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Earthborn Company Profile

Earthborn offers a stunning range of paints and varnishes which combine excellent quality, the latest colours and strong environmental credentials. Earthborn is the UK’s most popular brand of eco paint and its portfolio of paints and varnishes is ideal for both DIY and commercial projects.

For customers looking for a stylish and high performance paint, Earthborn has the right product which is also breathable, healthy, environmentally-friendly and free of harmful emissions. The collection includes Claypaint, emulsion, eggshell, wood stain and silicate masonry.

The Earthborn range is a safer and healthier alternative to standard paints and varnishes, licensed to carry the EU Ecolabel Flower symbol - an accreditation awarded to products that adhere to the strict environmental and performance criteria of the EU ecolabelling scheme.


Earthborn’s product range is widely available through a network of retail and trade stockists across the UK and Ireland. Caring for the environment is a key factor in the production of the paints and by using advanced formulations, Earthborn creates exceptional eco-friendly paints that look beautiful, offer superb performance and are highly breathable. There is a stunning array of colour options to choose from and Earthborn’s Colour Palette Tinting Centres enable bespoke colours to be created. The product range includes:

Interior Wall Paint

The interior wall paint collection offers a classic, yet contemporary look that covers well and cares for the home interior. All Earthborn interior wall paints are water based, breathable and free of acrylics and harmful emissions, to help create a healthier, more comfortable environment. Products include:

  • Claypaint: Claypaint is a perfect alternative to emulsion paint and offers a distinctive, visually soft matt finish with great covering power and performance, delightful colour options. As it is free of VOCs and harmful emissions, Claypaint can benefit allergy and asthma sufferers.
  • Ecopro Emulsion: a high performance classic emulsion paint which provides a timeless appearance in a range of contemporary colours.
  • Wall Glaze: stabilises loose interior surfaces before painting and can be used to create a strong topcoat over Earthborn Claypaint or emulsion. Earthborn pigments can be added to create special effects.

Exterior Wall Paint

Earthborn’s Ecopro Silicate Masonry paint and primer are high performance alternatives to traditional limewash. The exterior paints are water-based and VOC-free and significantly outperform lime wash and conventional masonry paints. The paint and primer products bond with underlying materials to create a waterproof and weather-resistant barrier which enables the building to breathe. Ecopro Silicate Masonry paint can have a lifespan of up to 15 years.

  • Ecopro Silicate Primer: offers stability to masonry and assists in preventing algae growth. The primer can be used for any mineral-based surface such as stone, concrete, pebbledash, plaster and render.
  • Ecopro Silicate Masonry Paint: creates a crisp, matt finish that will not discolour over time and provides a long-lasting, weather and mould resistant finish in over 40 colour options.

Wood Finishes

Earthborn’s eggshell and wood stain products are innovative water-based wood finishes. Completely free of VOCs, acrylics, oils and harmful emissions, they are eco-friendly and easy to use. Suitable for interior and exterior woodwork applications, the wood stains are formulated to repel water, while enabling the wood to breathe. Options include:

  • Eggshell: an ideal environmentally-friendly alternative to oil-based eggshell paints and available in a wide range of quick-drying colours.
  • Wood Stain: a unique and modern wood varnish which is extremely fast-drying and non-yellowing.

Other Products

Earthborn’s products can help in reducing the carbon footprint of any decorating project. The collection of ancillary decorating products perfectly complement Earthborn’s paints and varnishes.

  • Pigments: a range of natural earth and mineral powders are used to create colour pigments for the paints, wall glazes and wood stains.
  • Casein Filler: an environmentally friendly filler that creates an effective and long-lasting solution to repairs on interior and exterior walls before painting.
  • Casein Paint: a titanium dioxide free, soft-look paint which is based on milk proteins. Casein is supplied as a white powder, but can be tinted with Earthborn pigments.
  • Wallpaper Paste: water-soluble, acrylic and solvent-free and incorporating superior adhesive properties for even the heaviest textured and fabric wall coverings.

Earthborn prides itself on offering an extensive range of environmentally-friendly, stylish and high performance paints for today’s modern interiors and exteriors. The products are regularly featured in lifestyle magazines and are specified by organisations such as The National Trust, English Heritage and the Royal Households to provide a healthier, high quality finish across a wide range of applications. The experienced and dedicated customer services team welcomes enquiries and can provide in-depth advice and information across the whole product range.


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