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  • Visage Electric Panel Heater
  • Crystal Electric Panel Heater
  • Opal Electric Panel Heater
  • Elegance Electric Panel Heater
  • SlimJim 4kW Electric Boiler
  • SlimJim 7kW Electric Boiler
  • Fusion Electric Boiler
  • Fusion Slimline Electric Boiler
  • Comet 6kW Electric Boiler
  • Comet Electric Boiler
  • Fusion E10 Electric Combination Boiler
  • EHC Bathroom Radiators
  • Electric Conservatory Radiator
  • EHC Tall Radiators
  • EHC Renewables
  • EHC Renewables
  • Unvented Mains Pressure Cylinders
  • Undersink Instant Water Heater
  • Bonus 12kW Instant Water Heater
  • Opus 8.4kW Electric Shower
  • Twister 5.5kW Oversink Instant Water Heater
  • Wet System Radiators
  • Wet System Radiators
  • Venus Electric Towel Rail
  • Towel Rails
  • Ecosave silver
  • Ecosave black
  • Ecosave white

EHC Company Profile

EHC is also known as The Electric Heating Company and is a leading provider of innovative heating and hot water systems. The extensive range of products has been designed to accommodate virtually any central heating or hot water requirement and includes gas boilers, electric boilers, electric radiators, unvented stainless steel cylinders, solar products, water heaters, towel rails, low water content wet system radiators and electric fireplace suites.

Every product has been developed in compliance with the very latest Building Regulations and the Domestic Heating Compliance Guide and all the central heating products can be installed as fully controllable systems. The products are specified for numerous contracts throughout the UK and the customer base includes social and private landlords, developers, homeowners and the general heating trade.


EHC has formed a highly respected reputation for customer service and has won many awards in recognition of its efforts. Every order is overseen fully from the initial enquiry through to completion. The experienced and dedicated team at EHC are professional, approachable and committed to ensuring that the very best options available are demonstrated to each individual client to reduce energy consumption and running costs. All EHC electric heating products are suitable for the Economy 10 heating tariff.

EHC offers a range of customer service packages to enable clients to choose the very best tariff and electricity supplier for specific requirements. The package includes an energy information pack, assistance with load checks if required, supply of tariff rates, provision of running cost indications, arrangement of change of power supplier and ordering of a meter and arrangement of payment plans and direct debit details.


With energy efficiency and the environment being a key priority for customers, EHC has developed a range of energy efficient, eco-friendly products that are designed to save money and reduce the effects upon the eco-system. The product range includes:

EHC Panel Heaters

Panel heaters provide a perfect heating solution for any size of property whether it is a small apartment or large family property. Designed to be stylish, the panel radiators will blend effortlessly with any décor, can be floor or wall mounted and incorporate the very latest innovations to enhance heating comfort and reduce energy consumption. Options include:

  • The unique Crystal and Visage panel heaters which contain a patented heat retention tablet
  • Manual Thermostat or Digital Electronic Thermostat panel radiators which provide a comfortable and controllable heating solution.
  • The Elegance panel radiator which offers a slimline and contemporary look
  • The Opal is an electric convector heater supplied with an integral thermostat to control its operation

SlimJim Electric Flow Boiler

The SlimJim electric flow boiler utilises the very latest technology and is an extremely compact design, ideal for applications where space is at a premium. SlimJim is generally installed by heating professionals in apartments, houses, holiday homes and light commercial establishments. SlimJim is a fully controllable electric flow boiler with versatile outputs of 4, 7, 10, 12 and 14.4kW and can be installed as an open vented or conventional sealed system comprising of a circulating pump and sealed system kit. SlimJim has an easy to use front control panel featuring heat mode and fault finding indicators, an on/off switch and temperature control setting.

Fusion Electric Boilers

EHC has developed a range of electric boilers to suit a wide range of applications and requirements. The boilers offer reliability, performance and safety and can be used for underfloor heating applications. All Fusion boilers can be installed with any wet system radiator, but for improved performance and lower running costs, the Mercury radiator complements the system perfectly. Options include:

  • Fusion Standard/Slimline Boiler: Perfect for retrofit and new-build applications which require either heating only or heating and hot water. These compact boilers are ideal for installation into airing cupboards or kitchen cupboards. The Fusion range includes 6, 9, 12 and 14.4kW models in single phase and 24kW and 36kW 3 phase models
  • Fusion Comet Electric Boiler: The Comet boiler incorporates all the hallmarks of the traditional Fusion range, but offers improved performance and appearance. The modern sleek design features an automatic bypass, digital pressure sensor, integral magnetic filter and stainless steel heat exchanger. The Comet range includes 6, 9, 12 and 14.4kW models in single phase and a 24kW 3 phase model
  • Fusion E10 Combination Unit: A fully packaged unit in a pre-fabricated elegant enclosure which provides heating and hot water. This versatile unit is available in various outputs and capacities to accommodate most applications
  • E10 Solar Combination Unit: This solar version has been developed to satisfy the ever increasing requirement for renewable technology within the new-build sector. Built around the proven technology of the E10 Combination Unit, the E10 Solar has been further developed to include a solar pump station and unvented solar hot water cylinder.

