patent-pending locking system incorporates locking handles, which when depressed move the panel downwards and inwards, compressing a thick foam seal against the step and door frame. Flood Door is a cost effective solution which can be manufactured to fit a range of door sizes from 830mm to 990mm and other sizes are available upon request.

Snorkel Vent and Flood Door are both available to purchase in standard sizes via the company website, over the telephone or by email and deliveries are available throughout the UK and Ireland. The experienced and friendly team can provide in-depth information and advice on the flood defence products and also provide quotations for bespoke sizes. Donite Plastic prides itself on offering a range of competitively prices flood defence products and has established a highly respected reputation with clients across Ireland and the UK.


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