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Dyebrick Company Profile

Dyebrick limited specialises in dye and tinting kits for brick and other masonry surfaces. The UK based company produced the first masonry dye kit for commercial sale and supplies Dyebrick to the consumer market, offering separate wholesale products for tradesmen and businesses.

Dyebrick’s Brick stain dyes the surface of the brick without coating it, or altering the surface’s original features or physical properties. The solution chemically bonds with all brick and masonry types and is available in a brick tinting kit. The company’s Masonry stain is designed to soak into the masonry whilst leaving a fine coating on the surface for a natural coloured finish.


Brick stain

The stain is supplied in 10 colours listed on the website and with the option of dilution for lighter shades; Dyebrick Brick stain produces a maximum of 1.8 litres of mixture and is suitable for a variety of masonry surfaces including brick and mortar.

The product is manufactured from an organic combination of finely ground, inorganic micronized iron oxide pigments and is available in a 3 part Brick Tinting kit. Brickstain is odour-free, non-toxic, non-harmful, contains no VOCs and allows the mortar to breathe. The product should not be used on horizontal surfaces that may wear.

Mortar Tinting Kit

Developed for hardened mortar joints, this product bonds with cement-based mortars and is available in charcoal, khaki, brown, straw brown or red. Coverage rates for differing dilution levels can be found on the Dyebrick website.

Brick Age Kit

This should be used to create a naturally subtle, sooty appearance on brickwork.


This concentrated white liquid pigment can be added to tinting and dye agents to produce pastel shades for a natural, softer finish. (Also available in sample pots)

Fixing Agent

Each kit contains 3 pots of fixing agent and more agent is only required when diluting the colour for more coverage. Dyebrick fixing agent chemically secures the colour to the masonry and should be added before the dye or tint is applied to the surface.

Soot Wash

Designed to emulate the effects of pollutants common in British cities, this mixture contains a high grade blend of carbon black pigment and colourfast intensity black iron oxide pigment to create an authentic, urban finish to masonry surfaces.

Dyebrick also supply a Dyebrick 6-pack kit, After Tones mixture for added highlights, measuring syringes and painting brushes.

For tradesmen and businesses, Dyebrick supplies the Stainbrick range; this includes base colour concentrates, fixing agents and essential equipment required when completing onsite operations from a mobile base. Dyebrick stains produce different colours on different surfaces, with examples of various surface’s reactions available on the website. Due to these varied results, 100ml sample pots are recommended for testing prior to complete application. All Dyebrick sample pots are supplied without the fixing agent to ensure easy removal with a standard brick cleaner, should the colour be inappropriate.

Dyebrick supply both nationally and internationally, with free worldwide delivery.

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