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Environmental Street Furniture Company Profile

Environmental Street Furniture - ESF

Environmental Street Furniture (ESF) was established in 1988 and is a leading supplier of superior quality street furniture, exterior lighting and highways products throughout the UK, Ireland, the USA, the Middle East and Australia. The extensive range of products includes seating, cycle shelters, bollards, litter bins, picnic tables, tree protection, tactile paving, barriers, sign posts, LED lighting, grit bins and so much more.

ESF designs, imports, sources and supplies the vast array of products directly or through the Burden’s depot network. They are divided into four specific product collections, ‘Signature, Simplicity, Sustainable and Streetwise’. Each of these collections is defined by materials, availability, pricing and environmental issues. For large scale projects, ESF can provide clients with an opportunity to design their own products through a bespoke manufacturing service. The company has worked on numerous prestigious projects throughout the UK, Ireland and overseas.


The product range has been manufactured using a wide variety of materials including cast iron, polyurethane, timber, stainless steel, steel and recycled plastic. Each of these materials has properties which are more suited to some applications rather than others. ESF has carefully selected products which are manufactured from the finest quality materials to ensure durability, safety and longevity.

The product collections include:

Signature Collection

The Signature Collection is a range of innovative products inspired by form, function and aesthetics that will blend into the surrounding environment. This collection is perfect for bringing a wide choice of styles to numerous types of landscapes whilst helping to create a sustainable environment for many years to come. The Signature range can be adapted for bespoke designs. Products include:

  • Seating: Seats, benches, armchairs, single seats and stools with or without backrests manufactured from pine, tropical wood, galvanised steel and stainless steel.
  • Bollards: A robust range of vandal proof bollards in strong creative designs in various styles and finishes. SB galvanised steel bollards with two L profiles, SD galvanised steel cylindrical bollards, SL galvanised steel bollards consist of a lapidary bollard which uses a simple L-shape profile in a unique way and SR bollards featuring an original design that has a transparent effect.
  • Bus Shelters: The bus shelters range incorporates an innovative and broad range of styles and materials which utilise creative designs for a modern look with an unobtrusive elegance. Design features include polycarbonate or glass roofs, galvanised steel frames, rear and side walls, bench seating and vandal resistance. The range includes the Nimbus, Classic, Regio, Skandum, Aureo and Terminal bus shelters.
  • Litter Bins: A vast array of all-purpose floor, wall and post mounted litter bins manufactured from various materials in a variety of shapes and styles to suit any environment.
  • Tree Protection: The Arbottura tree protection range is available in contemporary and traditional designs. Options include galvanised steel grilles, frames and guards in square or circular designs with a natural or painted finish.

Simplicity Collection

The Simplicity Collection incorporates a wide range of cost effective, modern and traditional street furniture designs that will provide durable, functional and attractive solutions for numerous environments. All timber used within the Simplicity collection is Iroko hardwood, a highly resistant and durable wood that can withstand chemicals and insects. The range includes:

  • Benches: Cast iron, timber, stainless steel and mild steel benches with or with backrests and side arms.
  • Bollards: Cast iron, timber, mild steel, polyurethane and stainless steel bollards
  • Cycle Stands: Versatile, cost-effective and anti-vandal cycle stands in mild or stainless steel.
  • Litterbins and Recycling Units: Designed for performance and aesthetic requirements, the litter bin range is manufactured from mild steel, timber or plastic in a range of capacities, styles and colours.
  • Post and Rail: Durable, strong and low maintenance post and rail systems for a wide range of street applications in cast iron or polyurethane.
  • Tree Protection: Cast iron, timber, stainless steel and polyurethane square or round tree grilles which provide strong and durable protection. Planters are also available.

Sustainable Collection

The Sustainable Collection is developed by ESF and offers an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional materials used in the manufacture of street furniture. The range is manufactured from 100% recycled plastic which provides a vast array of benefits including increased lifespan, maintenance-free, durable, crack, rot, chip and splinter proof, insect, animal and algae resistant, non-slip, vandal-proof, UV resistant, reduces the carbon footprint of a project, less flammable than timber and diverts material from landfill sites. The product range includes: Seats and benches, picnic tables, signage, fencing, bollards, litter bins and planters.

Streetwise Collection

The Streetwise Collection is a sustainable and modern range of highways products which are cost effective solutions available from stock. The collection was developed in conjunction with highways engineers and designers to ensure the products are the best quality available.

The wide range of products includes: Road cones, trench covers, verge markers, pedestrian guardrails, surface mounted tactile paving, Belisha beacons, LED illuminated road signs, passively safe columns, electrical distribution pillars, lighting columns, lanterns, anti-ram posts and grit bins.

Other products

ESF’s comprehensive product range also includes:

  • LED Lighting: Used for numerous lighting applications including gardens, parks, public parking areas, pathways and cats eyes for roads.
  • Shelters: A range of smoking shelters and youth shelters in a wide variety of sizes and designs, manufactured from a range of materials.
  • Signage: ESF signage systems are highly functional and come with a range of options to allow communication of directional information clearly within your landscape.

ESF is committed to providing clients with a wide and varied range of modern and traditional street furniture that is durable, low maintenance and cost-effective. The professional and experienced team at ESF can offer extensive design advice, guidance and technical specification across the whole product range and can provide assistance in specifying the most appropriate solution for a particular application. The company has seen a steady growth over the years and is continuously diversifying to satisfy new market demands.


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