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Durapipe UK Company Profile

Durapipe UK was founded in 1954 and is at the forefront of the design and manufacture of superior quality thermoplastic pressure and non-pressure pipework systems. The company has more than 50 years of experience and the comprehensive selection of products are specified by clients throughout the world for numerous applications.

The extensive range of pipework systems can carry a number of different media, such as water, fuel and aggressive liquids and other products can be specified for specialist drainage system requirements. Durapipe’s market sectors include schools, hospitals, data centres, hotels, apartments, retail, stadia, offices and public buildings and industries including factories, water treatment, marine and shipping, chemical processing and food and beverage.


Durapipe is dedicated to offering clients the very best customer service and the team of technical support staff are on hand to provide assistance on any project type. The company's chemist can provide advice on product suitability for the conveyance of chemicals within pipework. Jointing demonstrations are undertaken on customer sites to aid Jointing demonstrations are undertaken on customer sites to aid development, specification and installation of thermoplastic pipework materials.

Building Services Products

The company's pipework systems are designed to fulfil the requirements of today’s modern buildings. It is used for a range of purposes such as hot and cold services through to specialist drainage applications and each has been designed to overcome issues often experienced with more traditional pipework materials. Options available include:

  • SuperFLO: Durapipe SuperFLO is a lightweight plastic piping system used for air-conditioning, chilled water, boosted cold water applications and other environmental control systems. Superflo is manufactured from an ABS material and includes pipes, fittings and valves. This easy to install 10-bar system is ductile to -40c degrees and offers a 50-year service life. Sizes range from 16mm-315mm. Durapipe has launched the 6-bar Superflo ABS metric pipe designed for larger diameter projects in sizes from 225mm-315mm.
  • Friaphon: Friaphon is a sound reducing drainage system with a dual layer technology, offering exceptional noise reduction properties. Recorded sound levels are as low as 15dB(A). The pipework does not require lagging and features a push-fit assembly. Friaphon is typically used for apartments, hotels, libraries, hospitals and public buildings. Sizes range from 110mm-160mm.
  • Durapipe HTA: Durapipe HTA is a complete C-PVC pipework system designed for hot and cold water services. Durapipe HTA is an affordable, fire-resistant and WRAS approved alternative to copper piping and is used for healthcare facilities, schools, commercial buildings, hotels, residential buildings and sports stadia. Sizes range from 20mm to 160mm with pressure ratings of PN25 up to 63mm and PN16 from 25mm-160mm.
  • Vulcathene: Vulcathene is a laboratory chemical drainage system designed for schools, universities, hospitals and research facilities. This purpose-built system is ideal for demanding environments and is BBA approved. Size ranges are 38mm-152mm.
  • Durapipe PLX: Durapipe PLX is a range of fusion-welded pipework systems which can safely transfer fuel such as petrol, diesel, bio-diesel, fuel oils and ethanol-rich alternative fuels. Durapipe PLX offers superior environmental protection against leaks and permeation and is compliant with the Institute of Petroleum Performance Specification Issue 2. Typical applications include service stations, buried or ducted fuel/oil transfer lines, oil-fired equipment and vehicle refuelling stations. The system offers a 10 bar pressure rating and a 30-year design life.

Industrial Range

For over 50 years, Durapipe's pipework systems have been specified for numerous industrial applications for the transfer of different media from aggressive acids to potable water. The systems are capable of withstanding the harshest of environments and are designed to last. The range includes:

  • Durapipe ABS: Durapipe ABS is a solvent-welded pipework system for low temperature fluid transportation. With sizes ranging from 3/8"-8" and 16mm-315mm, typical applications include chilled water, boosted cold water, potable water, low temperature cooling and de-mineralised water.
  • Air-Line Xtra: Air-Line Xtra is used for compressed air distribution and ensures that air is kept uncontaminated for process and manufacturing industries. This lightweight system is non-corrodible and is suitable for continuous operation at 12.5 bar at 20c degrees. Sizes range from 16mm-110mm.
  • Corzan: Corzan is a chemically-resistant C-PVC pipework system designed for transferring hot, corrosive liquids. Typical applications include acids and alkalis, demineralised water, industrial waste treatment, chemical processing, soaps, paper and pulps and effluents. With a wide temperature range and sizes from 16mm-160mm, Corzan is a superior alternative to metal pipework.
  • Duracool: Duracool is a pre-insulated ABS pipework system which provides exceptional insulation properties, ideal for brine, glycol systems and chilled water. This system can be easily installed and is available in 20mm-225mm with a pressure rating of PN10.
  • Guardian: Guardian is a dual-contained pipework system which is manufactured from PVC-U and features a patented Centra-Lok system which creates a solid fixed fitting. Guardian is ideal for water and waste treatment, chemical process, pharmaceutical, industrial process and potable water applications and allows the safe transportation of different fluids. A visual or automated leak detection system is available with Guardian pipework.
  • Durapipe Polypropylene: Durapipe Polypropylene has been developed to transport the most hazardous of chemicals at high temperatures. The system is lightweight, chemically resistant, offers multiple jointing options and is suitable for pharmaceutical and chemical processing. Sizes are available up to 400mm.
  • Durapipe FIP PVC-U: Durapipe PVC-U pipe and fittings are suitable for chemical and industrial fluid handling. FIP PVC-U is solvent-welded and WRAS approved. Sizes range from ½"-12" and 12mm-315mm.
  • Other Products: Other associated products available from Durapipe include FLS sensors, monitors and transmitters and manual and actuated valves.

Durapipe UK is committed to providing clients with a wide and varied range of pipework systems to satisfy a broad range of industry requirements. The experienced and friendly team welcomes enquiries and can offer comprehensive advice on specifying the most appropriate system for a particular requirement. All products are manufactured to the requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.


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