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Dreadnought Tiles Company Profile

Dreadnought Clay Roof Tiles have been manufactured on the same site in the Black Country since 1805 with a passion for quality passed on through generations of continuous family management.

Dreadnought plain clay roof tiles are both aesthetically special and extremely durable. The distinctive beauty of Dreadnought Roof Tiles is a product of their unique manufacturing process, they are naturally coloured through careful control of the kiln atmosphere, without the use of any artificial stains or pigments.

Clay roofs with Dreadnought Tiles are assured timeless beauty and enhanced value, their colour will endure for the lifetime of the tile as it exists deep into the body rather than as an applied surface layer.

Dreadnought Tiles are available in a wide range of natural colours, ranging from Staffordshire Blue to Plum Red, this unique natural clay colour range is what makes Dreadnought Tiles special.

The small size of plain clay tiles provides the versatility for architects to design roofscapes with greater complexity and detail. Plain clay tiles lend themselves particularly well to curved roofs due to their small format.

For something special the Dreadnought Bespoke Service will match ornamental finial and ridge designs particularly from the Victorian era.


Plain clay tiles achieve an A+ rating in the BRE Green Guide and are a truly sustainable product. The best evidence of their sustainability is the thriving second hand market for plain clay tiles, which demonstrates how these tiles will last for generations.


The best way to judge a tile is to look at existing roofs; Dreadnought can supply a list of sites to view in your area, across the whole range of colours. In addition we will be pleased to assist with samples and discuss matters such as the choice of tile colour, roof design and any technical enquires you may have.

We offer a personal service and our area managers will be happy to meet with you across the country to help you make the right choices for your project.

Machine Made Plain Clay Tile Colour Range

Dreadnought Tiles are available in either a Smoothfaced or Sandfaced finish across the whole colour range and are complemented by wide range of fittings and ornamental component. Tile colours are available as a mono colour or if a greater colour variation is required this can be achieved by mixing tiles of compatible colours together.

Staffordshire Blue

A unique tile with a colour obtained by controlling the kiln atmosphere to covert the iron in the clay to blue in the manner of Staffordshire Blue Bricks. Staffordshire Blue tiles are an authentic traditional colour that cannot be matched by spray on stains, the rich dark colour of a Staffordshire Blue tile is particularly distinguished.

Blue Brindle/Dark Heather

Similar to a Staffordshire Blue, Blue Brindle and Dark Heather are a predominantly blue colour, with subtle shade differences of lighter blue and purple hues.

Brown Antique

A traditional natural mixture of rich red, brown and blue multicoloured tiles that add character to any building. These colours cannot be reproduced through artificial means, the natural colour variations of Brown Antique tiles will bring life to any roof.

Brown Brindle/Brown Heather

Rich brown coloured tiles with subtle and natural tonal variations produced again through careful kiln control. These tiles look best against lighter coloured brickwork.

Country Brown

A softer lighter mix of red and brown colours which gives a subtle multi-coloured red and brown effect to the roof.

Red/Blue Blend

This tile colour demonstrates the ultimate in kiln control to produce naturally occurring random hues of authentic multi-coloured clay tiles. The colours in this blend are rich and varied with purple and blues merging with reds and vibrant terracotta's.


Perhaps the best known and most widely used natural colour produced from Etruria Marl. Ideal for matching and repairs, the traditional red Smoothfaced single camber tile is an appropriate replacement for many discontinued brands of rooftiles.

Plum Red

In the late 19th and early 20th century, deep red smoothfaced machine made tiles were particularly popular on dominant civic buildings, churches and similar projects. Most current red tiles tend to be of a more pink appearance than tiles produced a century ago. Plum Red smoothfaced traditional single camber tiles provide a colour and finish indistinguishable from traditional tiles of old.

Collingwood Blend

The Collingwood Blend creates a rustic and elegant looking roof of enduring quality. This blend is a mix of three compatible colours that adds warmth and character to any roof. Naturally coloured clay tiles have inherent and subtle colour variations so when different colours are blended together the effect adds character and interest to the roof.

Trafalgar Blend

A blend of warm brown and red shades. Three colours are used in this mix that has proved especially popular on large roofs.

Nelson Blend

A mix of Staffordshire Blue and Red Blue Tiles which creates a great depth of colour. This is a darker blend, much bluer with randomly occurring red that bring great life to the roof.

Ornamental Tiles

Ornamental tiles are generally laid in bands or in diamond patterns. They are used to add interest to large expanses of roof or vertical cladding. Dreadnought offer 4 ornamental patterns - fishtail, club, spade and arrowhead. A popular combination is the use of club and fishtail laid in the pattern - club/fishtail/club.

Bespoke Architectural Ceramics

Dreadnought has a 200 year history of manufacturing clay ornaments by hand. Ornamental features add individuality and style to any roof, Dreadnought offer solutions to the most demanding and individual requirements including ornamental ridges, finials and matching existing designs.

Creasing Tiles

These are plain clay tiles without nibs or camber and they are used for cappings and copings, damp proof courses (DPC), external cills, corbelling, arches, chimneys and decorative quoins. Dreadnought's Creasing Tiles are available in three colours, Blue Brindle, Country Brown and Red.

For more information on Dreadnought Tiles and technical specifications, please visit the website or use the buttons above to send an enquiry.


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