EHC Electric Radiators

EHC's electric combination radiators range is available in various outputs and sizes ranging from 500w-2400w. Electric radiators do not require a boiler, are fully controllable, are an ideal replacement for storage heaters and are available in plug-in or fused spur options. The radiators are maintenance free, 70mm deep, 100% efficient and come with a 15 year guarantee for the radiator and 2 year guarantee for the electronics. Also available is a range of specially designed electric radiators for conservatories which can be wall mounted, floor standing or on castors. There is also a space saving range of Tall radiators. The Bathroom radiators are IPX4 rated to meet approvals.

EHC Renewables

EHC offers a complete range of renewable energy products for residential and commercial applications. The solar package solutions incorporate initial advice, technical assistance and a network of trained and accredited installers who can advise on the latest regulations and grants available. EHC offers Solar Thermal flat panel collectors, which are supplied as part of the package. There is a selection of roof mounting kits, solar pump stations and various solar accessories available.

Unvented Mains Pressure Cylinders

The Neptune unvented mains pressure cylinder is suitable for domestic and commercial applications and is available in various sizes in both direct and indirect models. The range is complemented with Solar cylinders with twin coils. These cylinders provide fast, safe, mains pressure hot water around the home and meet the requirements of builders, installers and consumers. The Neptune range offers fast flow rates, energy efficient insulation, quick recovery coils and the use of an external expansion vessel to reduce maintenance.

Instantaneous Water Heaters

Electric water heaters are an energy efficient way of heating water. EHC has developed a safe, reliable and cost effective range of instantaneous and stored water heaters that are suitable for the majority of situations. There are various options of under-sink and over-sink systems with outputs ranging from 3.5kW to 12kW which are suitable for domestic houses, small commercial properties and any application which requires instant hot water. The product range includes:

  • Amicus 6kW under-sink instant water heater
  • Bonus 12kW instant water heater
  • Luna 2kW 5 or 10 litre storage water heater
  • Opus 8.4kW electric shower
  • Twister 3.5 or 5.5kW over-sink instant water heater.

Wet System Radiators

The Mercury radiator range is an innovative and unique concept in wet system radiators. They provide all the benefits of a low water content radiator. An aluminium outer case conceals an internal copper pipe heat exchanger which transfers heat to the radiator, resulting in a high performance and energy saving heater. The Mercury can be used with gas, electric, oil, solid fuel and LPG boilers. Each radiator can be controlled via a choice of TRV heads and the design ensures that there is no likelihood of internal corrosion. The Mercury radiator range is available in brushed steel or brilliant white and is guaranteed for 15 years.

Towel Rails

The Venus towel rail range has been designed to offer a superior performance to suit individual needs. Suitable for domestic and commercial applications, the stylish range of towel rails are finished in chrome in three size and output options. The ladder style design is complemented by a gentle curve which offers an elegant and functional solution for any bathroom. The Venus rails can be installed as part of an integrated wet central heating system or alternatively an electric Venus rail can be installed as a stand-alone heater. The standard thermostat control is electromechanical and uses traditional bimetallic technology to regulate room temperature. The deluxe thermostat control uses a very accurate micro-processor which regulates room temperature without being influenced by external conditions.

Eco Save High Efficiency Condensing Combination Boilers

Eco Save combination boilers generate hot water on demand for both central heating and domestic hot water without the need for a separate hot water cylinder. If large amounts of hot water are required, the boiler can be configured to provide instantaneous hot water whilst controlling an indirect cylinder. This feature can also allow the Eco Save boiler to be connected to a solar cylinder to benefit from solar technology. The Eco Save will uniquely modulate when installed with a Solar cylinder. The Eco Save is one of the most efficient boilers on the market with an efficiency of 98.2%. The outputs available are 21kW, 25kW, 32kW and 37kW. The higher outputs models have an impressive flow rate of 15.2 litres per minute. The Eco Save is engineered with the latest technology and includes a Stainless Steel heat exchanger, inbuilt magnetic filter and weather compensator.

EHC prides itself on being at the forefront of the design of energy efficient wet and dry heating systems and instantaneous and stored water heaters. The company is committed to providing clients with a wide range of solutions that will reduce energy bills and carbon footprint. The dedicated team of customer service advisors are on hand to offer in-depth advice and information on specifying the most appropriate solution for a particular application. Detailed information on individual products and technical specifications can be found on the company website. All core products are supported with informative DVD’s which can be viewed on the website.


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